UPDATED interviews with Allen West from CPAC 2013

Allen West Entire CPAC 2013 Speech

Former Congressman Allen West ‘On the Record’ CPAC 2013


GretaWest CPAC

CPAC 2013 Tea Party Patriots LIVE!

Click here to watch the Interview of Allen West with Dr. Gina Loudon 



 Allen West with Rusty Humphries – Live from CPAC 2013 –

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NRA Cam and Co CPAC


Allen West talks with NRA News (Live Interview at CPAC 2013) 

NOTE: This broadcast includes – Thursday at 2013 CPAC: David Keene, Lamar Smith, Andrew Langer, Fingers Malloy, David Webb, Lee Greenwood, Col. Allen West, Hans Von Spakovsky, Kristina Ribali, Amelia Hamilton, Todd Starnes, Tony Katz, Rev. Kenn Blanchard, Tabitha Hale, Seton Motley

Townhall.com – Allen West

by Alicia Powe


CLICK HERE: Allen West Talks Live from CPAC 2013 with Neil Cavuto  Fox News Insider

Former Rep. Allen West, (R-Fla.), discusses whether the Kentucky Senator is the future of the Republican Party.

Allen West Interview at CPAC 2013

with The Don Smith Show



ABC News caught up with former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., at CPAC and despite his loss to Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., in November he said “2012 was great for me.”

“I’m still alive,” West said while he was stopping to greet supporters outside of the main ballroom here. “You guys think just because you lose a congressional race doesn’t mean you are dead, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to serve your country so to be here to be part of the opening speaking and continue to talk about our country, I’m doing fine.”

CPAC invited West to give the keynote speech at the conference in 2011. This year he was one of the first speakers opening up CPAC 2013, held in National Harbor, Md. As for his political future he said he is “probably not” going to make a run for his former South Florida in 2014 because “there are a lot of things I want to do,” but he kept the door open for 2016.

“I want to help others so we’re going to launch a PAC that will help minority and military conservatives,” West said. “That’s my immediate focus and then we will see what God leads me to do in 2016.”

As for some of the hotter topics at this year’s CPAC he said he has “no problem with civil unions and I think that’s something everyone can agree on,” but the focus of the country should be on “economic security, our international security and our national security.”

“I think immigration ties into that because it affects your economy. It affects your national security because everyone coming across the border is not just going to try and cut grass and work,” West said. “First and foremost what I want to make sure is tax payer funded benefits are not going to people who are here illegally, we’ve got to make sure we are doing the right thing to secure our border and enforce our laws and then further down the road we can have some sort of path to residency.”

On the lighter side he said he is most looking forward to seeing younger conservatives, “passing the baton” and “raising the next conservative leader.”

CPAC 2013: Former Rep. Allen West Tells U.S. News to ‘Stay Tuned’ on God’s Plan for Another Run

by US News.com – US News and World Report



The Dana Show 3 Click Here to listen: 

Dana Is Live From CPAC With Ann Wagner, Allen West, Todd Rokita, and Reince Priebus

Allen West Stands With Rand at CPAC

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6 responses to “UPDATED interviews with Allen West from CPAC 2013

  1. Allen we love you and pray for your strength to fight the good fight and be faithful to our God given principles. May God bless you, may His light shine upon and andmay He grant you His peace. Many heavenly awaits you sir.

  2. Fight the good fight, Sir and stand up for the Republic. We pray for your strength and tenacity as He send you back up troops to keep the front lines stable. May our Lord keep you in the palm of His hand ad bless you with favor, wisdom, and discernment as He becomes the Light to you pathway and guide your every step

  3. I am not a big fan of Oreilly, after his talking points…but he hit the nail on the head, that you should be the spokesman for the Tea Party, which IMO includes so many who do not even carry that label. It’s a heart thing!

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