Rep. Allen West – SITEREP October 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

I can feel it. Can you feel it too?  After Governor Romney’s terrific performance in last night’s debate, the momentum is on our side.  I am confident under a Romney presidency the United States will once again achieve “peace through strength.”

In our neck of the woods, a poll released last week by Public Policy Polling, a Democrat firm, for Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers shows us leading our opponent 51-42, reinforcing our own internal polling.  Patrick Murphy’s lackluster performance at our first and only televised debate last Friday isn’t going to do anything to budge that.

Now we know why his campaign has been working so hard to keep him out of debates and public events. Murphy has memorized his talking points well and is very comfortable throwing around lies, but simply can’t hide the fact he’s an empty suit who will simply rubber-stamp more of the same failed Obama/Pelosi agenda.

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We’re just two weeks away from the finish line. We must not let up. We must not waiver. And we must stand strong!

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West

Rep. Allen West – Statement After Last Nights Presidential Debate “The Choice is Clear to Me”

“After a series of debates it is clear to me and I pray to my fellow Americans that the past four years have been a failure. Government does not invest, it spends and often wastes our tax dollars. Right now, America does not look like the great nation we know it should be. Our embassies and consulates have been attacked, and an ambassador has been murdered. Radical Islamists are emboldened and our allies feel abandoned. Quitting is not the means by which one ends a war. Americans do so by winning. To win we need a powerful military that is a deterrent and a force for good. And the Navy does require 313 warships Mr. President. We have more debt, more unemployed Americans, more Americans in poverty, and a diminished influence in the world. President Obama has failed and Governor Romney is correct in stating that attacking your political opponent is not an agenda, and certainly not a strategy. In order to ensure the promise of our Republic, the choice is clear….and it ain’t Barack Obama.” – Rep. Allen West via Facebook

Rep Allen West’s (LTC, U.S. Army retired) video-address to a pro-Romney rally

Published on Oct 7, 2012 by 

Republican Congressman Allen West’s (Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army retired) video-address to a pro-Romney rally held on Sunday, October 7, 2012 in the town of Kent (Putnam County) in New York State’s Hudson Valley.


Congressman Allen West on Fox and Friends – Video 1/10/12

Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital is causing some consternation within Republican ranks. Newt Gingrich, who has been aggressively raising the issue, told Bloomberg News: “[Romney’s] got some very big questions to answer, that the Wall Street Journal reported in one case they bought a company. They put $30 million in. They took $180 million out and the company went bankrupt. Now, at some point, somebody’s got to explain.” This morning on Fox, even stalwart right-winger Rep. Allen West refused to say he was “comfortable” with Romney’s work at Bain:

BRIAN KILMEADE: Republican candidates have taken shots at Mitt Romney’s private equity background — what he did at Bain Capital. Are you comfortable with that?

ALLEN WEST: Well I think one of the things that Gov. Romney probably needs to do is explain his position there at Bain Capital.


Sizing up a Gingrich-Romney showdown – by Jonah Goldberg

by Jonah Goldberg for TownHall

Whether the matchup between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney is the final bout on the GOP primary card is impossible to know. The whole season has been more like professional wrestling than boxing, with weird characters sporting implausible hair appearing out of nowhere to talk smack and explain why they are the greatest in the world. (I’m looking at you in particular, Mr. Trump.)

Still, let’s assume for the moment that it’s a Gingrich-Romney contest.

It’s quite a matchup. Romney has been brutalized for having too little personality, Gingrich for having way, way too much. Romney looks like the picture that comes with the frame. Gingrich looks like he should be ensconced in royal velvet as he gestures at you with a half-eaten turkey leg in one hand and a sloshing goblet of wine in the other. Romney seems terrified of fully committing to any idea. Gingrich speaks as if he just text-messaged with God.

Gingrich would have everyone believe he is the winner of the anti-Romney mantle not merely by default but by hard-won effort and a well-deserved reputation for conservative steadfastness. Many in the media, meanwhile, think that since Gingrich is taking the slot once held by Palin, Bachmann, Cain and Perry, he is a conservative of similar stripe. And many liberals think that since they hate him so much, he must be really right-wing. (They made the same mistake with Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, both of whom were far less ideologically conservative than their press clippings indicated.)

The reality is more complicated. For starters, it’s not altogether clear that Gingrich is that far to the right of Romney.

Gingrich’s record — political and rhetorical — is so vast and diverse, there’s plenty of evidence to build almost any narrative you want. He’s said some of the most bombastic right-wing things of any mainstream Republican in our lifetimes, but he’s also reached across the aisle more frequently than far-more-liberal Republicans would ever dare.