Murphy and his liberal friends will stop at nothing to smear Allen West – West Needs Your Help


Patrick Murphy and his liberal friends will stop at nothing to smear Allen West. They have run some of the most disgraceful ads of the election cycle attacking Allen’s military service.

Not too long ago, we started running a powerful ad about Former Sergeant Robert Delgado’s experience in Iraq, where Allen West was his commander and saved his life. You can watch the ad here.

We need to increase the budget for this ad in order to combat Murphy’s lies and spread the truth. We’ll need to make our budget decision by Tuesday evening — and it largely depends on how well our online fundraising is going.

Will you help us keep this positive message on the air these final two weeks? Donate $35 here:

Thanks for your support,

Tim Edson
Campaign Manager

P.S. We’re making our decision on this ad buy Tuesday evening. It’s critical you make your contribution today.

“Murphy is a spoiled brat who knows nothing of duty, honor or service” Allen West for Congress

Dear Friends,

A critical FEC deadline is only 3 days away!  Our most recent polls have us in a strong position—leading 52% to 41% percent—but there is a long way to go.  Desperate and behind in the polls, today Allen’s opponent’s telegraphed his plan to smear Allen’s military record and attack him for trying to protect the lives of my soldiers while in Iraq in 2003.

Their plan is especially despicable given the fact that while Allen was preparing his troops to go to war, Patrick Murphy was arrested for fighting in a South Beach nightclub, getting drunk, carrying stolen property, refusing to pay a cab driver, verbally assaulting a police officer, falsely complaining he was mistreated by the police and then using his family’s influence to get out of trouble. 

Today we released a new television ad exposing Patrick Murphy for who he really is—a spoiled brat who knows nothing of duty, honor or service.

Please watch our new ad, share it with everyone you know and make a contribution to help us meet our FEC deadline goal of $150,000.

Thank you.


Tim Edson

Campaign Manager

Allen West for Congress

P.S.: Learn more about Patrick Murphy at 

EXCLUSIVE: Allen West supporters hold press conference, insist Murphy stop outrageous TV ad

By: Michele Kirk

Source: BIZPAC Review
Date: August 10, 2012

Victim advocates, women voters and law enforcement professionals gathered outside the Stuart campaign office of Republican Congressman Allen West this morning to demand that his Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy, stop running a TV ad that depicts West punching elderly white women and stealing money from a black family.

State Rep. Will Snyder and Tom Bakkedahl, chief assistant state attorney for Florida’s 19th Judicial Circuit, expressed outrage at both the ad and the fact that Murphy’s father is the main contributor to the super-PAC that financed it.

That group, American Sunrise, lists Murphy as the only candidate supported by the PAC, according to West’s campaign.

Stopping short of calling the ad illegal, West campaign representatives say it is not believable that Murphy did not know what role his father had, adding that now that there’s no question he knows, he should be telling his father to stop running the ad.

 The question-and-answer portion of the press conference can be seen here: BIZPACREVIEW.COM