Allen West: Benghazi “Obama, Clinton, Rice, Kerry, and puppet-mistress, Jarrett. Congratulations, you all just pissed off the country.”


by Allen West via Facebook

When it comes to resolving the Benghazi incident, it’s like Obi Wan’s line from Star Wars, “move along, nothing to see here.” A year after a US Ambassador was murdered during an Islamic terrorist attack along with a State Department official, while two former US Navy SEALS were abandoned to die, as Hillary Clinton stated, “what difference does it make?” It seems if you’re in the Obama Administration you can clearly lie and deceive the American people as Obama, Clinton, and Susan Rice did. You can stonewall any attempts to find and interview the 30-35 survivors. You can disperse and hide CIA operatives who were there in Benghazi at an annex. You can be John Kerry and tell the country, it’s all good and everything is fine. It is not fine, it is not a phony scandal and this blatant disrespect of the families who lost their loved ones, and disregard of the American people is despicable. The level of corruption being displayed in this cover-up is highly disturbing, and yes, seemingly reflective of high crimes and misdemeanors by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, John Kerry, and the puppet-mistress, Valerie Jarrett. Congratulations, you all just pissed off the country.

Allen West “If the State Dept wanted to recognize a brave Egyptian woman why not activist Cynthia Farahat who had to flee Egypt”


by Allen West via Facebook

In typical Obama Administration fashion, the State Department and the FLOTUS were going to present an award to an Egyptian woman, Samira Ibrahim. Turns out she is a flaming radical Islamist, anti-Semite, and anti-American. To hear the State Department spokesperson say her social media rants were unknown really makes one question their competence….Or perhaps they knew and intended to give Ibrahim the recognition? After all we just gave the Muslim Brotherhood $250M in taxpayer dollars. If they wanted to recognize a brave Egyptian woman and political activist, they should have chosen a brilliant Coptic Christian woman who had to flee Egypt, Cynthia Farahat. She lives in DC, so let’s all contact the White House and State Department and tell them to present Cynthia with the award tomorrow and finalize her plea for political asylum.

Rep. Allen West Statement Condemning State Department for Denying Keystone Pipeline Project

(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today upon learning of the State Department’s decision not to issue a permit to begin construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, before the February 21st deadline:

“It is absolutely irresponsible that the President would block a project such as the Keystone XL pipeline – a project that industry experts say would create at least 20,000 American jobs and be essential in helping jumpstart the American economy.  This decision today is further evidence that President Obama is not serious about setting the conditions for job creation nor working towards our energy independence as it relates to our national security.  Once again, President Obama has shown that his reelection and pandering to his left wing liberal environmental base is more important than securing the future for our nation.  The ramifications of this utterly disturbing politically motivated decision will be far and wide.  Congratulations China.”

Rep. Allen West to Media: ‘Stop Being Afraid of This President’ Who’s Destroying This Country’

By Elizabeth Harrington for CNS News

Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) called on the media to “stop being afraid” of President Barack Obama who is “destroying this country.” West made his remarks on Tuesday at a press conference in support of the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.

“It’s about time that I asked this from the media: Stop being afraid of this president,” said Rep. West.  “Stand up to him and call him out on the shirking of his duties and responsibilities.  The House Republicans are passing pieces of legislation, after pieces of legislation about jobs.”

“And here we got a president that’s gone off to Australia, playing golf in Hawaii, and you guys allow him to make this decision to shut down this Keystone XL project,” said West. “The media needs to call out this president and stop coming over here to the House Republicans and telling us what we’re not doing.  We’re the ones taking action.  The guy sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is destroying this country.”

The 1,661-mile, $7-billion pipeline, which would run from Alberta, Canada south to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast, was under review by the State Department until last week when President Obama announced that a decision on whether to approve the project would be postponed until early 2013. The White House said it wanted to consider a new route for the pipeline.

The Keystone project, if approved, would have created an estimated 20,000 jobs.

“This is the most important thing we have to understand, America needs leadership right now and America does not have that,” said Rep. West on Tuesday.


Allen West: Obama’s Delay of Keystone XL Pipeline is “Pathetic”

photo by Starla M Brown

By Matthew Hendley On Broward Palm Beach Blogs

Rep. Allen West isn’t too happy about the State Department’s decision — or as West says, “Campaigner-in-Chief” Obama’s decision — to delay the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which means it’s time for another rhetoric-loaded statement from the congressman.

According to the State Department, a more thorough analysis of some of the issues regarding the pipeline — chiefly the environmental issues of running it through the Sand Hills in Nebraska — would put the project back up for consideration in 2013.

In West’s opinion, that’s “pathetic.”

“Campaigner-in-Chief is at it again, this time denying America a positive step towards achieving energy independence,” West says. “The President’s decision to delay further study of the Keystone XL oil sands project is an indicator that American jobs, restoring our economy, and our national security is not as important as his personal self-interest and that of radical environmentalists…..pathetic.”