Allen West “I would not put it past the Islamist-centric President Obama to withhold such support” Israel


by Allen West for

During Hanukkah, the American Jewish community remembers the victory of the Maccabean army led by Judah Maccabee against the invading Hellenic army, the restoration of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil in the 2nd century BC.

I don’t think President Obama cares much for Jewish history but he probably should, especially before calling PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a phone call between Obama and Netanyahu last week, the president reportedly asked Netanyahu “to take a breather from his clamorous criticism” of the interim agreement reached with Iran, David Ignatius reported for the Washington Post Wednesday.

Obama called Netanyahu last Sunday to discuss the interim deal reached with Iran – a deal the prime minister called a “historic mistake.” After Netanyahu reportedly “rebuked” Obama over the interim deal, he told Obama that the permanent accord “must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” the article said.

First of all I would recommend our man-child president not take on someone with a warrior’s heart in the vein of the Maccabees, who is a former Airborne Commando in the Israeli Defense Force.


Allen West “The best way to deal with Muslim pirates is to find their base of operations and kill them. They’ll get the message”


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Today we’re reading captured Muslim pirates Miranda rights, but in 1798 we actually formed the US Navy to fight a war with them. Why don’t we learn the lessons of history? Find ’em and kill ’em. They’ll get the message.

Here’s your history lesson for today

Congressman Allen West’s Op Ed makes clear the dangers of Islamic Sharia law.

Please thank 2012 sponsors of Florida anti-Sharia legislation as we prepare the way for the next legislative session. 

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Florida U.S. Congressman Allen West’s (Florida District 22) Op Ed piece titled Shariah Finance And Its Radical Ties Demand Close Scrutiny makes clear the dangers of Shariah law.  Congressman West summarized in the Investor’s Business Daily article: 

Shariah mandates as a religious obligation:
• Violent jihad against non-Muslims to establish Islam’s rule worldwide.
• The killing of apostates from Islam.
• The killing of adulterers and homosexuals.
• Severe discrimination against women, including stoning.
• Barbaric punishment, such as limb amputations and gouging out of eyes for petty crimes like theft.
• Severe discrimination against, and the subjugation of, non-Muslims.
• Last, and most pertinent to this subject, is Shariah mandates that Muslims who cannot engage in physical jihad using force, must support jihad with money.

We encourage you to read Congressman Allen West’s full Op Ed at Investor’s Business Daily by clicking here.  Congressman West’s Op Ed clearly outlines the reasons why states must prohibit their courts from recognizing foreign laws including Islamic Shariah law.

Please consider sending an email thanking all of the Florida Legislators who sponsored 2012 legislation titled Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases if you have not yet sent your email.  Our email program now allows you to personalize your email subject line and content.

It is important to prepare the way for passage of anti-Sharia legislation in the 2013Florida Legislative Session by thanking those 2012 legislators who sponsored SB 1360and house companion HB 1209 titled Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases.  Click hereto read full text of bill.

This legislation would prohibit courts from considering certain provisions of foreign laws including Islamic Sharia law.   There are numerous provisions of Sharia law which are inconsistent with Florida statutes.  Sharia law authorizes polygamy, pedophilia and perpetuates violence towards women and death for dishonoring the faith.

The Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases legislation would have passed the 2012 Florida Legislature were it not for the senate president playing personal favorites with certain bills.  The House of Representatives voted 92-24 to approve HB 1209.   SB 1360 passed all committees but Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ personal politics prevented the bill from being voted on by the full Florida Senate.

Rest assured that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) will be back in force as they were in the 2012 session to oppose this legislation next year.  CAIR is fighting to prevent Florida and nineteen other states from enacting legislation which would prohibit provisions of Sharia law from applying in American courts if such provisions are inconsistent with the state and federal constitution and statutes.

It is important to thank the Florida Legislators who sponsored HB 1209 and SB 1360 before we get too far away from the close of the 2012 session.  We need them and other legislators to support this important legislation in the 2013 session which begins in January 2013.

We have prepared an email for you to send to thank the following legislators who sponsored SB 1360 and HB 1209:  Senator Allan Hays, Senator Greg Evers, Senator Don Gaetz, Representative Janet Adkins, Representative Larry Ahern, Representative Ben Albritton, Representative Dennis Baxley, Representative Jim Boyd, Representative Broxson, Representative Matt Caldwell, Representative Daphne Campbell, Representative Richard Corcoran, Representative Fred Costello, Representative Brad Drake, Representative Clay Ford, Representative Matt Gaetz, Representative Jim Grant, Representative Bill Hager, Representative Gail Harrell, Representative Shawn Harrison, Representative Mike Horner, Representative Clay Ingram, Representative Paige Kreegel, Representative Charles McBurney, Representative Ray Pilon, Representative Elizabeth Porter, Representative Franklin Sands, Representative Jimmie Smith, Representative Kelli Stargel, Representative Greg Steube, Representative John Tobia, Representative Charles Van Zant, Representative Mike Weinstein and Representative Trudi Williams.

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Rep Allen West gets it but do any of the current GOP contenders really get it. 5 Stages of Islam

Conservative Papers via alpineski

Forget the Five Pillars of Islam.  It is the Five Stages of Islam that threaten the fundamental freedoms of  Western Democracy.  Freedoms which include freedom of thought, expression, and association and the crucial derived right of freedom of the press.  We should never forget that “Islam” means submission — the opposite of self-determination and Enlightenment  values.

Six years ago Dr. Peter Hammond published a remarkable book which included a statistical study of the correlation between Muslim to non-Muslim population ratios and the transition from conciliatory Islam to fascist Islam.  The stages are the same in 2011 but the demographics have changed to show an alarming progression.  Many European nations and the U.S. are on the cusp of moving to a higher bracket.  The demographics change but the story is the same.  First comes the taqiyya and the kitman; then comes the Sword of Islam.  Imam Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque promoter, is the current master of taqiyya.  He has gulled everyone from Bloomberg to Maureen Dowd of the NYT — who fanaticizes over male Muslims.  Expect doppelgangers of Khomeini for stage 5 and Islamic PEACE at last.
Stage 1. Establish a Beachhead – Population density à 2% (US, Australia, Canada).

Muslims are conciliatory, deferential but request harmless special treatment (foot bath facilities, removal/elimination of that which is offensive to delicate Muslim sensibilities – like walking dogs near Mosques).

Stage 2. Establish Outposts – Population density 2% – 5% (UK, Germany, Denmark).

At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.  A recent example is that of Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal who is back in Jamaica after being kicked out of the UK.  Sound harmless?


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Is Sharia Law Already In America by Peter Paton

by Peter Paton

The tell tale signs of Sharia Law are already emerging in America if the perceptive and intuitive observer looks close enough to the shifting political and cultural sands throughout the Fifty states of the Union.The distinct possibility that we may see a colossal Islamic Victory Mosque appearing from the fallen ashes of the sacred grounds of Ground Zero in New York, is not only alarming but highly disturbing to the collective mindset of the American people.Further tensions have been stoked by North Carolina Democrat Governor Betty Perdue suggesting that Congressional elections could be suspended by the Obama Administration if a State of Emergency exists in the Republic, a ploy seen by many commentators on the Right, as testing the political waters by President Obama, for a possible suspension of the 2012 Presidential election in similar prevailing circumstances.

The punitive crackdown on the Wall St protesters by Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the controversial advice from the New York Police Department advising women not to wear mini skirts because it encourages rape, has angered women’s advocates and movements to defend their rights by organizing the highly visible Slutwalk demonstration in the Big Apple, to show that they won’t be cowed into sacrificing their rights and principles to choose, and be compelled to comply with the Islamic Sharia Law that all women must wear burkas and hijabs in public.

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