Rep. Allen West “I Will Not Let You Down”

Congressman Allen West posted a message on his Facebook Page this morning.


God bless and thanks to all of you here in the Treasure Coast and across America who have joined with us in the fight to protect and preserve the American democratic electoral process. Your efforts and voices are being heard and you have all become guardians of America’s honor. A special hat tip and a hearty steadfast and loyal. I will not let you down.

Rep. Allen West’s Secret: He Speaks His Mind

Tuesday October 16, 2012 2:07 AM – by Matzav.Com

West Palm Beach, Fla. – If Democrats had to pick a vulnerable tea party Republican they’d love to take out in November, Rep. Allen West would no doubt rank very high.

The bombastic freshman has spent the past two years taunting Democrats – he called President Barack Obama “probably the dumbest person walking around in America right now,” dubbed 80 of his Democratic House colleagues “communists” and told Debbie Wasserman Schultz she is “not a lady” – to name just a few of his put-downs.

Yet three weeks out from Election Day, West, an Afghanistan War vet, has the look of a survivor. The freshman’s smashmouth brand of politics might seem like a poor fit for the moderate, Treasure Coast district. But West’s outsize TV presence gave him practically universal name ID out of the gate – and an enormous cash advantage – in his nasty reelection battle against 29-year-old construction firm executive Patrick Murphy.

Democrats concede that West could well win reelection; privately, some of them say they expect he will.

If there’s a secret sauce for West’s success, Republicans and Democrats alike say, it’s this: Unlike so many of the calculated, poll-tested pols in the Capitol, West actually speaks his mind. The fact that a lot of what he says is intentionally meant to provoke or beyond the pale hasn’t caught up to West, though Democrats intend to change that before Nov. 6.

“In the day and age of candidates of 30-second sound bites, Allen West provides people with something they don’t see very often, which is a politician who says what he believes and doesn’t really care,” said Chris LaCivita, the hard-hitting Republican operative who helped orchestrate the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign and is now working for West. “The fact that he tells the unvarnished truth as he sees it – people respect him for that.”

That no-holds-barred style was on full display Wednesday as West delivered a 30-minute stem-winder of a speech at a senior facility here on the importance of defending Israel. In an address full of absolutes, West declared that the Obama administration, which has had a sometimes chilly relationship with Israel, faced a clear choice: either stand by Israel or risk the country being annihilated.

“My mother would tell me, ‘Allen, a man must stand for something. Otherwise, he’s going to fall down,’” the congressman told listeners.

Sitting in the audience, Elaine Fandino, a 69-year-old retired nurse, said she admired the congressman’s approach.

“He’s strong. He doesn’t lie to the public,” Fandino said. “He doesn’t not say something because you won’t like it.”

Even Democrats grudgingly acknowledge that West’s style appeals to some.


Dr Angela Graham-West Writes “The Plight of the Black Conservative”

“Ingrate Uncle Tom” – The Plight of the Black Conservative by Dr. Angela West

This week, I happened to hear on the news the revelation that Stacey Dash, an actress whose last film I viewed was “Clueless” , supported Mitt Romney. At first, I did not understand the problem and then it was stated by the radio personality that she had committed the cardinal sin of any African American, she supports Mitt Romney for this presidential election. Gads! What was she thinking? Doesn’t she know that she will reap the vicious vitriol, contempt, and verbal violence heaped upon others such as Deneen Borelli, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Allen West and many others who dare to stray from the Democratic, Liberal agenda? Doesn’t she understand that she will be called Race traitor, Uncle Tom, sellout, racist, bigot? And this is just from Black people themselves! I have no idea what Ms. Dash’s career is about or how successful she has been since all I have been aware of is that one movie but several news outlets have gone as far to describe her as unemployed, untalented (but beautiful), “d-lister” etc. I even heard that someone who claims they have a Ph. D  told her to “kill herself”. Such is the plight of the Black Conservative, all rules are off the table, anything, no matter how vile and despicable is really OK, especially in the eyes of the media.

I remember on the night of the primary in Florida, I had the occasion to speak with Eve Samples of the TCPalm, our local newspaper, here in the Treasure Coast. She told me that she felt that my husband’s opponent’s ad depicting him as a boxer with gold teeth ,beating white women and stealing money from Black families was “terrible” and she did not support them. Unfortunately, this bit of information remains her private feelings because she works for what can only be described as one of the two papers which form a liberal machine of information in the Treasure Coast. Her recent contribution to the paper has been to find veterans who want to bash Congressman West’s military career and showcase them. She is joined in this effort by the untiring efforts of the Palm Beach Post. One of the letter writers for the Palm Beach Post even went as far as to suggest that it is unfair that West even mentions his military service since his opponent does not have one! I am reminded of vets who returned from Vietnam to be spat upon by those who chose not to serve. I don’t think that anyone who has never served should ever stand in judgment of those who did. My husband made the ultimate sacrifice and choice, his opponent’s most difficult choice has been between grapefruit or orange juice in the morning. Allen West retired with full benefits and honors, these armchair warriors intent on trying him in their newspapers do so with the most jaded political intent. But then again, such is the plight of the Black Conservative, all rules are off the table, anything, no matter how vile and despicable is really OK, especially in the eyes of the media. 

Which brings me to the title of this letter to my friends, “Ingrate” “Uncle Tom”, these were the words written on Allen West’s facebook entry by what appears to be a middle aged , Caucasian man. The word “ingrate” implies that West is ungrateful for something that he should be grateful for. “Uncle Tom” is an old word that implies some type of “race traitor”. Then I realized that that is the whole point. This vitriol, the total abandonment of objectivity by the press, the anger and so forth have as their origins a feeling of ownership. The idea that a person of color — in particular a Black American should not tow the Democratic line is totally abhorrent to many liberals. For this aberration, they will suspend all rules of decency, all morality, throw away any journalistic professionalism in order to destroy the offender. Consider this, the only thing that you have to say on MSNBC is “Chicago” and you are called racist, but any and everything is on the table for those who dare to be Black conservatives. It is the right of every American to choose the path they wish to follow. What has developed in the United States, especially the last 3 years or so has been the desire to control. I truly understand the fact that Black people see in Barack Obama many things and one of them is a symbol of having arrived, a representation of being part of the “game” and pride in the future. To many of the liberals, they look at him with a sense of vindication from feelings of guilt. But out of this comes a warped view that allows the display of hostility, prejudice and anger towards ANYONE who does not have the same view or even any person of color who bucks the “system” so to speak. Is this any different from enslavement?

In parting, I implore the voters of CD18 to do their homework, do not rely on the news outlets such as TCPalm and Palm Beach Post for your political thought, they have become a shameless outlets for one train of thought. In order to further the debate and America as a whole, all people must have a say without fear of reprisal.

Taken from Dr. Angela West’s Facebook Page

VIDEO – At First Forum, Allen West Deals in Ideas and Facts, Patrick Murphy In Dishonest Talking Points

Now We See Why Patrick Murphy Won’t Debate


Stuart, FL – It is now even more clear why Patrick Murphy refuses debates–he has nothing to say other than memorized talking points.  West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding the clear contrast between Allen West and Patrick Murphy at today’s St. Lucie County League of Women Voter’s Forum:

“After weeks of running from debates and forums Patrick Murphy had to face Allen West today.  Murphy originally agreed to participate in this forum knowing that votes were scheduled in the House of Representatives and Allen West wouldn’t be able to participate.  Unfortunately for Patrick Murphy, the House calendar changed allowing West to attend.

Those in attendance were presented a clear choice between Allen West, a leader who has served our nation and put principles and solutions before partisan politics, and an empty suit in Patrick Murphy who repeats scripted talking points about bringing people together, only to expose his lack of ideas and hypocrisy at every turn by attacking Allen West with lies and divisive smears.

From the outset, Allen West had command of the issues, put forward solutions, and talked in detail about the issues facing the Treasure Coast.  A nervous Patrick Murphy stuck to his script and outlined in the vaguest terms his support for Obamacare, the failed stimulus that lined his family’s pockets, and job-destroying tax increases while continually glancing at his handlers and family for approval.  With the serious challenges facing the nation, Floridians need a leader, not another bad actor like Patrick Murphy.

In just over two weeks, Patrick Murphy will have to face Allen West in a real debate. Murphy might want to start learning the issues because, despite Murphy’s best efforts to exclude them, this debate will include rebuttals and Murphy will quickly be off script.  Just like his campaign, when Murphy gets off script he’ll go completely off the rails.”

Murphy continues to trail in the polls by double digits despite millions in left-wing Super PAC attacks and Murphy’s father’s racist attack ads.  Desperate and behind in the polls, the Murphy campaign grows increasingly shrill and divisive day by day.

Good News and Bad News – For Congressman Allen West – Will You Step Up To the Plate?

Good news and bad news.

Since Allen sent his email, we’ve raised $50,000 and counting. We’re well on our way to exceeding our goal. Thanks for your help!

Now the bad news. Just this morning a liberal SuperPac announced they were pouring in another million dollars into the district and Patrick Murphy announced he’s deploying Sandra Fluke, the poster child for the left’s efforts to increase government dependency, to the Treasure Coast.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to help us reach our goal or you can help again, CLICK HERE: AllenWestForCongress.Com

Thanks again,


Dear Friend,

I don’t back down from a fight and I know you don’t either. In the next 3 days, we need toraise another $75,000 to counterattack on the airwaves.

As you know, we are a top target for national liberals and we are finally seeing what we expected all along: millions in negative attack ads. The DCCC and liberal Super PACs are going up with ads this week repeating the tired lies about a war on women and Medicare. It is only a matter of time until Patrick Murphy’s dad launches more attacks likely to be as nasty as his ad depicting me beating women.

With 7 weeks to go until the election, now’s the time to take action! Will you be one of the 750 supporters who contributes $10 or one of the 500 supporters who contributes $20 and helps us reach our goal: 

Rep. Allen West “SITEREP – West for Congress – August Edition

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting and busy few weeks here in South Florida. We won our primary election with 74 percent of the vote and we now have a strong team in Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan to take the helm of this great ship of state and restore our nation’s greatness and prosperity. The combination of Mitt Romney’s successful record in business and government, and Paul Ryan’s legislative experience and willingness to lead on pressing fiscal problems is just the recipe to get America back on the right path.

I would also like to congratulate all our Republican nominees for state and local office for their victories last Tuesday. The hard road lies ahead, and success will not be ours without the passion and drive of our supporters and volunteers – each and every one of you.

On a personal note, I am humbled by the overwhelming support from the Republican voters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, and I am honored to be your Republican nominee for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. Our campaign was successful because we are committed to standing up for conservative principles, and voters want statesmen who have the courage to say what they mean, and mean what they say.

Voters along the Treasure Coast – and indeed the nation – are faced with two very clear choices, and two dramatically different visions for the future of our Republic and that of our children and grandchildren. The results of the November election will determine the legacy we leave to our families. Will it be one of ever-higher unemployment, crushing debt, near-universal dependence on government handouts, porous borders that allow anyone and everyone to feed from the government trough and force the bankruptcy of programs like Social Security and Medicare?

Or will it be a return to our constitutional principles of economic freedom and individual sovereignty, in a country where we have the liberty to prosper without being punished for our success, keep our promises to our seniors, fully utilize our domestic energy resources and once again ensure peace through strength?

Of course, Patrick Murphy is big on criticism and short on ideas. That is why he has refused to debate. Over the weekend his “strategist” said he will not participate in any debate where rebuttals are permitted! I have no doubt that is because he will be lost once he gets off Nancy Pelosi’s talking points!

Predictably, Patrick Murphy (and the left-wing Super PAC funded by this father) has wasted no time in running negative advertising against me because he is incapable of addressing the issues. He talks about “compromise” and “fairness” which are essentially code words for saying whatever he needs to get elected. Once in office, Murphy will simply rubber stamp the policies of 0bama and Pelosi.

Last week Republican voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches turned out in huge numbers to demonstrate they know which vision is right for our country, and which will be victorious in November. We’re energized, motivated, and ready to restore fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty and economic freedom to this great nation. I am honored to stand with you here in Florida and represent you in Washington D.C. Together we will send a powerful message on November 6th.

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Thank you for standing with me on August 14, and your continued assistance on the road to November. Because of you, we have the resources to counter the lies, distortion and smears coming from my Democrat opponent, his left-wing Super PAC allies and his buddies in the liberal media. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail over the next 76 days.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West

P.S. You can help us stand up to the left-wing Super PACs by contributing here.

Statement from Congressman Allen West – WEST DECISIVELY WINS PRIMARY

WEST: November election provides voters with clear choices
Stuart, FL – Allen West released this statement tonight after winning the Republican primary for United States Congress in Florida’s 18th Congressional District:
“I am humbled by the overwhelming support from the Republican voters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, and I am honored to be the Republican nominee for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. While we celebrate this victory tonight, the real battle lies ahead — for our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.
My opponent and the left-wing Super PACs supporting him are already running vile, negative advertising against me instead of addressing the issues.  But that is the only approach my opponent can take, because he has no new ideas and he can’t possibly run on the same failed policies of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  He can’t run on his plans for more taxes and spending, or his support for Obamacare–a nationalized healthcare plan which cuts Medicare by $700 billion for current recipients and threatens seniors’ ability to keep their doctors and access the medical care of their choosing.      
The comparatively low Democrat voter turnout in this primary demonstrates their disappointment in not only the failed policies of President Obama, but with their own congressional candidate who has done nothing to engender enthusiasm or confidence. 
By contrast, Republican voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches turned out in huge numbers today. They’re energized, motivated, and ready to restore fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty and free market prosperity to this great nation. I am honored to stand with them here in Florida and represent them in Washington D.C.”
Congressman Allen West is running for election in Florida’s 18th Congressional District including all of St. Lucie and Martin Counties, and part of Palm Beach County. For more information

Rep Allen West to Join Divers in Martin and Palm Beach Counties to Clean Up South Florida Reefs


Fifth Annual Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup at Pecks Lake Reef

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Dive boat will depart from Pt. Salerno Commercial Fishing Pier

SE Park Drive

Port Salerno, FL

*Pecks Lake Reef is an offsore shallow water reef that runs for approximately four miles south of the St. Lucie inlet in Martin County to the Hobe Sound Refuge.


Palm Beach County Reef Cleanup

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Jupiter Dive Center

1001 N. Highway A1A Alternate

Jupiter, FL


The Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative is organizing a series of reef cleanups throughout Southeast Florida this July, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties. See flyers for the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County events.


Congressman Allen West’s 2012 Treasure Coast Campaign Kickoff


Dear Friend,

Please join us for:

Congressman Allen West’s 2012 Treasure Coast Campaign Kickoff
Sunday, July 1, 2012 at the Port St. Lucie Civic Center, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The Port St. Lucie Civic Center is located at
9221 S.E. Civic Center Place, Port St. Lucie, FL, 34952

Please RSVP to:

For questions call (772) 600-7123
Thank you for standing with us!

Tim Edson
Campaign Manager


Allen West for Congress Invites you to the Campaign Kickoff – Tomorrow June 9th


DEAR PATRIOT – You’re Invited

Please Join us for Congressman Allen West’s 2012 Palm Beach County
Campaign Kickoff on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at the Borland Center, from
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The Borland Center is located at
4901 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.
Refreshments will be served.

Lou Galterio will perform the National Anthem.

Please RSVP to
For questions call (772) 600-7123

Thank you for standing with us!
Tim Edson
Campaign Manager

P.S.- Please consider making a donation to help fight the lies and distortions sure to come from national liberals and their corrupt media allies.

P.P.S – Next week we will also be announcing our Treasure Coast Campaign Kickoff for late June.