Americans for Prosperity & Rep. Allen West Will Join “Hands Off My Health Care” Rally on 3/27

WASHINGTON – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom, recently announced Rep. Allen West as a featured speaker at the March 27th Hands Off My Health Care rally on Capitol Hill.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “This is one of the most important cases in a generation and the White House is working contrary to the will of the American people. That’s why President Obama is doing everything possible to generate last-minute support for a law that we feel violates the Constitution.”

A broad coalition of 20+ organizations will bring thousands to rally on Capitol Hill, while concurrent Hands Off My Health Care rallies hosted by AFP take place in Missouri, Ohio, Maine, Colorado, and Montana.

Americans for Prosperity is expecting more than 50 buses full of activists to arrive from surrounding states for the Tuesday event. Along with major rallies across the country, AFP will be delivering their Statement to the Court, which has already been signed by 50,000 citizens opposed to Obama’s health care law.

WHERE: Upper Senate Park, Washington, D.C.
WHEN: March 27th at 1:00PM

• Representative Paul Ryan
• Representative Michele Bachmann
• Representative Allen West
• Senator Rand Paul
• Senator Pat Toomey
• Senator Jim DeMint
• Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity
• Jim Martin, 60 Plus
• Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America
• Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express
• Tracy Walsh, Breast Cancer Survivor
• Brent Bozell, Media Research Center

• 60 Plus Association
• Americans for Tax Reform
• American Doctors 4 Truth
• American Values Action
• Concerned Women for America
• Doctor Patient Medical Association
• Docs 4 Patient Care
• Eagle Forum
• Family Research Council
• Hagerstown Tea Party
• Heartland Institute
• Institute for Liberty
• Judicial Action Group
• Let Freedom Ring
• Restore America’s Voice
• Smart Girl Politics
• Students For Life
• The Richmond Patriots
• Tea Party Express
• Tea Party WDC
• TeaParty.Net
• Tea Party Patriots
• The Mommy Lobby

A press riser and mult box will be available to credentialed media. Members of the media wishing to attend are encouraged to RSVP to

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Former Obama Czar Calls Tea Party ‘the Worst,’ Steals the Party’s Playbook

by The Christian Post

A former White House aide told liberal activists the Tea Party’s agenda is “the worst” but said their accomplishments are worth copying. Tea Party members, meanwhile, say the left will never be able to copy the group’s success as long their ideology embraces redistribution of wealth.

Van Jones, President Barack Obama‘s green jobs adviser, noted at the “Take Back the American Dream” conference Monday that the Tea Party has built a network that achieves results without a formal leadership model or even headquarters.

“They use their charismatic leaders to build something bigger than any leader,” Jones told the crowd. “They talk rugged individualism, but they act collectively.”

By contrast, he said, liberals talk collectively but act as individuals. Jones chided progressives for being too reliant on Obama and urged them to galvanize and take to the streets in the name of the middle class. Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips said the terms “the worst” and “silly” could also be used to describe Jones and his ideology. Jones resigned from the Obama administration after controversy arose over his crude remarks to Republicans and his political affiliations.

Jones affiliated himself with conspiracy group 9/ by supporting its petition suggesting that President George W. Bush deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen. Jones was also affiliated with the group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. Glenn Beck uncovered the group as having Marxist roots. STORM’s handbook, which Beck also revealed, stated the group began a rectification process that would rebuild “political and personal unity” and make a “definite collective shift towards communist politics.”