Rep Allen West Votes to Fully Repeal the Patient Protection Unaffordable Tax Act (PPUTA)

West: “Congress and the President need a mulligan with regard to the tax law masquerading as a health care law”

“Democrats continue to play cynical political games by claiming a vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a vote against helping people with preexisting conditions, against keeping children under the age of 26 on their family health care program, and against helping small businesses.  Nothing can be further from the truth, as I have consistently supported these provisions and still do. My vote today to repeal the Obama Tax is a vote to reform our health care system and demand the United States Congress and President Barack Obama provide Americans with a plan focusing on patient-centered care, choice, flexibility, lower costs and on keeping doctors practicing and providing quality care. Congress and the President need a mulligan with regard to the tax law masquerading as a health care law.
(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today as he prepares to vote to repeal the largest tax increase on the American people, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”:

My vote for repeal is further strengthened by the recent United States Supreme Court decision clarifying the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as yet another enormous tax bill.  The framers of the United States Constitution never intended to use taxation authority to establish social policy and then penalize Americans for not complying. In the case of the Health Care Act, the federal government will have the authority to use the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon to modify Americans’ social behavior, under the guise of misconceived benevolence.

Americans deserve to know all of the facts so they can fully understand the ramifications of this misguided, onerous monstrosity of 2,700 pages, resulting in 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies.  The sad truth is this law does little to improve health care, and is instead packed full of massive tax increases all Americans will be forced to bear.”

Included in the President’s health care law:

•    Individual Mandate Tax – defined by the Supreme Court decision.

•    3.8 percent Medicare Hospital Insurance payroll tax on investment income (capital gains and dividends) for Americans earning more than $200,000 a year or family households earning more than $250,000 a year.

•   40 percent excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans costing more than $10,200 for individuals or $27,500 for families.

•    Increased payroll tax from 2.9 percent to 3.8 percent on combined employer/employee Medicare Hospital Insurance for individuals earning more than $200,000 a year and families earning more than $250,000 a year.

•    Taxes on health insurance providers based on a company’s share of the total market.

•    2.3 percent excise tax on U.S. manufactured and imported medical devices costing more than $100.

•    “Black liquor” bio-fuel tax increase.

•    Increased taxes on patients with more than 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross income spent on medical expenses.

•    Taxes on manufacturers and importers of non-generic prescription medication.

•    A limit on the amount of pre-tax income individuals can set aside in Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for expected annual health care expenses to $2,500 (previously unlimited).

•    Increased tax collections from businesses by eliminating the deductibility of paying for their retirees’ prescription drug coverage.

•  Non-prescription medication and other health care products will no longer be allowed to be paid for using the pre-tax income Americans set aside using their Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts.

•  Businesses will not be able to reduce their tax liability using lawful tax deductions or business strategies.

•  Indoor tanning services taxes.

•  Increased penalty (tax) for withdrawing money from a Health Savings Account for non-medical early withdrawals.

•  A maximum compensation limit for health insurance executives.

Rep Allen West “If Congress Fails to Act”

Dear Friend,

Next January, if Congress fails to act, a $494 Billion dollar tax increase will crush the American economy.
The Washington Post calls it Taxmageddon. The Congressional Budget Office says it will lead us into recession. It would be an increase of unprecedented proportions and I need your help to stop it.

Out of state, extreme left special interests have come into our district with the goal of defeating us at any cost to ensure these massive tax increases and other extreme left-wing policies continue. We’ve set a goal of raising 494 more contributions before the end of month to stop this $494 billion tax increase.

Taxmageddon poses a very serious threat to the future of our children and grandchildren. If we fail to act, America risks becoming a nation of dependency and decline.

I am working to stop these devastating tax increases, and I am committed to creating a flat and broad-based tax structure that encourages investment and innovation, and rewards hard work.

Please stand with me by making a contribution.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC(R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

Rep Allen West Article for The Sun Sentinel – April 20, 2012

Obama tax proposal would wage war on U.S. economy

April 20, 2012|By Allen West

Photo by BBalaban2012

As a field artillery officer in the U.S. Army, I learned a thing or two about weaponry. Our success in Desert Storm and Desert Shield depended on choosing the correct artillery for each specific objective, whether it was halting the enemy’s forward progress, diminishing the strength of its forces, or completely destroying its capabilities.

Although he has never served his country in uniform, or risked his life to defend its freedoms and liberties on distant shores, President Obama seems to understand a thing or two about weaponry as well.

In the president’s case, the current weapon of choice is tax policy, and the “enemies” are small businesses, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations deemed “undesirable” — in short, the economic engines of our nation.

The president’s planned tax increases seem designed to demonize “the rich,” and use them as a propaganda tool to score political points. But the collateral damage of these policies will spread into the heartland of America. After all, the 160 percent increase in federal cigarette taxes put in place in 2009 certainly affects those earning far less than $250,000 — despite his promise not to raise their taxes.

The fact is, next year, unless changes are made in the tax code, Americans will be bombarded with the largest tax increase in the nation’s history, causing massive economic injury and destruction.

If the Bush tax rates are allowed to expire, the current tax brackets of 10 percent to 35 percent will rise to 15 percent to 39.6 percent. Other tax provisions scheduled to disappear that will hit “ordinary Americans” include the American Opportunity Tax Credit (up to $2,500 per student for qualified college costs), tax exclusion for forgiven mortgage debt, and tax credit for employer-provided child care.

Children of farmers and small business owners, who wish to continue the legacy of their parents, will find it increasingly difficult to do so, as the death tax exemption will shrink from $5 million to $1 million. Further, inherited assets exceeding that amount will be taxed at a maximum rate of 55 percent with a 5 percent surcharge on estates over $10 million.



Stand With Allen West – Against the current income tax system – Sign the Petition

Stand With Allen West – Support a Flat Tax

The current income tax system attacks success, imposes enormous compliance costs on taxpayers, rewards special interests, and makes America less competitive. A flat tax would go a long way towards correcting these problems. More importantly, it would get the government out of the way of our economy and job creators.

We support moving towards a flat tax system with a single low tax rate, which would reduce penalties against productive behavior, such as work, risk taking, and entrepreneurship. A flat tax will eliminate many special interest exemptions and loopholes. Such a system will also solve the problems of complexity, allowing taxpayers to file their tax returns on a simple form. A flat tax system will also eliminate the tax code’s assault on capital formation by ending the double taxation of savings and investment income. By taxing income only one time, a flat tax is easier to enforce and more conducive to job creation and capital formation.

I stand with Congressman Allen West in support of a flat tax.

CLICK HERE TO GO IMMEDIATELY AND SIGN THE PETITION: Allen West for Congress Complete Campaigns

Rep Allen West Statement “If you decide that your future includes 4 more years of Barack Hussein Obama

by Congressman Allen West on Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Tax Day America…and remember, if you decide that your future includes another four years of President Barack Hussein Obama, you will experience the largest tax increase in American history starting 1 January 2013.Tax Day is not just a day for requiring American citizens to cut their annual check to Uncle Sam; it is an opportunity to highlight a series of facts and figures to examine the merits of U.S. tax policy.  Given the recent increased discussion surrounding tax reform, this information can assist in determining the most prudent direction to pursue reform:

The Impact of the President’s “Buffett Rule” Proposal:

  • President’s proposed tax increase would require Americans making over $1 million per year to pay an effective tax rate of at least 30%. The President stated of the Buffett Rule “…if applied to our tax code, could raise enough money” to “stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade…This is not politics; this is math.”
  • According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Buffett Rule would raise $47 billion over ten years.  The President’s budget calls for adding $6.7 trillion to the national debt.  The Buffett Rule would cover ½ of 1 percent of the President’s spending plan.
  • If the government collects the Buffett Rule tax for 250 years, it would not cover the Obama deficit for 2011 alone.
  • The Buffett rule would pay for 17 days of the President’s deficit spending over the next 10 years.
  • The House passed Republican budget lowers the debt 62 times more than the Buffett Rule.

The Complex, Inefficient, and Inequitable  Internal Revenue Code:

  • Americans are taxed too much and too often.  The average American employee will work 107 out of the 365 days per year to pay federal, state, and local taxes.  29.3% percent of their year is spent working for the government.
  • In 1955 there were 409,000 words in the entire tax code.  There are now 3.8 million words in the tax code.
  • There are at least 480 tax forms on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) web site.  As a result of this complexity, it takes 300,000 trees each year to create and distribute all necessary tax forms.
  • To deal with such a convoluted code, the IRS employs 114,000 people.  That is double the amount of employees at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and five time the amount of employees at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • Americans have been working countless hours to comply with our nation’s burdensome tax code, 6.1 billion hours a year according to the National Taxpayer Advocate.

The Tax Code and American Competitiveness:

  • On April 1, 2012 the United States claimed the mantle of having the highest statutory corporate tax rate in the world at 39.2%.
  • According to the World Bank, there have been 133 major corporate tax cuts globally since 2006.  None of which were enacted by the U.S.
  • Of the 33 non-U.S. Organization of Economic Cooperative Development (OECD) countries, 28 cut their corporate rate during the past ten years while two had no change.
  • 2012 marks the 21st year in which the U.S. corporate tax rate has been above the average of OECD nations.



Special Order House Floor – Rep Allen West – Flat Tax

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March 7, 2012
Special Order on the House Floor



Rep Allen West meets with IRS; discusses Taxpayer Identity Fraud in South Florida

(WASHINGTON)–  Congressman Allen West (R-FL) met with representatives from the Internal Revenue Service this week to discuss solutions to the growing number of taxpayer identity fraud cases in South Florida. Federal Trade Commission reports show tax-related identity fraud continues to plague the United States, most notably South Florida, where more than half of the 20,000 Florida identity fraud cases to the IRS have been detected.

“It has become too easy and far too common for criminals to obtain the taxpayer identification numbers of people and file fraudulently in their name,” West said.   “Today’s meeting with the IRS allowed me to hear directly from the agency as to what investigators are doing to prevent this crime.  I challenge the IRS to determine a more efficient system for tracking who these criminals are and how they are obtaining taxpayer identification numbers.”

IRS leaders discussed with Congressman West several new systems implemented this year to identify and track fraud, including a “detection code” assigned to suspicious filings.

“I can assure you, we are getting better everyday,” Jodi Patterson, Director of Return Integrity with the IRS, told Congressman West.  “This is a top priority for the IRS.”

Patterson also assured Congressman West the IRS is improving its system for how operators handle taxpayers who believe their identity has been stolen.

“We have spent a great deal of time training our operators on how to interact and best help expedite the reporting process, ” Patterson said.  

West asked the IRS to report back to him at the end of April on improvements the IRS has made over last year, including a report of indicators and warnings the IRS has discovered through its investigation. West also encouraged the IRS to work with local law enforcement to better track down criminals on a local level.

“Our local law enforcement is well aware of this problem and they want to be involved,” West said.  “I am confident the IRS is listening to our concerns and will continue tracking down these criminals until this problem is solved.”


Statement Rep Allen West “Homebuyers will Pay for Payroll Tax Deal”

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after voting no on the extension of the Payroll Tax Cut:

“Americans are exhausted, out of work and many have simply lost hope in the political system. They have been struggling now with nearly five consecutive years of record job stagnation, increased foreclosure rates and an economy that continues to struggle.

All of these reasons are why I cannot in good faith vote for this payroll tax cut deal. It is not that I don’t believe Americans should have relief in their paychecks or be afforded a safety net of unemployment insurance, it is because, unlike some on Capitol Hill, I am looking beyond this election cycle.

I am looking at the ramifications of adding billions of American taxpayer’s dollars to a trillion dollar deficit with no answers as to how or when we will pay for this bill.

I am looking beyond immediate gratification and instead looking at an American political system willing to cave to political pressure to give Americans a temporary Band-Aid that in the long run only makes things worse for their future.

The facts are simple.  This supposed payroll tax decrease is really a backdoor tax increase on homeowners and first time homebuyers. The deal is being paid for by added fees on FHA- backed loans. Homeowners with FHA- backed mortgages represent more than one-third of mortgages in the United States. Those Middle Class Americans will be footing the bill for this political gimmick.

Homebuyers with a $200,000 standard 30- year loan will have to pay an extra $10,000 over the course of their loan. It would take roughly 250 paychecks with $40 extra from the payroll tax holiday to pay for the added increase to the life of an FHA-backed mortgage loan. That represents ten years of consecutive employment.

In addition, some may argue the payroll tax deal will not affect Social Security. This could not be further from the truth. The federal government’s general operating account will be used to compensate for the lost revenue in the Social Security Trust Fund, which will increase the deficit and add to the nation’s debt.

My position on the Payroll Tax Extension has not changed. In December of 2011, I supported a responsible one- year extension that was fully paid for, and would have put money back in the pockets of American workers while protecting homeowners, Social Security, and not adding to the deficit and our ever-increasing national debt.

This current deal is not good policy – but it is political posturing.

The payroll tax cut deal is a result of politicians telling Americans what they want to hear, while seriously harming them and our nation in the long run. Americans sent a new wave of leaders to Capitol Hill in 2010 to stand up for conservative principles and turn this country around. I will continue to be a voice for those Americans.”

*Please see this CBS News Special Investigation on the “real way” the payroll tax deal is being paid for.

Rep Allen West “I will not stop reminding Americans who this President is”

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today:

“Three years ago today, President Barack Obama introduced a plan he promised would ‘create jobs that will jump-start our economy and transform it for the 21st century.’ 

Three years later, it is clear the stimulus was a complete failure.  The President took $800 billion dollars from hardworking taxpayers and wasted it on failed programs, special interests giveaways, and backwards economic policies driven by ideology rather than the economic reality confronting millions of Americans.

Instead of keeping the unemployment rate below eight percent and creating a vibrant economic recovery, the stimulus has made matters worse.

These are the inescapable facts: 13 million Americans are unemployed –up 1.1 million since Obama’s inauguration; gas prices are averaging close to $4 per gallon in some places, having more than doubled in three years; the average American has close to $50, 000 in personal debt, up more than $13,000 since 2009; the national debt is at $15.2 trillion, up 43 percent since 2009; more than 46 million people are on food stamps, up 45 percent since 2009;  and home values are down 13 percent.

What’s even more reprehensible is the President offered his budget this week asking for another $3.8 trillion dollars from hardworking taxpayers, and from our children and grandchildren who have yet to be born. This budget proves the President continues to focus on growing government and spending more of our money.

These policies are wrong and I will not stop reminding the American people that President Obama’s policies are destroying the country I spent 22 years defending, including fighting in two wars, as a United States Army Officer. My country means too much to me to remain quiet.” 


“Obama’s imagination, America’s nightmare” by Stacy M. Swimp for the Michigan Chronicle

Written by Stacy Swimp

President Obama stood before America and gave his third State of the Union address. Whereas Dr. Martin L. King once proclaimed, “I have a Dream,” President Obama expressed that he has an “imagination.” While the President is “imagining,” America is having a nightmare, reeling from his anti-free-enterprise and anti-family policies.

Obama began his speech boasting, “For the first time in nine years, there are no more Americans fighting in Iraq.” He highlighted that, in the military, personnel don’t obsess over differences. Instead, he added, they “focus on the mission at hand. They work together. Imagine what we could do if we followed their example. Think about the America within our reach.”

The President said creating new American jobs “should begin with the tax code.” He stated that “companies get tax breaks for moving jobs and profits overseas. Meanwhile, companies that choose to stay in America get hit with one of the highest tax rates in the world. It makes no sense and everyone knows it.”

He is correct in this assessment. The U.S. corporate tax rate on new investment ranks among the highest in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) at 34.6 percent. The U.S. corporate tax rate exceeds that of France (34.0 percent), India (33.6 percent), Russia (31.9 percent) and Japan (29.5 percent). Argentina, Chad, Brazil, and Uzbekistan are the only countries with higher corporate tax rates than America.

President Obama’s solution appears to be more of the same — big government.  He does not want to reform the U.S. Tax Code. Instead, he wants to dictate the free market and have government decide who wins and who loses, by offering tax breaks and incentives to “some” businesses, rather than making America “safe for business” for all corporations.

Our current U.S. corporate tax system is detrimental to economic growth. One study suggests: “The aim of corporate tax reforms should be to create a system that has a competitive rate and is neutral between different business activities. A sharp reduction to the federal corporate rate of 10 percentage points or more combined with tax base reforms would help generate higher growth and ultimately more jobs”.

In effect, government should not be involved with business creationism, except to provide a business friendly economic climate, devoid of governmental intrusion or favoritism.


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