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I began my support of LTC Allen West in January 2009. I have worked diligently to hone my skills in social media and developed a platform, following and network. This has allowed me to start my personal self maintained website allenwestrepublic.com 

I avidly post, tweet and network the conservative message. I am a multitasking networker and I use all forms of technology to be able to communicate quickly.

My average weekly reach on my Facebook page for Allen West Republic reaches approx. 65k – 1.5 million. The website has an avid following of 121K+

I use all social media platforms to network on his behalf with an enormous amount of support and following..

As the creator of the Allen West Republic website, Facebook, twitter and other various social networking applications. I am self-taught analytic and social media specialist.  I have a passion for helping people increase their social media experience in ways that help benefit and endorse the united cause for conservatism.



Published on Oct 24, 2013

10-23-13 Tanya Grimsley of Allen West Republic is our guest on
Allen West Republic http://allenwestrepublic.com/about/
Wednesday At Midnight with host Trade Martin

52 responses to “About Me

  1. In all due respect, according to voting records, you votef yes, for this:
    Unless the information is faulty, may I ask why?

    “it arms the president with a despotic blackmailing power which can be used to extort members of Congress into including extra billions in misappropriations which the president may require to not exercise his line item blackmailing power.

    If Ryan were sincere in wanting to end the plundering of our national treasury, he would promote legislation requiring every proposed expenditure of federal revenue must be accompanied by the wording in our Constitution which is asserted to authorize such an expenditure, and, must likewise contain documentation from the debates during which time our Constitution was being framed and ratified showing the wording relied upon was intended to cover said expenditure.”

    Paul Ryan’s line item veto circumvents founder’s intentions :

    • How about SR347 and freedom of speech?
      Tea party in D.C. is this month.
      How will that be affected?
      I love you West, but your voting record is getting harder to understand.

  2. You know what?
    Forget those last two comments, pleeeeease!
    I have rethought all of it, and find fear was inserted by far too many, thus getting to me.
    It helps to read the bill (sometimes) and not insert more than you read.
    Yes, the possibility is there for corrupt minds to take advantage of the laws, BUT HELL, you could say that about the Bible even!
    And it happens!
    Ask Obama or Saint Pelosi!
    Hopefully you will call out any misrepresentations of true intent, and shackle the perpetrators to wild horses!

  3. The truth hurts when you tell it about this administration. That is why they are trying to shut this man up.

  4. Congressman Allen West, I’m Burt Keefer from AmericaWorking.Org and I have 38 coalition partners now and would love your permission to put your link on my site. AmericaWorking.Org has no members and my site is for educational videos. I would like to talk with you when you have time. Here is my link http://www.americaworking.org/ Cell # 760 807-2494

    Here are 3 blogs I put together and there are very hot topics. Please review and will you share them on your site .


    It’s important to understand why we must secure our borders. There are many reasons and all of them need to be done but there is one threat that is overlooked the most and it’s the most dangerous one of all. The power in voting. We process 1 million legal immigrates each year becoming new U.S. citizens. They take an oath and become a new Wel-fare Recipient. We have just added 1 million new voters per year for the movement of socialism. But this number is small in comparison to the anchor babies of illegal aliens. They will come of age to vote by 2016 and their vote will offset or cancel the Conservative voters. Yes, I’m talking about We The People, the last of our kind. Here is a 9 minute video on Securing Our Borders. Click on this link Share and Enjoy http://www.americaworking.org/securing-our-borders/

    Burt Keefer AmericaWorking.Org

    The Threats Of Islam
    There is no doubt that our President is a dedicated Muslim. To be able to recite the Islamic call to prayer in Arabic, kneeling down in prayer in a Mosque, bowing to a Saudi King, Muslim appointees to our Federal Government, to be a follower and lover of George Soros, and to offer amnesty to law breaking illegal aliens. Did anyone truly think he was a Christian American who loves God and Country? Here is a 9 minute video of Obama’s Muslim Dream. Click on this link. Share and Enjoy http://www.americaworking.org/nation-of-islam/

    Burt Keefer AmericaWorking.Org

    Our Economy in Crisis
    Our National debt is growing at a astronomical rate of 3.5 billion dollars per day. 413 billion dollars a year interest only on money we borrowed. 7.7 trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserve that was given out to friends and supporters of Obama. Watch this 7 minute video. Share and Enjoy http://www.americaworking.org/economy-in-crisis/

    Burt Keefer AmericaWorking.Org

    To Our Fallen Hero’s R.I.P.
    We want to thank our men and women of our great armed forces for standing and defending our freedom. We are blessed to have the greatest military arm forces that the world has ever seen. Our soldiers are the best fighting machines to ever walk on God’s green earth. We are proud of you and we love you. What this Country has is because of you and you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We live in the land of the free only because of the brave. God Bless our military Men and Women, our true Hero’s and Patriots.
    Burt Keefer AmericaWorking.Org

    • There is one owner of this website. All messages are private until approved. Once this comment reply is made both messages will be visible and you will need to post your comment again on another article. If you made a contribution to Freedom Works I am not certain how I can help you but will be glad to hear what you may need from me. Thanks

  5. I’m sorry; I thought I had read somewhere online that the same person was a moderator, if that’s the right word, for this site, Freedom Works, Right & Free, and a couple of others.

    It may have been Right & Free through which I made my contribution to Col. West’s recount. Whatever the case, I’ve been getting a lot of spam since then at the address which you can privately see, which is what I used for my contribution. I can’t do anything about it because it comes from phony email addresses like “patriot@usa.com” and similar. I was just wondering if you may be able to remove the below address from the spam lists. It seems like my email address was sold or something after my contribution. It’s conservative stuff that I get, but it’s unwelcome and unasked for and really poorly-written besides. lol

    Again I apologize if I’m mistaken about this site being owned or moderated by the same person. Thanks a lot for your response.

    • I am the only person on this website and I have no ads nor do I send out emails of any kind. I am sorry you are being bombarded with spam from other sites but it is not from this one I assure you. The allenwestforcongress.com website is not my website. That is owned by Allen West former Elect Allen West Campaign. I wish I had a place to direct you but it is no longer in service so if you are receiving spam it might be something you need to report to your provider. Yahoo and Google both provide spam reporting and you can click on a spam button and they are removed and you never see them again after reporting once. Check to see if your provider has that capability. I wish I could have helped you more. This is allenwestrepublic.com

      • Oh no, I didn’t mean that YOU were spamming people. Not at all. This looks like a very nice site, and I’ll enjoy reading more from it, I’m sure. 🙂

        The spam actually isn’t from that other website, but from … well, it’s hard to explain and not a very interesting read.

        Thank you very much for your time and effort in talking with me. God bless.

      • you are not bothering me at all. If you are getting spam, there is normally somewhere at the bottom of the email you are getting that tells you the originator of the email. If the unsubscribe is not working google or search for the name of whomever is sending it and see what it turns up. Let me know and maybe I can help.

    • The link came directly from allenwestforcongress.com when it was a valid address and being used I published it but it is not my website. If you are getting spam, I am not certain it is from them. I am still on the email list for subscribers (never removed myself) and the most I receive is you have been subscribed or unsubscribed but I think that is because they are working on converting the email lists over to his new format.

  6. Dear Sir:

    I have written you on several occasions in the past, primarily about gun issues. Today is something different.

    I want you to open an official investigation into the qualifications and vetting of Barack H. Obama.

    I have done some cursory checking as far as I could go in my capacity as a civilian, but I haven’t been able to do anything beyond that because I do not have the access and authority to open the records.

    Nancy Pelosi, a certified liberal progressive twit, is the only person who certified Obama in 2008 to hold the office of President of the United States. NOTHING WAS VERIFIED!

    Obama has according to law enforcement and attorney investigations, uncertified documents and records as follows:

    His “biological” father never was an American citizen. Instead his father was a British subject born and raised in Kenya. He then became a citizen of Kenya after Kenya won its independence from Great Britain. His father was never a legal resident of the United States and was a lifelong Muslim who believed in radical Islamic law.

    His adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro, was also a lifelong Muslim but apparently was not the “radical Islamist” of his biological father. Barack Obama was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro and became a citizen of Indonesia and attended Muslim schools and practiced Muslim prayer and rituals.

    Obama’s citizenship in the United States of America has NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED TO A CERTAINTY! The “birth certificate” produced and distributed by the administration in 2011 has been conclusively proven to be a fraudulent document through the technology software of Adobe Photoshop. The same is true of his selective service registration in 1980. FELONY FRAUD on both counts.

    Obama obtained US federal funds for his attendance at several colleges as an Indonesian citizen. Transcripts have never been verified for his attendance at these colleges.

    During his “attendance” at these colleges he apparently went on trips to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia et al, as an Indonesia citizen with his college room mate, a Pakistani national. These records, passport and visa records, travel itineraries, passenger flight manifests for these international flights, among other verifying documents have not been revealed or disclosed by Obama.

    Obama’s attendance and accreditation at Harvard University have also been unverified. Funds used to pay for his attendance have also not been verified through the release of his records.

    He has known associations and ongoing friendships and relationships with radical communist and marxist elements within the United States and elsewhere who advocate the overthrow of the United States government. He has placed some of these people in positions of power in our government.

    He is operating with impunity. He has never been vetted for the office he holds nor for any office he has held. He has not upheld his oath on many levels but specifically he has not revealed those records for the past 50 plus years which would support his qualification for office. In fact he does not appear to have been qualified to hold any office in the governments of any local, state or federal entity. Obama’s social security number will not pass our own government’s e-verify system to qualify to work in this country.


    I expect you to take my request seriously. These people need to be stopped now!

    Sincerely and respectfully submitted:

    Fred Cosper, USN (retired)

    • Wow, you wrote this back in February and I am just reading this now. But I agree with what you are saying in October 2013 and it still holds true today as it did then. None of the credentials have been cleared-up 8 months later. We need to get this out to the people. I want my whole family to read this…and all my friends.

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  8. I would like to inform the fine people here about someone that they might think twice about before throwing in their lot. Please know the last thing I would EVER aspire to do is tarnish the reputation of ANYONE in the armed forces of our country but I see an incident gaining momentum in the media where I believe there may be more to the person and their motivations than meets the eye.
    Michael Yon is a former Ranger, war correspondent and photo journalist that spent many years embedded with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. While he was embedded he never towed the line but only spoke the truth about what he saw which didn’t always win him friends or jive with the mainstream media which in my opinion lends to his credibility. His work also unfortunately garnered him the attention of Master Sgt C. J. Grisham.
    My greatest hope is people will do their due diligence and look into both of these military members. Michael Yon has a website where he posts dispatches on various subjects some of which cover Master Sgt. Grisham using his own words.

  9. This is not a “post” per se. We are trying to reach Senator West to see if he would consider help us promote this grass roots project. However, we have not been able to find any direct contact info for him. Is there any way you can forward our request to him or give him our contact information? Thank you.

  10. Col West. Someone MUST spearhead a way to restructure and make safe, our voting for the next election, 2014 and all future elections. Millions of us do not trust the eletronic voting machines and want hand counted ballots. We don’t care if it takes a month to get the results. It’s the only way, with a paper trail The last election was ripe with fraud, cheating, and illegal votes. We MUST correct this or NEVER have a true and honest election. Can you do something for all of us? Please.

  11. @Patty Weaver. We are also trying to create a grass roots alternative to the current election process. Check us out at ThereclaimAmericaProject.com

  12. My name is Thomas Beach and I represent a group of veterans who support statesmen like Lt Col West.
    If the good sir or any other Conservative Door-Kicker needs help with winning campaigns please check out our website.


  13. I appreciate all you’ve done for our country, serving in both the military and civilian arena’s to make this a better country. You’re a great American and certainly a great patriot.

    I would like to point out that like so many that read the initial article posted in the New York Post, most people commented based on an editted portion of the article. I would encourage you to read the entire post by Mr. Cosby. Your tweet, “2day in NY Post, Bill Cosby said we should b more like Muslims. U mean honor killings, beheadings, suicide bombings? Hope ur kidding sir.” is somewhat misguided.

    If you read the entire article, your comment is disrespectful of Mr. Cosby, who places the failures of blacks squarely on the black people, not on whites or anyone else.

    The full article on the New York Post site is entitled “Bill Cosby: A plague called apathy. The star on what’s wrong with our communities – and why the revolution needs to begin at home”.

    BTW, I am white and I have no respect for muslims or their ideology, religion, or politics. However, Bill has real-world knowledge that abolitionists come in all skin colors.

    Most of the posts I read clearly show that most people don’t bother to read the article, just the lead-in article or the headlines. Then the comments they make are based on partial truths, not the whole truth.

    • In my opinion after I read this article (and am in no way an employee of Allen West) the sentence he stated “Intentionally misunderstood” is when the whole entire meaning of what he was saying was changed. Also, BTW, I am also white.

  14. So I participated in the Presidential Election poll. The problem I have with whom I picked is the person I want and think would be the best President was not on the list. Why is Allen West not listed as an option to pick. LTC Retired Allen West should be the next President of the United States of America.

  15. DO you how far Col West has considered, or if he decided to primary Rubio? If not West, someone must! It is increasingly evident FLA Conservative Pretenders have dupped the Tea Party – lying with abandon. It’s so bad, Rubio took point on amnesty and proved he is not only a LIAR, he is willing to advocate Progressive Democrat policies in all the media outlets and at his web site. Amnesty Aside: I’m out of my mind angry that ALL the Talk Radio shows played that Pro-Amnesty commercial non-stop for months – the one with Ryan and Rubio pimping the bill; and the producers calling themselves Conservative something or other. I’m growing convinced the personalities are not committed to our cause and are just pretending they’re Conservative while on the air. Conservatives spend and spend to get their message out and support people we think will disseminate our cause. The personalities would put their wallet where their mouths are and demand management never take money from the opposition if they were genuine. This has me seriously concerned. Rubio… what a punk. Schumer sat in the wings and watched his Lil B___tch sell the bill and betray his supporters. We are so screwed. Rick Scott is not better and in my mind worse. Rick showing the strength of his spine by acting to pursue the ZimmerHe and Rubio both betrayed their supporters. Can we start using the proper language and begin fighting the way the opponents fight starting with Scott and Rubio? I have a thousand bucks for the first two legit candidates to challenge these clowns.

    • Looking back now in October 2013, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Chris Christy are huge disappointments. We only have Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Allen West who are the only TRUE conservatives that will STAND WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I can not believe how fast these so-called, self proclaimed conservatives fall to the elitist role once they are elected. We didn’t vote them in to cave to the socialist demands. They are out-of-touch with the American people

  16. I am a happily married caucasian and a father of four. Dear Mr. West you are what we need in the Oval office. Please Mr. West consider running for president in 2016. I have never in my life campaigned for anyone, but if you run I will. Please!

  17. Dear Mr. Allen West, I admire and thank you for your service, I have previously contributed to your campaign and would like to do it again, online. Is there a site that will enable me to do so directly to you, please forward the URL to me. I am currently unemployed but will do the most to witness you succeeding in your new endeavor. thank you Amnon Z.

  18. Dr. Mr. Allen. Thanks for representing my distrtict like a self absorbed asshole. You are such a bonafide ape that only a monkey in the jungle could give you an approval rating. The woman running this website is somewhat pretty. Why are you wasting your life, time and efforts, supporting such a worthless piece of crap? Ask him about being a Blue Falcon in the Marine. A really respected honor. Allen West can be proud knowing that his racism and ignorance pretty much costs the repubs the election and has ruined their reputation, as if it wasn’t already damaged. So long you ape looking porch monkey!

    • First of all this is not a website owned or operated by anyone affiliated or paid by Allen West. Second, you do not live in Florida you live in Iowa. If you are going to come to this website to lie and spout hate at least have the decency to sport your real name, a real email and quit hiding behind your laptop. Only a coward signs up and then DELETES his account after spewing vile rhetoric which I am certain your mother would have whipped your butt for when you were a child. Third, if you come on here again, know this. I have screen grabbed ALL your information as far as the world wide web would allow and will show it to everyone in Des Moines and BEYOND regardless of the consequences. I have also reported your IP address to WordPress for potential spam and hate filled commenting. Enjoy your day.

  19. This Is time to unite the party
    I don’t believe Republicans that won’t stand for their personal principles will change right now. This is one of the reasons I don’t believe I’m a Conservative Republican any longer. I read the Libertarian platform and I agree with their principles completely except they have failed to ad reasonable solutions to many major problems were facing in our Country. Such as Drugs, Abortion, Surveillance, Health care, Debt, Etc.also how to unravel all the bad policies that have been put into place over the last hundred years by both parties and do it the best way to cause the least amount of pain for all citizens of our great Country. I do believe it can be done using the libertarian principles. This will take some serious thought by their leadership. And a lot of support by those that believe in their basic principles of truly empowering each person to reach their full potential. Also they must always take care of the most vulnerable and disabled Citizens through positive tax relief for those that contribute to worth while charitable organizations. When this is done America can be that shining light with the best political system for the world to follow
    Maybe theirs a way to unite with the Libertarians and accept their principles of really small Government. And Republicans can work hard to come up with lasting solutions to our problems we are facing right now. This may help the old timers to see the light for change to take place. We surely will benefit more to have all that experience and wisdom united rather than tearing conservative thinkers in two. If we can’t resolve this problem we likely will not get the real change America needs. Also the Libertarian have many Ideas that attract the Democrats and young Voters to cross over and Join ranks to defeat this Liberal mindset of big Government. And this will give the real transformation of America Mr Obama Predicted

    • Dorthy, this is an private website, we do not send anything to anyone on any kind of mailing list. If you are thinking this is affiliated with Allen West and anything that he mails out, you need to contact those agencies. I single handily maintain and do not have any kind of mailers. Thanks

  20. Mr. West.
    My name is Ray and I’m a 24 year veteran in the AF Reserve. I can’t speak enough of my respect for you and how you actually speak your mind and stand by your convictions. Although, being a military man, I’m not surprised in the least. YOU, sir, are an absolute breath of fresh air in the world of “political” BS. I would follow you onto the battlefield and I will vote for you down the road when you decide to lead this great nation (unless a guy living in a white house continues to destroy it! But it will always be great in my mind!) PLEASE, PLEASE run for president in 2016! Keep up the great work sir. There are many of us out here counting on you.
    Thank you,

    • I agree with Ray wholeheartedly. Although this site is not run by Allen West, I hope that he is aware of the postings. Thank you Mr. West for standing up for the American people.

  21. No one successful business, team or country is ever made up from only one hero, or group of hero’s. Here in the United States we are blessed by a powerful gracious God who loves his children so much that he has given us men like LTC Allen West, the folks who come to this site, and many, millions of patriotic American’s on a great continent in the greatest country in the World the United States of America. I truly love those words, and these people. This is my family and I would die for them if needed. I believe in my nation that there is much more good here than anything else. I don’t need a black president, a white president, or a yellow, male, female president. I need an American President willing to die for me. Not just cram down my throat what his elitist group tells him to force on me!

    Michael J. Walkerwicz
    Summit, Arkansas

  22. Lt Col. Allen West is a real American! If every race in America had his character, liberals would be out of a job!!!! I am waiting for him to lead a a new era in America. Please Lt Col. Remember you Oath to protect America from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!!! We have leaders that should be considered Domestic Enemies within this country and our checks and balances are gone!!! Please hear the cries of 90 million hardworking men and women who love the challenge of the pursuit of happiness, freedom to pray to our Lord and Savior , hard work perseverance for every job we maintain, and the right to self defend!!

    I will gladly follow you whenever you see you its time!

    Anthony Espino USN VET 1995-2001
    Democratic People’s RepubliK of NJ

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