FULL SPEECH Mia Love at RNC 2012

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Rep. Allen West “Tomorrow I’ll be arriving in Tampa for the RNC, I wanted to make sure you knew about our reception”

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow morning I’ll be arriving in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, joining thousands of grassroots activists who are looking forward to electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this November.

I wanted to make sure you heard about our RNC fundraising reception on Thursday. If you’re with us here in Tampa, we hope that you’ll consider attending in person or making a contribution of $25 or more to sponsor the event and help defeat Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s policies.

With just over 2 months until election day, every contribution will help protect the American Dream for future generations.

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with me!

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress


HELP SPONSOR Allen West’s Reception at the Republican National Convention

Dear Friends,

Next week, Republicans from all across the nation will gather in Tampa. There, we’ll reaffirm our commitment to constitutional conservative principles and officially nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to end the failed policies of Barack Obama.

I’ll be hosting a fundraising reception with supporters throughout Florida and all across the nation. I hope you’ll consider joining us if you’ll be in Tampa.

If you can’t attend, can we count on you to sponsor the reception and help fight back against the lies and distortions of the Democratic left? You can make a contribution of $50, $25, or $15 here.

Thank you for your support!

Steadfast and Loyal,
LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

Rep Allen West asks “Can I count on you to accept the challenge of defeating Obama?”


Last week the Speaker gave a presentation on where we stood right now in our efforts to defeat Obama.  He said there is a possibility we could lose the House and Obama would once again be free to ram his ideas through the House of Representatives.

I stood up and said that I would take on the challenge of mobilizing 375,000 conservative supporters.

Obama is storming across America activating his liberal base and raising record sums of money. Without your help I fear he will win re-election and make his European dreams reality for all Americans.

Stand up to Obama and show him Conservatives are a united front with a gift of $25, $15 or $5.

This fight is so important that a group of House Republicans said they would match every gift made before June 18th.

That means your gift of $25 will actually be $50… 

… a gift of $15 will be $30…

…a gift of $5 will be $10!

Can I count on you to accept the challenge of defeating Obama?


Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen West (FL-22)

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