@AllenWest FIRES BACK “Anyone got a problem with my decision to reduce staff to increase efficiency and reward folks on merit, come see me”

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by Allen West via Facebook

Seems like the media are once again twisting the facts. For the record, our office stayed under budget for the two years I served. I voted to cut our Congressional MRA, never had taxpayer dollars rent me a car, and never flew first class. As a Member of Congress, I made the decision to allocate funds to those who had been working twice as hard from the funds of those staff positions we had cut, and we continued to meet our constituent requirements. Anyone got a problem with my decision to reduce staff to increase efficiency and reward folks on merit, come see me. Anyone wants to challenge my record on maintaining the highest standard of fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the American taxpayer dollar in our Congressional office, step right up.

The American Spectator: Allen West: In Search of Giants



Former Rep. Allen West has no plans to run for reelection — but he wants to help conservative minorities and military veterans win seats in Congress.

“I asked myself, ‘How can I help the next generation of minority conservatives?’” West told TASin an interview. “I could go back and try to get back into Congress. But it’s not about ‘I.’ there’s no ‘I’ in team.…If you’re going to do what’s right by ‘Team America’, it means getting constitutional conservatives, getting people that can make a difference — especially when the other side is saying this is just the party of old white guys.”

West’s Guardian Fund politial action committee aims to raise $5 million to help 12 conservative candidates running in 2014 — specifically, minority candidates or ones with military backgrounds, groups that West says are severely under-represented in the legislature.

“This country used to look to the military for elected leaders,” West said, “and we want to help change that again.”

The Guardian Fund takes off from West’s earlier contributions that helped 13 military candidates win in the 2012 election.


The Spectacle Blog on The American Spectator

Allen West “Integrity in an Age of Fraudulent Voters and Fraudulent Politicians” via @Next_GenTV


Col. Allen B. West learned about the meaning of integrity from his parents. How will the next generation learn the meaning of integrity? Hear why integrity is so lacking in our current generation of leaders, and why it is so important for a healthy government and economy.


Integrity in an Age of Fraudulent Voters and Fraudulent Politicians

Allen West “The Wolves are at the Door”


As the President prepared for the State of the Union, members of the Defense Department pleaded with Congress to stop impending sequestration cuts calling them “wolves at the door.” Col. Allen B. West talks to Dr. Sebastian Gorka of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies to learn how these cuts could harm our ability to deal with North Korea, Afghanistan, and North Africa.

Click here to watch the discussion on Next Generation TV via PJTV 

Wolves at the Door: The Devastating Consequences of Sequestration & Obama’s National Security Legacy

Allen West to keynote Peoria County GOP dinner


by PJ STAR.COM By Journal Star staff


Former U.S. Rep. Allen West will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Peoria County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner.


The lawmaker, a retired Army officer, made frequent media appearances both during and after his time representing a Florida district in Congress. He lost a close battle for re-election in 2012.

West will appear at the annual banquet on Feb. 9, and his speech was arranged by Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Peoria, who helped him in his 2010 campaign.

The event begins at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $70 apiece. For more details on the event and its location, or to purchase tickets — of which a very limited number remain — call 589-0966 or email cshonrn1@sbcglobal.net.


Michelle Fields “More Debt has been accumulated in one term by Obama then all the president’s combined”


President Obama was sworn in to serve his second term on Monday. While he laid out his blueprint for the next four years, there was one important thing missing from his speech: the national debt. Col. Allen West and Michelle Fields discuss why the President, and even Republicans in Congress, are dodging this important issue on this Next Generation preview.

Watch the discussion here: What Was Missing From Obama’s Inauguration Speech?


Video – Allen West “Why We Need To Stand Up for Our Future”

by Pajamasmedia

Published on Jan 16, 2013

Join us in standing up for our future at: http://www.nextgeneration.tv

Allen West, Director of Next Generation Programming, discusses his plans to start a national conversation about preserving the American dream so his daughters, and all young americans, have the same opportunities in life he has.

NGTV Trifecta

Lober Puts Political Signs down and Hits Streets to Fight Cancer

by Max Goodwin

Jamie Lober has built a reputation as a faithful and uncompromising source of knowledge and influence in the political and healthcare worlds, endorsing the likes of Allen West. “My former Congressman is a hero and one of the bravest and toughest to carry the torch in the conservative movement,” said Lober. When asked about the future of the district, Lober shifts the limelight back to West. “West conceded with two outstanding take-home messages, that God closes a door so he can open a greater one and that Lincoln only served one term in Congress, so we cannot feel discouraged,” said Lober. Reflecting on his service, Lober credits his likable personality and ability to speak his mind intelligently as his best assets. “Sure he said that drivers with Obama stickers are threats to the gene pool but someone has to say what no one else wants to hear,” said Lober.

Now that we can take a break from fast-paced nature of the campaign season, Lober found a new calling which she describes as gratifying and less controversial. “As the Public Relations Chairman for the American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter, I am anxious to get up every morning because I get to teach people how to become healthier and support the best charity around, so I do not consider it work at all,” said Lober. She has also quickly become one of the most vocal and influential advocates for National Institutes of Health and serves on the Pheo Para Troopers Alliance. “The mission of the Pheo Para Troopers Alliance is to empower and support patients by arming them with information and doing all they can to find cures,” said Lober.

Having been on the health education side of things for a decade and spending almost as long ensuring her father wins the fight, Lober offers some words of advice. “I would have to tell people to get the facts about the disease, learn what is new as far as treatments, trust your doctors, get support, have hope, pray, sing, dance and have confidence in your ability to face the rocky road ahead,” said Lober. It is about taking control of the things you can to fight contemporary issues including chronic disease. “Take the issue of poverty for example; one of my role models, Senator Rick Santorum, said there are three ways to prevent it: working, graduating from high school and getting married before you have children,” said Lober.

In terms of chronic disease, Lober said it is through her job in health communications as President of Talk Health with Jamie, Inc. as well as the appointments on health advisory boards which she feels honored to hold that she is making a difference. “I have to raise awareness, stress the importance of research to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments and talk about how diseases affect patients’ lives,” said Lober. She goes on to inform us that the National Institutes of Health are celebrating Rare Disease Day on February 28 and March 1, 2013 and that this year’s theme is the global genes project. “Our slogan is wear that you care and we are asking people to wear their favorite pair of jeans to demonstrate support for people fighting rare and genetic diseases,” said Lober.

Lober stresses that everybody should do something to fight back against the cancer crisis in our nation. “Cancer does not discriminate and neither do I when delivering vital health information,” said Lober. In closing, Lober makes a case for how important continued research is for all who are fighting these devastating diseases including her father. “He is one of the most mentally strong men I know and if I have my way I will continue to be involved in women’s health, conservative politics and the elimination of cancer from the world and when I take my big voice to the U.S. Senate, my father will be around to see it,” said Lober.


Congressman Allen West – The Truest of Statesman


When you are looking to describe a statesman you must first understand that  politician and a statesman are not the same thing.   A statesman, is not a tyrant; he is the free leader of a free people and must posses four critical qualities.

  • Strong Principles
  • A Moral Compass
  • A Vision
  • The ability to build a consensus to achieve that vision

I believe in my own mind that two of the greatest statesman to ever live were Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. Along those ideals and principles I personally believe Congressman Allen West is in every word a true statesman. When I read about the strong principles and moral compass I acquired even more affirmation. Then I felt compelled to describe in greater detail why I firmly believe Allen West’s principles are equal to these two great men. (here are some of the things that I found while researching)

  • A statesman follows his moral compass instead of opinion polls, his ideas are often initially out of step with the public mood. But instead of tailoring to that mood, he speaks to the very best within his countrymen. He understands that while their ideals may be deeply buried, powerful rhetoric can bring them forth and activate them. The strength of his words comes from the fact that he actually believes what he says. And he does not make his countrymen’s hearts soar and burn with empty promises; he keeps his word and does what he says he will do.
  • A statesman has a clear vision of what his country and his people can become. He knows where he wants to take them and what it will take to get there.  A statesman is able to recognize problems ahead and be able to come up with solutions that are good not only for the short-term, but for the long-term as well. The statesman keeps in mind not only the here and now, but the world future generations will inherit.
  • A  true statesman makes his decisions by following his own moral compass. He believes in absolute truths, and his moral compass is rooted in a sense of absolute right and absolute wrong. When something is wrong, he plainly says it is wrong and does everything in his power to fight against it. When something is right, he is willing to overcome any opposition to preserve and spread it. The statesman is ambitious—he must be to obtain a position of power—but there are things he simply will and will not do to get to the top. He is a man of integrity; he speaks the truth. He leads by moral authority and represents all that is best in his countrymen.
  • The statesman builds his platform on a foundation of firm, unchanging, fundamental truths. These are the things he believes at his very core.  Just as in the foundation of a house, storms may wear on the structure, opposition and challenges come about, times change, but the foundation remains. A statesman may change the details of his policies and his methods for achieving those policies, but only as much as those short-term tactics serve the purpose of furthering his principles in the long run.

Congressman Allen West possess these qualities and more, he stands by his beliefs and his love of his country. He wants and desires to keep this nation safeguarded for his children and many generations to come. He stands on principles and commands an audience when he speaks. Those that know him have the highest respect for him, those that do not, despise him for having the fortitude to go against the grain.

Recently when being interviewed by NPR, Congressman West was asked about his plans going forward and while the lame-stream media has issued their spun statements  “West compares himself to Abraham Lincoln” a quick listen to the interview will show that Congressman West simply made a statement that “Hey, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in congress”. He was not comparing himself to anyone but making a statement that a once great president only served one term in congress and went on to bigger and better things. Simply put, West is far from done and America is far from letting him go! – Tanya Grimsley

Gun Owners of America Enthusiastically Endorse Allen West for Congress

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Allen West in Florida’s 18th District.

Lieutenant Colonel West (U.S. Army, Ret.) is best known for his service to his country, being awarded a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals, and a Valorous Unit Award in a career spanning over twenty years. LTC West’s defense of liberty extends beyond the battlefield, however, as his commitment to support and defend the Constitution is the driving force behind his career in Congress.

What does this American patriot and hero think about the Second Amendment? “An armed and informed law-abiding citizenry is the best defense against an unjust government and the criminal element created by irresponsible societal benevolence and activist judges.” His position on the right to keep and bear arms is as politically incorrect as it is in keeping with the original intent of the founding fathers.

Gun owners and sportsmen throughout the country will continue to have a strong ally in the U.S. Congress with Allen West. Allen West is a consistent and strong advocate for Second Amendment rights who respects the Founding Fathers and their pledges of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund enthusiastically supports Allen West for Congress and encourages gun owners and sportsmen throughout the 18th District to work hard to reelect this pro-gun champion in November.