Allen West “Sanctions were to bring Iran to it’s knees, not to get them to negotiate”

Former Rep. Allen West

US rolls over on Iran nuke program – by Allen West on November 24, 2013

Nothing good happens late at night, and America just had a modern-day Neville Chamberlain moment. At 3 am in Geneva, Iran and 6 major powers agreed to “temporary relief” of sanctions in return for Iran stopping or scaling back parts of its nuclear program. President Obama has just empowered the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, to pursue its nuclear goals and objectives.

This is not diplomacy, this is abject surrender and appeasement. Iran loses nothing, not a single facility, not any capability to enrich uranium, but we have conceded the one best non-military option: economic sanctions.

President Bill Clinton promised the same in regards to North Korea, and did that have any effect? Not to mention that North Korea has taken an 85-year-old Korean War veteran into detention, and of course we have done nothing.

Iran has held American Christian minister, Saeed Abedini, in prison for nearly a year, and President Obama said nothing about his fate, nor demanded his release. Israel and Saudi Arabia have lost all trust and confidence in America as a credible ally.



Allen West “I suppose the killing of Army SPC Geike doesn’t fit the president or the liberal media’s race-baiting agenda.”


by Allen West via Facebook

What is happening in Washington state? First two blacks attack and beat a World War II combat Veteran to death and now another one of America’s combat Veterans has been stabbed to death. Could SPC Geike have been Obama’s son? Does Obama feel compassion and need to make a press conference out of this tragedy? I suppose the killing of Army SPC Geike just does not fit the president or the liberal media’s race-baiting agenda. One has to wonder what the headlines would be if things were reversed? Hate crime, damn right it is. A bunch of losers hating on honorable Americans, but that is the new order in Obama’s realm.


Allen West The US Army’s simple creed says “This We’ll Defend” Happy Birthday US Army


by Allen West via Facebook

Today is Flag Day and I hope everyone takes time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and remind ourselves of the greatness represented by this simple symbol of liberty and freedom. However, our flag wouldn’t have such a grand history if not for something else we celebrate today: the 238th birthday of the United States Army. The US Army’s simple creed says “This We’ll Defend” so how appropriate that we recognize the flag and those who take the oath to support and defend it – on the same day. From the day the Minutemen answered the call to Lexington and Concord, to those who answer the call today to deployments worldwide, the American flag has been that herald of liberty, not oppression. Army men and women leave the warmth and shelter of their homes not as conquerors, but as liberators. I’m often asked what title do I prefer, Congressman or Colonel? Well, I seek to be a good Christian, husband, and Daddy, but I shall always prefer the title American soldier — a title I share with my Dad and nephew. Happy Birthday, Army Strong!


Raquel Okyay: Human Events “GO WEST!” “Allen West that is”


By: Raquel Okyay

Republican Allen West was elected to the United States Congress representing Florida’s 22nd district in the Tea Party wave of 2010.  West is the first black Republican Congressmen from Florida since 1876, when Rep. Josiah Walls left office.  He is known as rock star Republican, Tea Party Caucus stalwart and unabashed Constitutionalist.

Congressman West’s down-to-earth, southern charm reigns in supporters of all colors and cultures from both sides of the aisle.  What makes West so unique is that he is unafraid to speak his clever mind and steam rolls ahead without fear of rebuke, promoting conservative principles that often get lost in the business-as-usual attitude that plagues Washington.

West is a war hero, with more than 20 years active duty service in the U.S. Army, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel.  Respect for West in this capacity is unending.

Dr. Richard Berry explains in “A Missing Link in Leadership” the relationship West absorbed among his battalion.  “The love Lt. Col. West displayed as an individual and toward a group is quite obvious…I saw evidence of love transcending the space or relation between individuals and identified a genuine love Lt. Col. West had for an institution – the U.S. Army, and his organization – Lt. Col. West’s battalion.”

Indeed, West is a man of honor and humility, referring to his battalion as counterparts not subordinates.  “I loved my men and their protection was always my greatest consideration. We would always accomplish our assigned mission but never would I unnecessarily risk their lives, and if it called for that, then I would be there as well.”

After serving our country so well, West would go on to serve his community as a high school teacher in Florida, and serving our nation mentoring Afghanistan officers as a government contractor.  West gave us one good term as a congressman, and now he is requesting a second term from his constituents in the November election.  How does anyone say no to a proven American hero?


Robert Delgado “We need a leader like Allen West in Congress a man with the honor, integrity and the courage to fight”

Dear Fellow American,

My name is Robert Delgado, and I am a former Sergeant in the United States Army. I want to share the story of my experience with Allen West, because I want to make sure you know what kind of a man he is.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West was my commander.  When we got our orders to go to Iraq, my wife was eight months pregnant, and it was nerve-wracking leaving her and not knowing if I would live to see my child.

At that time, when we went into Iraq, many of us were not outfitted with body armor.  But Allen West assured me, “I will make sure you come home to your wife and your newborn baby.”

Lieutenant Colonel West gave me his own personal body armor.

One night we were driving on patrol. Suddenly, a car came speeding at us and we began taking small arms fire. I was shot in the chest.

If I hadn’t been wearing Allen West’s body armor, based on where the bullet hit, I believe I would have been killed.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West saved my life.

Political opponents are trying to paint a dishonest picture of Allen West. But I know he is a true patriot. He put his men first then, and he continues to put his country first now.

We need a leader like Allen West in Congress – a man with the honor, integrity and the courage to fight. Our country’s future depends on it.

Please SHARE and Tweet this ad with your family and friends and people across Martin, Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties.  They need to know the kind of leader Allen West really is.

Thank you for standing with us.


Robert J. Delgado, Former Sergeant

US Army

Sgt. Delgado tells how his life was saved by LTC Allen West, his commanding officer – Video

Former US Army Sgt. Robert Delgado was assigned as the driver for Lt. Col. Allen West during Operation Desert Shield in Irag. Here Sgt. Delgado tells the story of how his life was saved by Allen West, his commanding officer.

Uploaded by  on Jul 18, 2012

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“Principles, pragmatism, passion and leadership” the many qualities of Rep Allen West

by Tanya Grimsley

In a recent interview I read about Congressman Allen West he said four words. Principles, pragmatism, passion and leadership. He does not back down nor will he let his guard down.  A husband, father and Congressman with morals, principles and a heart as big as the state of Texas. His love for this country runs deep, he served consecutively 22 years to defend her and it’s citizens against all enemies as he wore the uniform in the United States Army.  He chooses his words for good reason and does not “walk them back”  even though time and time again he is asked by the media. “Absolutely Not!”  is the answer and he states very pragmatically and with passion why he will not. Why should he?  He is right!

Currently Congressman West faces a tough run for election in a newly redrawn district. It is pretty evenly split down party lines. But, here is where things get ugly. West, has a nation of grassroots support and gets most of his funds from the average Joe. There are no huge SuperPACs, just common people like you and I.  The Democrats are pulling out all the stops where this “meager” district race is concerned.  A swell of huge Soro’s funded and liberal PACs are standing in line to play fast and furious with an Army Veteran’s reputation, his family life and more. They will not be satisfied with simple paid protesters and TV Ads spreading the initial seeds of doubt into a future constituents head, not a chance! They are out to “Take Down Allen West” “Dump West” they want him out of the political scene for good.  West is not just a mere threat, he is a promise! A promise to stand by this country he loves, to defend the oath he gave many years ago, to run through the fires of hell and back again to ensure her citizens have economic freedoms, choices and a safe haven to lay their children and their grandchildren’s heads each night.  He is just one man, he is not running for the highest office in the nation, so why all the fuss?

West is more than just a meager Congressman running for election. He is a force to be reckoned with, a driving force that ignites both the Republican and Tea Party base. Able to speak without a teleprompter, notes or a predetermined answer and has an astounding knowledge of the US Military, Foreign Affairs and History. The intellect he brings to the table is unmatched by most, especially those who like to take his words and spin them for their latest “headline grabbing title” for readership.  The rhetoric they claim to hate from the right does not compare to some of the most vile personal attacks heaped upon him and his family daily.

You see, he never had to run for Congress, he chose to!  Allen West had a desire to continue to serve his country in a capacity that only few in our Congress understand. Honor, values, faith, love of God and Country and above all, a voice for “We the People”.  Ask yourself these questions, why are they trying to silence him?  Why would Soro’s and son go out of their way to do this? And most importantly What will you do today to make a difference? Will you remain silent?

“If you can’t stand up for him and the values, principles and leadership we all claim to want back in this nation, who will you stand up for?”

I stand at the ready, steadfast and loyal with Congressman Allen West and his family.


Why Does the Left Despise Valor? by Kevin McCullough

by Kevin McCullough for TownHall

There is a pretty reliable predictor in America today. If someone says something nice about our military, the need to support them, or show demonstrative appreciation for them outright–that person is likely a person of the political and theological right.

I’m not sure why that’s the case, but it is so dog gone accurate in the circles of punditry, media, and entertainment, I have to think it’s not much different in other places where hard core partisan ranks exist.

This weekend is the perfect example.

One of the most important films to be made in such a long time–honoring our military–reinforces the love of family, the honor of sacrifice, the love of country, and most importantly deep appreciation for men who do things most of us would shrink from. Yet almost universally in media, punditry, and entertainment circles it is being panned as pro-war-mongering-propaganda-responsible-for-all-that-is-wrong. They base these arguments on everything from video games, to perceived war crimes.

They lay these charges at the feet of Act Of Valor, an independently produced film debuting this weekend.

But what I want to know more specifically is why?

Why were there repeated articles on GAWKER and HUFFINGTON POST this week–prior to the film’s release and in a couple of instances complete admission by the person writing the critique that admitted they hadn’t seen more than the trailer–that included denouncements of danger, lies, and propaganda that this film contained?


Rep Allen West said he “doubts” that he’s on anyone’s list for VP. Seriously, Mr. West? Seriously?

Rep. Allen West: ‘I Won’t Turn My Back On My Country’

I am asking each and every one of you to get ACTIVE, quit saying you are passing this around the social networks. CLAIM THIS, take the time to contact these GOP Presidential Candidates by email, phone, fax, whatever means necessary and tell them, they MUST choose Congressman Allen West.  Allen West on a GOP ticket will alter the course of these elections and will put someone in the White House that will only help our nation begin it’s journey back to it’s original roots.

I am asking you to not only get this out there in the social networks but get this viral and get up off your butts, dial that phone, send that email or even ALL of the above. Encourage everyone you know that it is imperative that we act now, considering the options set before by the mainstream media, the electorate, the caucus, the polls etc…