Congressman Allen West “To The People of New Jersey, NYC and Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy”

“As the sun rises this morning Angela and I send out our thoughts and prayers to the people of New Jersey and New York City who have been severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.”

“Many here in South Florida have relatives and connections to the areas worse hit by the storm, to include my wife Angela. We lift you all up in this time that God will provide you the comfort and perseverance to weather this storm.”

“To my Congressional colleagues in the hardest hit areas, you have my utmost support in any way I can provide assistance. Just as a new day began, so shall an even better sun rise upon your restored lives and communities…America is here for you.”

Rep. Allen West – via Facebook Status

BizPac Review’s Michele Kirk shares: Rep Allen West Official Campaign Ad Live and his Speech

Allen West official campaign kickoff speech: ‘I’m just getting started’

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Allen West campaign kickoff: ‘I am Spartacus’

U.S. Rep. Allen West unveiled his first TV ad Saturday at the official South Florida kickoff of his re-election campaign in Palm Beach Gardens.

With qualifying behind him, West’s team planned a busy day to start its official campaign charge.

Beginning his day with about 350 members of the Martin County Republican Executive Committee, West enjoyed BBQ and a warm welcome before traveling south to Palm Beach Gardens.

The congressman arrived at the Borland Center to a crowd of about 400 that had been revved up by the unveiling of his soon-to-be-released ad, which included the catchphrase, “I’m just getting started,” following, “some say that I push too hard, that I ask too much.”

The speech was more comprehensive and scripted than recent talks, encompassing a wider spectrum of issues and summarizing his position on the size of government, the tax code, affordable health care, education, energy and the economy, among other topics.

Proud of “ruffling feathers,” West said, “While others are in D.C. trying to make friends, I kinda like to make waves,” adding, “If the mainstream media is attacking you, you’re doing something right.”

Responding to the president’s assessment that the public sector is doing fine, West said, “I don’t know what planet the president is occupying, but it is not the United States of America.”


Rep Allen West “Obama Visit Shows ‘Divide and Rule’ has replaced ‘Hope and Change”

Palm Beach County, FL – Today Congressman Allen West released the following statement in response to President Obama’s visit to South Florida: “Four years ago our President’s campaign of hope and change inspired and united millions Americans.  Listening to President Obama’s speech at Florida Atlantic University today, it is clear that ‘hope and change’ has been replaced with ‘divide and rule’.  President Obama’s only hope for re-election seems to be that Americans will overlook his failed economic policies if he can successfully divide people along the lines of income and wealth.

But the unfortunate reality is, even if the electoral fortunes of President Obama and Democrat congressional candidates improve by demonizing people and turning the American people against each other, cynical and divisive political strategy does nothing to create jobs for the 14 million unemployed Americans, it does nothing to alleviate soaring gas prices that pinch family budgets and prevent small businesses from hiring, and it does nothing to increase opportunity for all Americans, regardless of skin color, gender, age or income. I will continue to present a different vision for America.

I believe the greatness of America lies in the goodness of Americans and their individual pursuit of their hopes and dreams. History has shown that economic freedom improves the condition of all. Economic dependency only ensures mediocrity and suffering for all.   The best way we can create a bright future for all Americans is to get Washington politicians out of the way and out of the pockets of hardworking taxpayers, get our debt under control to provide long-term economic certainty, and ensure we enact energy and national security policies that allow Americans to work, invest, innovate and prosper.”



Congressman Allen West’s Conservative Army – Find out how you can help

Every quarter the Federal Election Commission requires every federal campaign to disclose their funds raised, spent, and amount they have in the bank.  These filings are important to every campaign, since the media scrutinize them and draw conclusions about the “health” of a given campaign from them.

But for us, this first quarter filing is more important than most.

This month is our first push to show our opponents nationally that we’re ready to fight, and that the campaign will continue to stand up for what is true and just about our country.

By now you know Allen doesn’t mince words, and I expect he will be particularly outspoken when it comes to calling out the Administration and Democrats in Congress who want to hold our nation back.

But that means the big guns will be aimed at our campaign.  Democrats and their SuperPACs will blanket South Florida with mailers, “robocalls”, and negative TV ads all meant to discredit Allen.  So we need to be prepared to fight back.

I wanted to quickly update you on our campaign and ask you to make an urgent March filing deadline contribution of $25 or more.

And we need your help.


Catherine Faulkner

Allen West for Congress

Rain falls but bikers roar in annual Broward toy run for needy children with Rep Allen West

By Mike Clary, Sun Sentinel

A little rain fell Sunday, but scattered showers hardly dampened the spirits or silenced the engines of tens of thousands motorcyclists who roared across Broward County in the 24th annual Toys in the Sun Run.

“It’s the camaraderie of the thing,” said Laura Doan, 48, a Hallandale businesswoman who donned a red and white Christmas outfit for the ride on her purple Honda Magna. “I love to get together with all these people, and it’s for a good cause.”

The cause was the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood and toys for needy South Florida children. In a normal year, the event draws about 30,000 bikers who help raise up to $600,000. The event is organized by the Wings of Gold Motorcycle Club of Fort Lauderdale, and supported by dozens of other clubs and corporate sponsors.

Among the notables who rode the 22-miles from the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale to Markham Park in Sunrise were U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, and Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski.

“We believe God must love bikers because he has a lot of angels busy looking out for us,” said Wenski, who rides a Harley-Davidson Street Glide.


Rep. Allen West (R-FL) on Free Trade, Iraq & Defense Cuts – Audio Interview by Politics 365

Politic365′s Managing Editor Charles D. Ellison speaks with Rep. Allen West (R-FL) recently about his controversial House vote for a trio of free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.  The Congressman, representing Florida’s 22nd District, also discusses his skepticism regarding plans for a full U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq by the Obama Administration. And, he worries about potentially deep defense cuts triggered by the Joint “Super” Debt Committee now convening.

When asked about recent criticism from conservatives for his support of free trade agreements, West is pragmatic and feels that “[t]he ability to improve the amount of exports coming out of the United States and South Florida to these open markets without restraints and restrictions means we can create more revenue … and jobs.”

Charles D. Ellison interviews Rep. Allen West.  <—- CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Congressman Allen West vows to help yachting industry – At a marine industry summit

By Lucy Chabot Reed

October 30, 2011

Those days of U.S. customs officials sometimes stopping yacht crew for having the “wrong” visa (even though they have the correct one) may be coming to an end.

At a marine industry summit at the boat show yesterday, U.S. Congressman Allen West, who represents South Florida in Washington D.C., called on groups and leaders to create what they call in the military an After Action Report (AAR) when the show is over that points out the hurdles the yachting industry is dealing with. Then to send it him so he can endorse it and send it to the pertinent federal agencies so the issues can be addressed.

“For whatever reason, people respond when they get a letter from me,” West said. “Create a document with your big ticket issues on it and the lessons learned so I can start getting them addressed. I don’t want to be sitting here next year talking about these issues again.”

Top of the list was the inconsistent application of visa requirements for yacht crew. Depending on the customs agent, crew with B1/B2 visas are admitted for usually about six months with no problem; sometimes the agent insists on the C1/D visa and denies entry.

Another is the amount of export duties — or lack of import duties — that make it harder for U.S. boat builders to compete globally.

Billy Smith of Trinity Yachts described a recent launch, a 161-foot motoryacht, that was sent to China. The buyer had to pay 48 percent in taxes to take delivery.


Sun Sentinel Article on – Allen West’s pastor Scott Eynon – He also gave opening prayer in the House

By William E. Gibson, Washington Bureau


Pastor Scott Eynon prayed with Allen West when the Republican from Plantation ran his first race for Congress in 2008, and lost.

The two men prayed again for God’s guidance on election night in 2010, when West drew national fame by winning a hotly contested seat in Broward and Palm Beach counties. And every night at 10 p.m., Eynon’s mobile phone sounds an alarm to remind him to pray for Congressman West.

Eynon’s role as spiritual adviser reached a pinnacle Wednesday, when he stood at a podium reserved for chaplains and presidents on the floor of the U.S. House to deliver the day’s opening prayer.

The senior pastor of the Community Christian Church of Tamarac prayed for God’s blessings for those who serve the nation, including members of Congress. “We also thank you for the problems that come up,” he said. “They make us even more dependent upon you, for your guidance and for your strength.”

Eynon is one of a few South Florida ministers and rabbis who over the years have delivered the House prayer — a time when faith and government intermingle. For West, it was especially significant because his pastor has been a close confidant during his stunning rise from political obscurity to conservative stardom.

The pastor, 50, got to know West six years ago when the church was near the congressman’s home in Plantation. The church has since moved to Tamarac, where about 2,000 attend services each week and provide aid to poor children in South Florida, Haiti, Kenya and elsewhere.



South Florida WWII veterans honored with free trip to Washington – Rep Allen West

By Lori Milani  Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — “This is something spectacular,” said Frank Calzaretta, a World War II veteran from Delray Beach, sitting in his wheelchair under the Pacific arch of the World War II Memorial and staring at the fountains and granite pillars before him.

Although not new to the nation’s capital, he was visiting the memorial for the first time Saturday, as were several of the 85 World War II veterans from South Florida with him who ranged in age from 83 to nearly 100.

“They treated us like kings,” Calzaretta said in praise of Southeast Florida Honor Flight, which organized and sponsored the trip.

He and his fellow veterans were escorted by motorcycles and saluted by firefighters on their way to Palm Beach International Airport, where they boarded their D.C.-bound flight at the break of dawn to the cheers of a festive crowd and the sounds of a Scottish bagpipe band.

“We got here in Washington, D.C., we got off the plane and I started crying,” the Navy veteran said. “I had never been applauded before.”

“Congressman (Allen) West was at the plane to greet us,” chimed in Thomas Kaiser, an Army veteran from Delray Beach and former boot camp mate of Calzaretta.

Since 2005, the nonprofit Honor Flight program has flown more than 30,000 World War II veterans from across the country to Washington at no cost to honor them for their service.

Before visiting the World War II Memorial, the 85 veterans, each accompanied by a volunteer, attended the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery.

“Arlington breaks me up,” Calzaretta said, his tone now somber. “You see all these thousands of crosses. We haven’t achieved a goddamn thing in all these years. We’re still dying. It’s such a loss of life.”




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