Rep Allen West signs on with H.R.3168 – Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011

Via twitter from Congressman Allen West 11/3/11 “I just met a woman whose son was killed by an illegal while she was deployed. Truly reprehensible- I’m signing on to”

Sponsored by Rep Walter Jones (R) (NC)

Co-Sponsored by: Rep Joe Walsh (R) Rep Brian Bilbray (R) Rep Mo Brooks (R) Rep Dana Rohrabacher

To make payments by the Department of Homeland Security to a State contingent on a State providing the Federal Bureau of Investigation with certain statistics, to require Federal agencies, departments, and courts to provide such statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and to require the Federal Bureau of Investigation to publish such statistics

10/12/2011–Introduced.Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011 – Prohibits the payment of funds to a state or its political subdivisions under any program or activity administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unless such state:
(1) compiles statistics on persons arrested, charged, convicted of a crime, or incarcerated by such state, including the immigration status and country of origin of such persons and the crimes for which such persons were arrested, charged, convicted, or incarcerated;
(2) reports such statistics monthly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and
(3) certifies compliance with the requirements of this Act. Requires each federal agency to compile similar statistics and report on such statistics monthly to the FBI. Requires the FBI to annually publish all statistics reported under this Act as a separate data collection of its Uniform Crime Reports.

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“Wall of Boots” by MTZ – “Build the fence” on Stacy Swimp’s Contagious Transformation


As the GOP hopefuls make their rounds, the issue of border security has quickly become a focal point.  The entire GOP field has responded to this matter with a unified voice of “Build the fence” as a way of appeasing conservatives with the issue while never truly understanding the logistics and consequences to building a fence on the Texas border that encompasses 2/3 of the US/MX border.  How often have the candidates said it is the only rational way to provide security on our southern borders, I would venture to say too many times to count.  While I agree our nation’s borders and points of entry must be secured, building a fence will not accomplish the task and serve to lull Americans with a false sense of security and violate US/MX treaty(s) while harming agriculture and remove the only water source for US cities along the Rio Grande.

Some have argued that the Department of Homeland (DHS) security has great authority and can bypass most if not all of the laws that impede the completion of the border fence. To those who hold this idea, pardon my frankness, you are part of the appeased masses that have failed to comprehend the issue in its entirety and have had the candidates pander to that lack of knowledge.  As conservatives, we should pride ourselves in understanding what the issues are and what laws govern them so we may address and resolve them.

DHS does not and will never have greater authority than treaties entered into by the US and a foreign nation.  Due to the complexity of this issue, I am providing links to all treaties, laws, regulations, and Executive Orders that pertain to the subject matter for your review and verification.

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