Exclusive to the Daily News – by Congressman Allen West


Last week, I sat in the House Chamber to hear my second State of the Union as a member of Congress.

Despite the fact that so much job-creating legislation has been blocked in the U.S. Senate, despite the fact that the president’s own policies have clearly failed the very people who voted him into office, the consistent thread running through the president’s address as to what is holding our country back is “unfairness.”

According to President Obama, “a return to the American values of fair play and shared responsibility will help us protect our people and our economy.”

Mr. President, this country was not founded on the principles of “shared responsibility” and collectivism. It was founded on the principle of the uniqueness of the individual, and the idea of equal opportunity, not equal achievement, for all.

The president wants to “restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot” and “everyone does their fair share.” What he means of course, is that some of us are not doing our fair share — particularly when it comes to paying taxes.

Here on Palm Beach Island, President Obama would find many “millionaires and billionaires” who he thinks should be paying more taxes — but ironically travels to these same millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street for fundraisers.

Punishing success in this country with higher and higher taxes will do nothing to create opportunity for those earning less. Redistribution of wealth has failed miserably in every country in which it has ever been tried.

Of course the president knows taxing our highest wage earners will not solve this country’s economic problems. After all, confiscating 100 percent of the income of those earning $10 million or more would yield only about $240 billion. That figure barely covers the annual interest on our national debt.

Instead, the president appears to have a much more ominous objective.

Because he cannot campaign for re-election on his failed policies, President Obama must instead divide the country and create a scapegoat. Taking a page directly out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook, Rules for Radicals, an organizer must “begin the task of agitating by rubbing resentment, fanning hostilities and searching out controversy.”



3 cheers for the ‘1-percenters’ – by Congressman Allen West – Opinion Contributor

by Rep Allen West 12/14/11

Perhaps the most conspicuous symbol of wealth is a mega-yacht. Only those “millionaires and billionaires” among us can attain these magnificent vessels, measuring 100 feet or more in length.

These mega-yacht owners are the same “1 percenters” now vilified by both the Occupiers of Wall Street and one particular occupier of the White House.

These occupiers resent mega-yachts as a symbol of ill-gotten gains — of wealth stolen from others and squandered needlessly.

But I want to ask those occupiers some questions. What about the mechanics, dock hands, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, welders and fiberglass laminators who build these yachts? What about the crews, captains, cleaners and caterers who serve on them?

Are the livelihoods of these “99 percenters” frivolous and expendable? Do the occupiers care at all about “the workers”?

Evidently not. When the 1 percenters are asked to pay their fair share with a “luxury tax” on their yachts and decide, maybe, they won’t buy a yacht after all, who suffers the most? Those who build, service and provision mega-yachts — skilled workers paid an hourly wage, or small family businesses and local retailers.

South Florida’s marine industry supports more than 200,000 workers. Each superyacht built requires more than 1,000 workers to complete.

Ten percent of the purchase price of each yacht goes into maintenance each year, performed by 99 percenters, including mechanics, dock hands, cleaners and other service staff. In two years, we will have the best mega-yacht facility in the world, when Rybovich opens for business in Riviera Beach, Fla.

This year, I went to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, for a congressional summit with members of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.

I toured a breathtaking 165-foot vessel with a $50 million price tag. It would take $5 million each year to maintain this impressive yacht’s seaworthiness — and roughly $125,000 just to fill the gas tank.

In every way, this boat exemplified the greatness of America’s free-market capitalist system. First, that people have the capability to purchase and maintain a vessel like this. Second, that we have the capabilities here of production, manufacturing, investment, innovation, ingenuity and craftsmanship to build them in the first place.

As I walked along the floating docks, speaking with yacht builders and vendors, it was easy to get a sense of their pride in America. Many vendors are family businesses that have long histories and will be handed down to the next generation — unless policies like high estate taxes continue to ruin the American dream of building a business and passing it on.



Excellent Article “Has Our “System” Failed, Or Has Our President” by Austin Hill

by Austin Hill via TownHall.com

The system has failed.”

Have you heard this comment lately? Does it express how you feel about America?

This one sentence, vague as it is, nonetheless captures a common sentiment about the current condition of the United States.

With the “occupy” protesters disrupting civic life around the country and President Obama publicly bonding with them, we’re seeing that magical phrase – “the system has failed” – being used in increasingly ambiguous ways. So it makes sense that the rest of us should ask a couple of important questions: What “system” are they talking about? And in what sense has that system “failed?”

At times it would appear that the occupiers are decrying our American system of constitutional, elective and representative government. “Our voices aren’t being heard,” many of them will say, implying that they are being trampled-upon by an abusive dictatorial regime.

But if you probe deeper and ask “what do you mean by that?,” it often becomes apparent that what the occupiers are really saying is “my policy ideas were rejected,” “the election didn’t turn out the way it should have,” or “I disagree with the outcome of the legislative vote (the congressional rejection of the Obama tax hikes is a perfect example of this).”

Thus, the claim that “the system has failed” implies a very self-centered, narcissistic view of the world – “the system is not producing the policies that I want, so therefore the entire system is wrong.”


Conservative Tea Party humans vs leftist Occupy Wall Street savages – Eric Golub Tygrrrr Express

by Eric Golub  The Tygrrrr Express

LOS ANGELES, October 24, 2011―If ever there were crystal clear evidence of liberal bias in the news media, the differences between the way the Tea Party was portrayed in 2009 and the glowing tributes to the savages occupying Wall Street would be it.

So for those not infected with the media bias virus, an honest unfiltered lens is needed to show how divergent these movements are.

Despite attempts to paint the Tea Party as astroturf, the Tea Party really was a grassroots movement. It started after a trader on CNBC named Rick Santelli angrily suggested in a now famous rant that Americans should have another revolution by throwing tea in the harbor again.

Ordinary Americans came by the thousands to rallies all over the country, and they were united by one simple message. America was broke, and the people were “taxed enough already.” Politicians of both parties had to cut spending. The message never changed. Everything came down to cutting spending. Eighty year old ladies in wheelchairs were concerned that their grandchildren would not have the American dream. Tea Party attendees were trying to preserve the American way of life.

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Exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV – Allen West on OWS, Holder, Obama and more

by Jim Meyers and Ashley Martella – Newsmax.com

West, who was elected in 2010, is a member of the House Tea Party Caucus and the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus. He served more than 20 years in the U.S. Army and achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel before retiring in 2004.

In the exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, West expressed sharp criticism of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan and elsewhere.

“I think the hypocrisy of this movement is somewhat laughable,” he declares. “I would agree with them that we don’t need to have crony capitalism in the United States of America, where we have government picking winners or losers in the free market or trying to be a venture capitalist. But when I see signs that these people are holding up signs saying ‘end capitalism,’ then my question is: What do you replace it with?

“I think there is a danger in the people on Capitol Hill starting to embrace this movement, especially now that we know that the American Nazi Party and the American Communist Party are also starting to align themselves with this Occupy movement.

“When you really start to peel the onion back and look at some of the things these protesters want to see in America, it is contradictory to the foundational principles and values that we have in the United States.

“If they want to see more bureaucracy and a larger government, then more of them are going to be unemployed because bigger government means higher taxation. Maybe that’s what they want. But they’re going to see less and less of their individual rights and freedoms.”

Rep. West dismissed assertions that the Occupy Wall Street movement is the tea party of the left.


The Focus-less & Faux Occupy Wall Street Protest – A Gift to Republican Candidates – Debbie Georgatos

By Debbie Georgatos

We are a short twelve weeks or so away from the beginning of the serious Republican Presidential primary elections.

Polling at this time shows Mitt Romney in the lead for the nomination, and the punditry world says that the race is down to three candidates: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain. There is still some chance that Gingrich, Bachmann or Santorum could surge in these remaining weeks. The unexpected is not impossible.

Each of these six serious Presidential contenders must look for opportunities to stand out and send the signal to the millions in the waiting conservative masses “I am the leader you are looking for.” Few such opportunities will likely arise, but one is staring them in the face right now.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is an opportunity for one or more of the candidates to step into the lead by offering a message that will resonate with a broad swath of American voters.

Calling out the OWS movement for the falsity that it is, and more importantly, putting this faux protest into stark political context would offer the Republican(s) who address it the opportunity to show their free-market supporting, pro-American values credentials, and simultaneously to link this nutty protest to the Obama administration, which has expressed support for it.

Herman Cain’s willingness to refer to the OWS protesters as “jealous” and as people who “want to take someone else’s Cadillac,” is, in this writer’s opinion, the most significant reason for his recent rise in the polls. And that is not a criticism of Herman Cain, who is actually saying a lot of things that conservatives want to hear.

Conservatives and Republicans are waiting for the candidate who will speak in broad terms, beyond specifics on the many issues we face, and give voice to their deep concerns that the country is heading down a very far left and very wrong path. The OWS movement has provided an opportunity to make that case.


There must be a Glenn Beck Rally in DC to Draft Allen West For President by Peter Paton

By Peter Paton

These are desperate and very dangerous times for America as it  totters on the edge of financial disaster, its foreign influence diminishing by the second, and demonstrations and riots in Wall St, New York and other major American cities holding it in the grip of moral and economic self breakdown.Our avowed enemies abroad the Taliban, Al Queda, and the Muslim Brotherhood are waxing ever stronger as their stranglehold in the Middle East and Africa grows, the Afghanistan war looks lost as we seek a humiliating exit strategy from this ” Black Hole ” of unending and relentless Muslim extremism and terrorism, and our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel is surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah, and facing the Shoah danger of a nuclear empowered Iran under the unstable influence of radical Islamic President Ahmadinejad and his extreme Ayatollah Khameni. Daily we witness an autocratic and dictatorial American President Barack Hussein Obama lecturing the American people for his own destructive and divisive policies, and a Democrat led  Senate under the Machievellian Harry Reid flouting every known tenet of authority and democracy in the Upper House, including initiating the nuclear option to torpedo legitimate debate and defy the Constitution our Forefathers died for in times gone past.



If you LIKE Allen West you will LOVE Patano for US Congress North Carolina CD7

Who is Ilario Pantano?

Ilario Pantano is a respected combat veteran, and bestselling author who has worked in both global markets and small business. The “born again Southerner” is a 38 year-old conservative committed to promoting job creation and revitalizing the economy, protecting the homeland and preserving our conservative values.

Pantano launched his congressional campaign with the ‘100 Days of Work’ initiative highlighting southeastern North Carolina’s number one issue: jobs and the economy.  In ongoing discussions with employers and employees, Pantano turns to the free market of ideas to refine the solutions needed to revive the lagging economy. “As someone who has agonized over payroll and scrambled to get customers, I can relate to the struggles and the triumphs in today’s job market and the paralyzing effects of excessive taxation, regulation and litigation.”

Pantano, whose young children attend public school, also makes the case for top-tier educational programs that can simultaneously attract and educate a work force of innovators.

Pantano’s ‘100 Days of Work’ connects him to the people of the 7th district whose representation has been monopolized by a single party for over 140 years. “From my experience in small and large companies, I recognize that the best ideas often come from the bottom up and not the top down, particularly when the top, in this case Washington, has lost touch with the people.”

The call to serve his country is not a new one. Pantano has sworn the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States three times in his life: first as a 17-year old Marine.  As an anti-tank gunner, Pantano fought in the first Gulf War, with the Sixth Marine Regiment that helped to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi invaders. Later, Pantano would become an Elite Scout Sniper and train with foreign militaries in the Mediterranean. His service included support of the UN peacekeeping mission for what was then Yugoslavia.  Sergeant Pantano was honorably discharged (1993) and attended New York University at night while working at Goldman Sachs by day.  He began as a clerk in the oil and gas markets of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and ultimately worked up to a position trading electricity.

In 1998, a decade before Wall Street’s underbelly was publicly exposed, Pantano made a decision to reject the greed mentality that he found morally repugnant, despite the salary. “As a capitalist, I appreciate the importance of profit, but as someone one who had always put service before self, I could not abide by the damage that was being done to human lives by reckless speculators like Enron.” Five years ago, Pantano presciently wrote of his decision to leave Wall Street in his memoir Warlord.  In one story, a Goldman trader, who would later go on to management at AIG, smugly goaded Pantano, “Do you know how much money I made in oil while you were in the Gulf War?”  Today, Pantano laments on the AIG bailout, “now all of our children will pay to protect that trader’s private airplane, and that is not okay.”




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Mindless Marxist Minions by Michael Oberndorf, RPA

The Democrat left’s mindless, moronic, Marxist minions were marching in Manhattan this weekend. They don’t seem to realize that the Wall Street “fat cats” corporate CEOs they have hated and vilified for oh-so-many years, are, along with foreign fat cats, fascist dictators, drug cartels, and oil sheiks, the major source of Big Donations (read, boat-loads of laundered cash) for their Democrat masters, in general, and their Lord and Messiah, Obama-Soetoro, in particular. So, there they were, chanting the same old, worn out leftist slogans, harassing the cops, alienating themselves from the working public, and generally making pathetic fools of themselves. Some things never change.

Speaking of pathetic fools, Barack (Barry) Hussein Obama-Soetoro, he of the crudely forged birth certificates and stolen social security number, hit some new heights in his efforts to become the biggest public liar in history. It has been officially determined by a non-profit, non-partisan lie detecting NGO, that his speeches about “his” jobs bill did not contain a single word that was true. Historic and unprecedented, indeed! But, “the only grown-up in the room” apparently is out to outdo himself, pretending to be a working-class, street-wise American black person, who did not spend his life living like a privileged white boy.

“I listen to some of y’all,” he lied to the Congressional Black Caucus, exhorting genuine black people to “put on their marchin’ shoes,” presumably so they, too, can get “all wee-weed up” and go out and make fools of themselves in public, just like The Messiah and the white folks in New York. Al Sharpton has yet to weigh in…film at 11.


“Interestingly, genuine Black Person, and businessman-patriot par excellance, Herman Cain, is moving up in the esteem of conservative voters. While I don’t see eye-to-eye with Herman on every issue, I could easily vote for him, something I cannot say for Ministry of Propaganda favorites Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. I could especially do this if, when the time comes, he would choose retired Lt. Colonel Allen West, now a Republican congressman from Florida as his running mate.”

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