United Stand for America is coming up on April 14th to Wellington FL with a great speaker lineup

United stand for America flyer

United Stand for America is coming up on April 14th from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm. This is our call to action for all Americans, beginning with our fellow South Floridians, to take a stand for the principles on which America was founded: For Individual and Fiscal Responsibility, for Limited Government, for Free Enterprise and for the Pursuit of Happiness. We have terrific, exciting speakers who will be helping to educate, motivate, and share their wisdom about what we all need to DO to make real change, that will shape our nation into the pinnacle of human achievement that it would be if we just adhere to its principles.

This is official flyer for United Stand for America. Please print, share, or forward it as much as you can to spread the word and create buzz around this important event with your friends and your family.

The official event hastags “are:



For the next 10 days, we’ll be creating buzz around the event using those hashtags for digital media. During that time, whenever you’re doing your own sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media, help spread the word about this important call to action as well, using those hashtags. The American people must reexamine their commitment to the principles that made this country, and your personal promotion will help remind them to do that.

Thank you once again. I’ll see you all on April 14th!

In Liberty,

Dominique Feldman

Communications Director

Palm Beach County Tea Party


Rep. Allen West’s popularity is the ability of his followers to rally around him

Allen West’s Climb to Social Media Dominance

By Jack B. Winn for OhMyGov.com

He currently has over 190,000 Facebook fans and 83,000 Twitter followers making House Rep. Allen West (R-FL) a rising online star, leapfrogging over other members of congress according to OhMyGov Analytics’ media power rankings.

s the rankings demonstrate, the Florida Republican more than cracked the top ten, landing at #5 just short of Wisconsinite Tammy Baldwin’s (D-WI) #4 spot, who’s also running for the highly contested Wisconsin senate seat of retiring democratic senator Herb Kohl (D-WI).

While behind the Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) who recently surged to the #1 position, West’s rise is a perfect storm of media publicity and public fascination with a larger than life figure whose comments about everything from Chick-Fil-A to communism have attracted nationwide attention–but also scrutiny.

Despite West’s bombastic attitude and checkered past, the Congressman still has his supporters, including a legion of Twitter followers promoting his cause online. One message, which has been frequently retweeted, reads ‘This man is a prime example of the American success story. Oh, and he has guts’.

Not shy of using emerging technology, West has also made an effort to capitalize on the growing power of apps. An Allen West Facebook app allows users to place ‘yard signs’ on their Facebook wall, and a separate Allen West bumper sticker app does much the same thing. An Allen West for President Facebook page has gotten over 9,000 likes–to say nothing of Allen West Republic.



Top Five for Social Media Usage for the US House of Representatives – Rep Allen West

By Rachel Greenway on OhMyGov

The current lull in the Republican race is giving others a chance to sport their social media prowess, including the members on Capitol Hill. Analytics fromOhMyGov reveals the Top 10 Social Media Users in Congress from the past week.

The top social media scorers had to demonstrate a proficiency and mastery of both Facebook and Twitter by growing their following at the highest rate over the past week.  They were also scored on the number of Retweets their followers shared from their Twitter feeds.  Finally the amount of Twitter mentions each Congressional leader earned rounded out the scoring.  Each social media component was added together and averaged out to reveal the individual’s social media score for the week.

The gap between Congressional Republicans and Democrats in social media is clear in the Top 10 for the House of Representatives, with 7 of the 10 members clocking in as Republican.  In the Senate, the split is more even: 5 Republicans, 4 Democrats and an Independent.

Regardless of party lines, these 20 Congressional leaders led the pack for Feb 7-14, becoming this week’s most successful social media users on Capitol Hill by earning high scores in four key touch points for social media analysis. To see the numbers for each member, simply click on their names below.

1.   Ron Paul (R-TX)
2.   Eric Cantor (R-VA)
3.   Paul Ryan (R-WI)
4.   Darrell Issa (R-CA)
5.   Allen West (R-FL)
6.   Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
7.   John Boehner (R-OH)
8.   Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
9.   Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
10. Keith Ellison (D-MN)


The strongest Twitter users in Congress – guess who came out on top?

By Rachel Greenway for ohmygov.com

The strongest Tweeter in Congress is Allen West (R-FL) of the House of Representatives, who averages 112 retweets per every tweet he sends.  That means that 112 different people find what he says interesting enough to share on their own walls every time he posts something new.  West sent only 31 tweets last month, but collected a robust 3,501 retweets from his 43,000 Twitter followers who soak up his 140 characters ravenously.

On the flip side is Billy Long (R-MO), also from the House of Representatives, who averages 0.19 retweets per every tweet he sends.  Last month, Long sent out 643 tweets, but those only managed to earned him 126 total retweets.

So what is the difference? Are West’s followers just more dedicated?

Yes and no. Twitter can’t prove whether anyone’s constituents are more loyal, but it can show who is using the social media platform more effectively for political purposes. This understanding of Twitter may result in stronger campaigns because the politician’s message is disseminated more clearly and consistently.

A big factor in attracting engagement, as measured by retweets here, is the size of one’s following. West sports over 43,000 followers compared to Long’s 2,185. In this case, size does matter, as more followers makes it more likely someone will retweet the message to their following, creating the viral flow of information.

One detractor from attracting retweets, however, is tweeting too much, whether they are original posts or a plethora of Retweets from favored politicians or celebrities. Too many posts in a day crowd up the feed, numb followers to yet another Tweet (if it’s 12 in the past hour), and fog up the overall message.

West saves keeps his Twitter feed well manicured, limiting messaging to promote political causes or his own writing for followers to share. Only one or two posts a day means that when he does tweet, followers pay attention to check out the new information he shares. It seems that on Twitter as often it is in life; less is more.


Video ““This is not an Imperial Empire, he is not an emperor,” Rep. Allen West

Rep. West: US ‘not an Imperial Empire,’ blacks have a right to complain

By Alicia M. Cohn – 09/29/11 02:42 PM ET

The only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) said this week that it was “absolutely offensive” for President Obama to tell the African-American community to stop complaining and grumbling.

“This is not an Imperial Empire, he is not an emperor,” Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) told Conservative New Media after a recent town hall, seemingly making a reference to the villain of the sci-fi “Star Wars” films. “The First Amendment says that you have the right to redress your government for your grievances. … We have a right to say, in the black community, that we’re hurting. We need to hear more than hope and change.”

CBC members mostly responded cautiously to Obama’s remarks last weekend at the CBC’s Phoenix Awards Dinner, but indicated that his tone in addressing the group was unexpected.


VIDEO INTERVIEW BY John D Villarreal for Conservative New Media

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Photo Courtesy of Craig Andresen of The National Patriot