The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s parents via @directorblue


DNC Chief and radical leftist Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has an interesting genealogical tree that (surprise!) hasn’t been covered at all in legacy media. The Broward/Palm Beach News‘s exceptional investigative reporter Bob Norman offers the background on the cases involving Wasserman-Schultz’s mother and step-dad:   …it’s been five years since I busted Wasserman-Rubin and sparked the investigation that is dogging her today. The story was called Cash Cow, and it had to do with gaming of the new town of Southwest Ranches by Wasserman-Rubin; her husband, Rick Rubin; and a slew of other well-heeled manipulators.

…Rick Rubin was paid obscene amounts of money — something like a million dollars — by the town to write county and state “green space” grants that Wasserman-Rubin voted on. Based on one grant approval by Wasserman-Rubin and her colleagues, Rick Rubin received a $15,000 bonus.

A citizen named Ray McKinney got pissed off when he read it and sent it to the Florida Ethics Commission. Incredibly, the commission, one of the most useless governmental agencies ever created, actually hit Wasserman-Rubin with administrative charges and fined her $15,000… It was a small victory for anticorruption forces in Broward County — a largely toothless dog bit Wasserman-Rubin and gave her a little bruise…

…The [scandal] effectively ended Wasserman-Rubin’s career. Not long after we reported the existence of the criminal investigation, she announced in early April that she was abandoning her reelection campaign…

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