Rep Allen West Votes for Fiscal Restraint and Smart Spending – Statement

(WASHINGTON)—Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after supporting H.R. 2055, the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012, passing the House of Representatives with a bipartisan vote of 296- 121.

“The dialog in our Nation’s Capital has changed today as fiscal responsibility has begun to be restored. The free spending ways of the past Congresses has finally started to move in a reverse course. Today’s bill cuts discretionary spending by $95 Billion compared to Fiscal Year 2010. This Fiscal Year 12 Appropriations bill prevents $98 Billion from being spent.  This will help reduce our deficit and get our budgets back into balance.

For the first time since World War II, the United States House of Representatives has significantly reduced discretionary spending two years in a row, managing to adequately fund integral programs to maintain critical services and programs Americans rely on. It has been a long time coming, but today’s legislation – consistent with the Pledge to America – has completely eliminated earmarks – compare that to 10,000 earmarks in the appropriations bill passed under the Democrat Majority in 2009, and 8,000 earmarks in the appropriations bill in 2010.

In stark contrast to the previous majority, the House has restored regular order and through a fair, open, and transparent process allowed Republicans and Democrats to debate amendments resulted in 381 being offered in Fiscal Year 12 Appropriations bill.

America’s economy is no doubt the biggest winner today, as this legislation provides much needed relief from the regulatory stranglehold the Obama Administration has proposed on our nation’s job creators.

With the passing of this Appropriations Act, the Republican majority of the United States House of Representatives has accomplished what it said we were going to do when the American people elected us. It is impossible to erase decades of irresponsibility in one year, but I am proud to say the conversation on Capitol Hill has finally changed.”

Highlights of the Appropriations Act of 2012:

• 915 billion in funding for Defense, Energy and Water, Financial Services, Homeland Security, Interior, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and State and Foreign operations.
• Meets the Budget Control Act total of $1.04 trillion for FY 12 agency funding.
• 6 billion decrease from fiscal year 11 funding.
• Rescinds $25 million in “slush fund” monies for the SEC to implement programs that were not authorized by Congress.
• Institutes important reforms on the Pell Grant program, requiring a GED to qualify and reducing the number of years of the grant awarded from 9 to 6 years.
• Funding for special education is increased by 100 million; also includes increases to Headstart funding.
• Fully funds the United States commitment to Israel with $3.07 Billion.