Allen West ” Instead of a swanky dinner with GOP Senators, they should have ordered some Chick-fil-A”


by Allen West via Facebook

Everyone is talking about the dinner meeting last night with President Obama and several GOP Senators. Now I wonder if those fellas paid for that dinner themselves, or charged it to the American taxpayer? I would have preferred the President take a lesson from the movie “Dave.” Just find a simple person, a good CPA, and go line by line through the federal budget. What a great scene that was. Instead of these folks going out for a swanky dinner, they should have ordered some Chick-fil-A with the sweet tea on their own dime and locked themselves in a room with 2-3 CPAs and this morning announce they found $400B/yr to trim off the federal budget over the next ten years. OK, a fella can dream, can’t he?