U.S. Navy Veteran Jorge Bonilla Announces Congressional Run Against Democrat Alan Grayson


Jorge Bonilla is proud to announce that he is running as a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

“Hello, my name is Jorge Bonilla and I am proud to announce that I am running to represent you in Florida’s 9th Congressional District.

I’m running because as a new father, I am deeply concerned about the direction that our country is headed in. Our current leadership is projecting weakness to our enemies abroad, and overt hostility to our most cherished allies.

At home we are beset by scandal, after scandal, after scandal, all of which arise out of a government that has run out of control and is seemingly unaccountable to ‘we the people.’

The central question of the 2014 election is this, are we the people still capable of self-rule, or do we abandon the American revolution and concede that a small connected elite from Washington, D.C. and New York, is better capable of running are lives than we are ourselves.

This is America guys. We can do better. We must do better, and we will do better.

I know the road ahead is tough, but if you join me I know that we can work hard to restore America’s promise, and secure America’s future.

I thank you for your support. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.”



@BonillaCongress on Twitter

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Center for Security Policy to give Director of Next Generation TV, Allen West Freedom Flame Award

FF Award 2013

Director of NextGeneration.TV Allen West To Receive Freedom Flame Award
Center for Security Policy recognizes individuals who exemplify the ideals of our country

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday, June 6, former Congressman Allen West (R-FL), who is now PJ Media‘s Director of NextGeneration.TV Programming, will accept the Freedom Flame Award from the Center for Security Policy for his work promoting freedom, democracy, economic opportunity and international strength.

“I am honored to receive this distinct recognition and will continue to stand for the ideals of American exceptionalism and the defense of our way of life. Ronald Reagan once described America as the ‘shining city upon a hill,'” said Congressman Allen West, “that requires us to maintain freedom’s flame for this great Constitutional Republic.”

Colonel West is being honored at the 25th Anniversary of the Freedom Flame Award Dinner. The Award acknowledges the past contributions of its recipients while serving as a reminder that the goals for which they have worked so valiantly require the continuing, unflagging efforts of those who follow in their footsteps.

“Allen West’s service to our country – past, present and continuing – is an example of the courageous and visionary leadership so needed in America at the moment and in such short supply.” Said Frank Gaffney, the President and Founder of the Center for Security Policy, “The Center is privileged to recognize that service and to encourage others to emulate his example.”

The Center for Security Policy has pioneered the organization, management and direction of public policy coalitions to promote U.S. national security. The Center’s philosophy of “Peace through Strength” is not a slogan for military might but a belief that America’s national power must be preserved and properly used for it holds a unique global role in maintaining peace and stability.

For more information about this event, please click here.

The Freedom Flame Award recognizes individuals who have exemplified the ideals of freedom, democracy, economic opportunity and international strength to which the Center for Security Policy is committed. The Award acknowledges the past contributions of its recipients while serving as a reminder that the goals for which they have worked so valiantly require the continuing, unflagging efforts of those who follow in their footsteps.

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Allen West – The lessons of Reagan provide a path for the role of government and the growth of the economy

RR Ranch


by: Pajamasmedia

Published on Apr 24, 2013

Col. Allen West talks about his inspirational trip to Rancho Del Cielo, the ranch of Ronald Reagan. Hear how the lessons of Ronald Reagan provide a path for the role of government and the growth of the economy.

Allen West – Weekly Wrap Up via Next Generation TV – 4/19/13 The Hateful Heart Of Terrorism


The Hateful Heart Of Terrorism – It lurks in the shadows and strikes without warning

This has been a horrific week for America as once again we were reminded that we should never take our liberties and freedoms for granted. There are and always will be people who hate us just because of who we are and what this great country, America, represents.

All of us here at PJ Media, PJTV and Next Generation TV convey our heartfelt condolences and sincere blessings upon those who lost loved ones and have been seriously injured, psychologically scarred or horribly maimed by Monday’s terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.

I will not regurgitate my sentiments about that specific attack in this week’s newsletter.You can view them in the commentary we released the following day.

We also learned this week of the toxic chemical substance ricin being mailed to Senate offices and the White House. This form of terrorism again creates fear, panic and hysteria in good Americans who are simply serving their country. These staffers are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters – Americans.

Terrorism is a tool of the weak to wreak fear upon the strong. The inhumane use secrecy and simplicity to intimidate their adversaries and alter how their enemies live. Terrorists intend to restrain our freedoms, to make us feel less secure. It is truly death by a thousand cuts, slowly bleeding the victims until they are dead.

What dies? A society, a dream, a nation that was created as a beacon for those who seek a better way, opportunity, not just for themselves but for the next generation.

Terrorism says, “We cannot take you head on, but we will hide in the shadows and instill fear.” Our response: We try to rationalize, to understand, and we may even make insidious excuses that only embolden terrorists in their objective, which is irrational.

I will never forget the killing of Leon Klinghoffer, who was pushed, wheelchair bound, off the Achille Lauro into the Mediterranean Sea. Terrorists behave this way, as my friend Brigitte Gabriel titled her book, “Because they Hate.”

The progressive path to economic servitude

This week also marked the 100th anniversary of the personal income tax. What began in 1913 as a supposedly temporary revenue measure has expanded into a tax code that is onerous, complex and confusing – and more than 75,000 pages long.
We released a commentary on the state of taxation in America. 

This weekend I will speak at the Rawhide Circle retreat held at the California ranch of former President Ronald Reagan. The topic is, “Can free enterprise survive for future generations?” The short answer is, not if we continue down the path of progressive taxation, which has become a weapon to undermine more of the hard-earned capital of American taxpayers.  We will not have economic growth under heavy taxation; we will have economic servitude.

A threat to the military chain of command

Another point of concern for me this week springs from an April 13 New York Times article by Thom Shanker. The article suggests that the military for the first time may require first-time generals and admirals to be evaluated by their peers and the people who they command on qualities like personal character.

U.S. Army Ranger school currently includes peer evaluations. However, each evaluator is a Ranger school student; no peer commands another.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey is leading this new effort as part of a broad overhaul of training and development programs for generals and admirals. He believes that “evaluations of top officers needed to go beyond the traditional assessment of professional performance by superior officers alone” and that these changes are necessary “to assess both the competence and character in a richer way.”

This initiative breaks down the chain of command and discipline in the military. We cannot believe that the few instances of “misconduct” warrant a complete altering of the command relationship in the military.

This truly will threaten the “good order and discipline” of the military. A system of inspectors general exists to report illicit behavior of commanders. We certainly do not need any system that creates “political officers” in our units.

A week of mourning

We bid farewell to the Iron Lady this week, Baroness and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The world will miss her; however, she will always be remembered for her strength, resolve and vision.

We here in America also lost an iconic figure, professional football legend, Hall of Famer and broadcaster Pat Summerall. Many of us have fond memories of growing up with Summerall and his NFL commentary. Along with former Oakland Raiders coach John Madden, he was one-half of the greatest duos in sports commentary. Farewell to Pat Summerall, a football legend and a great voice.

And our country endured yet another tragedy three days after the Boston terrorist attack – a deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. I offer my condolences to the loved ones of those who were killed or injured in that tragedy.
Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West


Allen West ” Today we have a weak appeaser of a president meekly asking the Iranian leaders to please convince us their nuclear program is peaceful”


by Allen West via Facebook

In his Norwuz greetings to the people of Iran, President Obama says, “Now is the time for the Iranian government to take immediate and meaningful steps to reduce tensions.” Say what? 26 years ago we had President Reagan standing at the Brandenburg Gate saying, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.” Today we have a weak appeaser of a president meekly asking the Iranian leaders (who slaughtered their own people during the Green revolution while he watched) to please convince us their nuclear program is peaceful. This is the same “statesman” about to head to Israel…to do what, exactly? So much for the glory of American presidential leadership and stature.

Allen West “Obama’s lack of resolve and naive diplomatic approach, coupled with a systematic decimation of our military, is leaving our nation ever more vulnerable”


by Allen West via Facebook

Today is the 30th anniversary of Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech. It is inconceivable that our current dear Leader would ever have the brass to confront, let alone put a name to our nation’s threats: Latin American socialism, Chinese global expansionism, and subtle Russian aggression. Obama’s lack of resolve and naive diplomatic approach, coupled with a systematic decimation of our military, is leaving our nation ever more vulnerable. Sadly, there are still Evil Empires in the world, but true leadership believes in “peace through strength” not “leading from behind.”

by: ReaganFoundation

Address to the National Association of Evangelicals at Sheraton Twin Towers Hotel, Orlando, FL on 3/8/83.

Next Generation Celebrates “Greatest President’s Ever” Watch the Discussion


It’s Presidents’ Day. Which Presidents do Col. Allen B. West, Michelle Fields and John Phillips respect the most? Thomas Jefferson? George Washington? Someone else? Find out


Next Generation’s Greatest Presidents Ever

Allen West “The NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist”


by Allen West via Facebook Status Update

It seems some writer at the NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist. Perhaps this gent needs a little history lesson. The Democrat party gave America slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Jim Crow laws, poll tax, literacy tests, and providing women checks for having children out of wedlock are further examples of Democrat policies. President Lincoln broke the chains of physical bondage. President Reagan broke the chains of economic bondage. The writer thinks the GOP is in disarray, but it’s thanks to liberal progressive policies emanating from the Obama administration that America is in disarray. The demise of our economic, energy, and national security are evident and the State of our Union is horrific. I would much rather be a member of a political party that rewards my individual industrialism, than one which promotes my individual subjugation.


Allen West “Eight Million More Americans No Longer Looking for Work Since Obama’s First Term”


by Allen West

“Yikes. It’s actually even worse. Eight million more Americans no longer even looking for work since Obama’s first term. Share this link with someone who thinks we’re headed in the right direction. The 7.8% unemployment rate is smoke and mirrors.”

Read This by By Terence P. Jeffrey

First Term: Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ Increased 8,332,000

The number of Americans age 16 or older who decided not to work or even to seek a job increased by 8,332,000 to a record 88,839,000 in President Barack Obama’s first term, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

At the same time, the number of retired workers collecting Social Security increased by only 4,234,480.

The increase in Americans opting out of the labor force during Obama’s first term resulted in a decrease in the labor force participation rate from 65.7 percent in January 2009, the month Obama was first inaugurated, to 63.6 percent in December 2012, the latest month reported. Before Obama took office, the labor force participation rate had not been as low as 63.6 percent since 1981, the year President Ronald Reagan took over from President Jimmy Carter.

To be in the labor force a person must either have a job or actively sought one in the previous four weeks. (continue reading here)






Standing Up, That’s What We Do! We Stand Against Tyranny and Those Who Mean Us Harm

By Craig Andresen on November 4, 2012 for The National Patriot

Our Declaration of Independence, one of the greatest documents ever written, ends with these words:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Those words, which should ring in the ears of every American are followed by 56 signatures.

Each man who affixed his name on that Declaration believed in those words and each did indeed pledge to each other their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor.

Do you think THEY…”Stood Down?”

Emphatically…They did NOT!

Did the Patriots who fought and died for the idea behind that document…”Stand Down?”


In the ice and snow of Valley Forge…Did Washington…”Stand Down?”


In the years after the war of revolution, when called upon to pen the Constitution, did James Madison “Stand Down?”

No. No he did not.

In the War of 1812, when things looked darkest and the British was sacking the White House…Who “Stood Down?”

No one. In fact, Dolley Madison took the portrait of Washington from the wall and saved it…for the NEW White House.

In the quest to put an end to slavery, did Lincoln “Stand Down?”

The burden of the war between the states was great but, no…NO HE DID NOT “stand Down.”

Our country is FULL of people who never “Stood Down” and it always has been. From those who, with an idea and firm resolve gave birth to this great nation, fought for it, died for it and settled it to those who built it, powered it, explored it and added to it.

Did those who came here from lands far away, who felt free upon seeing Lady Liberty and who learned the language and our culture to make a better life for themselves, their children and their children’s children “Stand Down?”

Certainly not.

His advisers told him not to say it, they told him not to use the line in his speech. It was too forceful they told him…It would be upsetting.

Did Ronald Reagan “Stand Down?”

“Stand DOWN???”

No…Ronald Reagan Stood UP at the Brandenburg Gate.

He STOOD UP at the Brandenburg Gate…..

“Mr. Gorbachev…TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!”

Standing up. That’s what we do. We stand UP when our nation is threatened. We Stand UP, when freedom is threatened. We STAND UP when against tyranny and those who mean us harm.