A Commander-in-Chief for the GOP in 2012 Must have a good Wing Man


My theory, and I think I am spot on. We The People can demand from these candidates to verbalize whom they would choose for their perspective Vice President. I feel it deep down in my heart that if ONE of these candidates could HEAR from us on a Nationwide level that we want them to openly state to the press that their choice would be Congressman Allen West, we could ALTER every single one of these “polls” being conducted and throw a monkey wrench in the system.

I am asking each and every one of you to get ACTIVE, quit saying you are passing this around the social networks. CLAIM THIS, take the time to contact these GOP Presidential Candidates by email, phone, fax, whatever means necessary and tell them that in order to vote for them, they MUST choose Congressman Allen West. Allen West on a GOP ticket will alter the course of these elections and will put someone in the White House that will only help our nation begin it’s journey back to it’s original roots.

I am asking you to not only get this out there in the social networks but get this viral and get up off your butts, dial that phone, send that email or even ALL of the above. Encourage everyone you know that it is imperative that we act now, considering the options set before by the mainstream media, the electorate, the caucus, the polls etc…

HERE are the links to the candidates for your convenience. In no particular order

Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney

Ron Paul

by Tanya Grimsley, follow me on twitter @luvGodncountry

VIDEO – Rep Allen West EXCLUSIVE Interview – on GOP Contenders and Obama’s contempt for Congress


Congressman Allen West tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama has “complete contempt” for Congress and is starting to believe that he has an “imperial presidency.”

The Florida Republican says Newt Gingrich is the “smartest” GOP candidate but thinks any of the Republican hopefuls can beat Obama in what undoubtedly will be a “brutal bloodbath.”

West also asserts that sanctions will not succeed in deterring Iran’s belligerency and warns that the United States should not cut the defense budget to make the military the “bill-payer” for Washington’s failure to rein in spending.

West, who was elected in 2010, is a member of the House Tea Party Caucus. He is also an Army veteran who served for more than 20 years, with postings in several combat zones, and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel.President Obama has said he is hopeful for an improved economy in 2012. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, West was asked whether Americans should feel that way.“No, they shouldn’t,” West declares. “President Obama is just going to sit back and hope that things fall into his lap.

“He’s not going to do anything as far as reforming our tax code so that our small business owners have some sort of predictability. He’s not going to do anything to lower the corporate tax rate and eliminate loopholes. He’s not going to do anything to correct the regulatory environment that his administration is putting forth. In 2011, his administration added more than 71,000 pages of new regulations to the federal registry. That’s not how we’re going to heal this economy.”

Asked whether Obama has given up on “hope and change,” West responds: “I think the president has given up, period, and he’s in a campaign mode. He’s going to disengage from Washington, D.C. That’s not leadership, that’s an abdication of leadership.

“What concerns me is the rhetoric around [Obama’s recent recess appointments]. He is going to bypass Congress. He has a complete contempt for the legislative branch. We don’t have an imperial presidency, but I think that is what he’s starting to believe.

“We have to be very vociferous about this. We’ve got to get in the arena and battle the president and the liberal progressive ideology in the arena of ideas.”

In response to Iran’s continuing nuclear development program and threats to shut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf, West tells Newsmax: “I think you have to make sure a credible military option is still on the table.

“Sanctions will only have an effect if the regime cares about the standard of living of their people. That’s not the case, so you have to have a viable military threat, because in that part of the world despots, dictators, autocrats, and theocrats only understand strength and might, and that’s what we have to show.”

West criticizes Obama for his recent announcement of deep cuts in the military budget.

“The military cannot be the bill-payer for the fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, D.C., because the military budget is only about 19.6 percent of our overall budget. The driver of our debt is the 62 percent that we spend on the interest on our debt, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. So it is cowardice to not confront that 62 percent and pick on the military.”

With the New Hampshire primary today and primaries in South Carolina and his home state Florida looming, West says he still has no plans to endorse any particular GOP candidate. But he has high praise for Newt Gingrich.

“I think without a doubt he has proven to be the smartest person out there,” West says.

“He has won all the debates. He definitely has a clear vision as far as where he wants to take the country. But I think the negative ads that were run against him out in Iowa really put a little chink in his armor. Now it’s a matter of can he recover from that in New Hampshire and then in South Carolina and Florida. I think he is probably the biggest competitor for Governor [Mitt] Romney as we go forward.

Mitt Romney really has to prove himself as far as being a true conservative. A lot of people are looking at his record when he governed in Massachusetts, a blue state, and they want to know he will go with the right kind of policies because, when you look at Speaker Gingrich, there are some incredible accomplishments — the fact that he balanced the budget for a series of years, and welfare reform.”

West also downplayed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s strong showing in the Iowa caucuses.

“Look at what the Iowa caucus is — a reflection of a very simple point: 120,000 voters. Well, you’ve got 300 thousand to 350 thousand registered Republicans just here in Broward County [Florida]. So is that a true indicator in Iowa? You have a very small sample out there that is not reflective of the diversity of America.”

On Texas Gov. Rick Perry, West says: “I don’t know if Governor Perry is going to be able to recover from the initial stumbles he had out of the starting gate with those debate appearances. I think he was disappointed with the showing he had in Iowa, especially with the investment he put in there.”

As for Texas Rep. Ron Paul, “When you talk about fiscal responsibility of the federal government, that perks people up. But when you transition from fiscal matters to national security and foreign policies, he really loses people.

“I think every [GOP presidential candidate] we have on the table can win the nomination other than Congressman Ron Paul.

“You’ve got to be able to draw a clear contrast between who you are, what you represent — conservative constitutional principles — and that which President Barack Obama represents: Big government, economic equality, wealth redistribution. You’ve got to show that America’s not about class, it’s about equal opportunity and not equal achievement.

“I think each one of our candidates can do that, but they have to understand it’s going to be a brutal bloodbath because this is such an important election cycle.”

Asked whether he favors one of the GOP candidates, West responds: “No, I sit back. My most important focus is to be a good representative here in District 22. We have a lot of things we need to square away in Congress. We’re going to start this kabuki dance all over again about the payroll tax [cut] extension because for whatever silly and insidious reason the Senate only wanted to extend it for two months, and Speaker Boehner decided to go along with it.

“There are a lot of issues facing us. I’m concerned with our economic situation. I’m happy that the unemployment situation has come down to 8.6, 8.5 percent, but I’m concerned whether or not that’s a seasonal bump. We need to sustain that because you have three or four million jobs that were completely lost and you have a large contingent of Americans that are under-employed.”

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Audio – Rep Allen West – WMAL 105.9 Interview – Election 2012 and more


from: Amanda Gaines WMAL.com

WASHINGTON — Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has become a distraction in the race, says GOP Congressman Allen West.

“Beyond reassessing his campaign, he probably needs to understand that he is a distracter for what’s going on right now and we should move on,” said West, a Republican congressman who represents Florida.

West says Cain is no longer the front-running alternative to Romney — a role once held by candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, and that now belongs to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

“I think it’s going to be a two-man race when you boil it down,” West told the WMAL Morning Majority.

Romney has “hit a certain plateau” that he “can’t break through,” West said.

“Speaker Gingrich does bring a lot of political intellect and experience to the table.  His ideas that he is able to bring forth are, you know, exceptional, and I think that’s what makes him very viable.”

Being a front-runner in the GOP race exposes contenders to much harsher questioning and criticism, and West says Gingrich will be no different.

“He does have that 200-pound rucksack on his back with a lot of the personal baggage that people are going to come at him about,” West said.

But if Gingrich is West’s first choice, what are the chances of a Gingrich-West ticket?

“If people in this country believe that I can make a difference and that I can help to get our country back on track… If I can make a difference, then I’ll answer that call,” West said.

(Copyright 2011 by WMAL.com.  All rights reserved.)

Do you realize what we have at stake in this election next year? – by Neal Boortz – Talkmaster

by Neal Boortz for Townhall

OK, Republicans. Since you’re so religious and all – it’s time for a little “come to Jesus meetin’”. If you’re not familiar with the term, click on the link. It’s time for a little harsh dressing down.

Do you realize what we have at stake in this election next year? This isn’t just about taxes, pork spending, social security benefits and repairing bridges. This is about saving our Republic. Do you know we’re already past our life expectancy? Economies and societies built on the rule of law, liberty and economic freedom have this troubling tendency to destroy themselves at around the 200 year mark. This happens when people figure out they can use the ballot box to get their hands on someone else’s stuff.

Well guess what, folks? We’re there. We’re past there. We’re on the ropes. We’re old – and durned near on our deathbed.

We have a president who was not raised as an American. Oh, I know. He’s a citizen and all that … but he was not infused during his formative years with how fortunate he was to have been born in this country and what it means to be an American. He lived in Indonesia, for crying out loud, for much of his childhood; that and Hawaii. Well guess what? I lived in Hawaii too, and I can tell you that as a student in Hawaiian schools you weren’t exactly saturated with American culture and history. Hawaiian history? Sure. And that’s understandable. Hawaiians are very proud of their heritage. But U.S. history? Only what the schools absolutely had to include. And that private school, Punahou, that Obama went to in Honolulu? Here’s another “guess what?” My sister taught there; right around the time that Barry was a student. Again – not a place where you’re going to learn what a blessing it is to be an American and a citizen of the greatest nation on earth … ever.

Our president thinks that American greatness comes from government. He believes that free enterprise is inherently evil. He is robbing us of our economic liberty as he institutes a command economy. He believes in using tax policy for income redistribution rather than raising the revenue needed to pay for the basic (Constitutional) functions of government. He said he was going to fundamentally transform the United States of America, and we stupidly didn’t ask him just how he planned to do that. Now we know. And now we know that for our children to have half a chance of improving on the standard of living that we have enjoyed – or even living as well as we have — this man has to be sent back to a community organizing office behind a dry cleaner on the South Side of Chicago … STAT.

That brings us to Newt Gingrich and this little puddin’ storm over his comments on immigration. Newt suggested that we might not want to be rounding up people who have lived in this country – though illegally – for 25 years or so; during which time they raised families, started businesses, paid taxes and helped drive our economy; and ship them back to Mexico. As soon as those words were out of his mouth Michelle Bachmann – desperate for a way to ignite voters – started screeching about “amnesty.” In no time we had the ObamaMedia falling over itself to parrot the “amnesty” line and call Gingrich out on strikes.

Let the progs and libs play this thing any way they want … but you Replublicans; you GOPers … could you make a special effort and try to get serious here for a minute or two? Think! I’ve done it on occasion, and I can promise it’s not painful.

Do we need to enforce our immigration laws? Absolutely! Does the border with Mexico need to be secured? No doubt. And Gingrich has said he would do just that. But a bit of realism needs to creep into this conversation.

I love analogies, so try this one: You come home from work to find a pipe has broken. Your home is flooded. What is the FIRST thing you do? Do you sit there and argue with people about how you’re going to get all that water out of your home? No. The FIRST thing you do is shut off the water. The same logic applies to our immigration problem. The first thing we do is secure our borders. Gingrich says he will shut them down.

OK … so the flood has stopped. NOW you start to clean up the mess.



Pajamas Media “Letter to the Republican Presidential Candidates from a Former Democrat”

Dear Lady and Gentlemen,

As you all know, we are living in parlous times, the most economically precarious since the Great Depression and the most militarily threatening since the fall of the Soviet Union. Many of our citizens fear this great country of ours is on the edge of collapse. Desperation stalks the land.

Yet if we were to watch the Republican debates, for the most part, all we see is bicker, bicker, bicker with candidates looking to score points off their opponents. Worse yet, most of these points are based on obscure malfeasances that would have little to do with how those opponents would actually perform as president.

Tuesday night in Las Vegas it almost reached the level of opera bouffe with one candidate vitriolically accusing another of, albeit unconsciously, using an illegal alien in his gardening service (something so common here in Southern California that, were laws enforced, three quarters of the population would be in jail). Nevertheless, instead of waving off this petty accusation or, better yet, turning it into a joke, the second candidate came back even harder. For a moment it almost seemed the two would come to blows – over nothing.


Everybody’s got an ego, everybody wants to win, but if you have to achieve that by cutting down the other guy, maybe you don’t deserve to lead, not these days anyway. Things are too extreme, the stakes too high. We need someone who can rise above it. Maybe even smile.



Media in Shock – Newt Shoots Ahead of Perry by Michael Krull

It has been a great honor to have a front row seat to presidential history as a part of the Newt 2012 team. I have been blessed to travel this great nation with Speaker Gingrich, and more and more Americans are realizing what I have known all along: Newt Gingrich is the most knowledgeable, capable, and intelligent candidate running for the Republican Presidential nomination. Speaker Gingrich has elevated the entire conversation at every single debate, and last night’s Bloomberg debate was no exception.

This campaign really is based on ideas, and Newt is the only candidate who has steadfastly refused to play the media’s “gotcha” game and attack his fellow candidates, instead focusing his attention on real plans and the failed policies of Barack Obama. Instead of listening to see if any of the other candidates have left an opening to score cheap political points, Speaker Gingrich actually listens to the other candidates to evaluate the best proposals that they put forth. Instead of fearing that someone else may have a better idea, the Speaker is looking for ideas that will make his policies even better! I call that leadership.

Focus groups and polls clearly show that when the American people watch these debates, they see Newt Gingrich as having the best grasp of the complex issues presented. This often comes as a surprise because the media, who fear a Newt presidency, keep forgetting to tell the truth. The American people are starting to see through the media haze, which is why Speaker Gingrich has been steadily climbing in the polls, yesterday surpassing Governor Perry in a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Speaker Gingrich is showing himself to be the most qualified candidate, and he is doing it without attacking his fellow Republicans. He is doing it despite open hostility from the media, and, most importantly, he is doing it because you are standing with him!

This isn’t American Idol. This is the race to be the leader of the free world, and in these incredibly difficult times we cannot afford to settle for anything other than the most experienced and qualified person possible to lead America out of one its most troubling times. Poll after poll shows Speaker Gingrich rising towards the top. Why do you think that is? It all boils down to the fact that the American people believe Speaker Gingrich is the most knowledgeable and experienced candidate for this job and has real solutions to fix America.  by Michael Krull

Don’t Sleep on Herman Cain – via Forbes’ John Fogby

by John Zogby

Herman Cain’s limited funding and campaign organization will make it difficult for him to survive dozens of state primaries and win the Republican nomination. However, his prominent standing in current polls is real and indicative of strengths he brings to the chase.

Our latest IBOPE Zogby interactive poll has Cain leading the GOP field at 38%. Polls continue to be volatile because Republican voters are hard to please, and none of the candidates has yet to meet their standards for pure conservatism and ability to beat Barack Obama.

Four different Republicans have led our polls since late last year: non-candidate Chris Christy, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Cain (but not once has Mitt Romney led). Polls taken months before the first primaries are not predictive of who will win the nomination, but I feel very confident that our polling is accurately measuring current GOP voter preferences. More than 90 percent of our online panel consists of likely voters, and we know that those who identify as likely Republican primary voters are very motivated. These are the people who vote in lower turnout primaries and help candidates win. (A short note on process: we draw a random sample from a pool of potential respondents who get an invitation to take part in a survey. Only they can take the survey and they never know what the subject matter will be until they initiate the poll.)



The Focus-less & Faux Occupy Wall Street Protest – A Gift to Republican Candidates – Debbie Georgatos

By Debbie Georgatos

We are a short twelve weeks or so away from the beginning of the serious Republican Presidential primary elections.

Polling at this time shows Mitt Romney in the lead for the nomination, and the punditry world says that the race is down to three candidates: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Herman Cain. There is still some chance that Gingrich, Bachmann or Santorum could surge in these remaining weeks. The unexpected is not impossible.

Each of these six serious Presidential contenders must look for opportunities to stand out and send the signal to the millions in the waiting conservative masses “I am the leader you are looking for.” Few such opportunities will likely arise, but one is staring them in the face right now.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is an opportunity for one or more of the candidates to step into the lead by offering a message that will resonate with a broad swath of American voters.

Calling out the OWS movement for the falsity that it is, and more importantly, putting this faux protest into stark political context would offer the Republican(s) who address it the opportunity to show their free-market supporting, pro-American values credentials, and simultaneously to link this nutty protest to the Obama administration, which has expressed support for it.

Herman Cain’s willingness to refer to the OWS protesters as “jealous” and as people who “want to take someone else’s Cadillac,” is, in this writer’s opinion, the most significant reason for his recent rise in the polls. And that is not a criticism of Herman Cain, who is actually saying a lot of things that conservatives want to hear.

Conservatives and Republicans are waiting for the candidate who will speak in broad terms, beyond specifics on the many issues we face, and give voice to their deep concerns that the country is heading down a very far left and very wrong path. The OWS movement has provided an opportunity to make that case.


Why Herman Cain’s poll numbers might rise even higher – The Christian Science Monitor

Riding a wave of good feeling among GOP voters, Herman Cain is now virtually tied with ex-Gov. Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican rankings, according to recent polls.

By Peter Grier

Wow! Herman Cain is rising fast in the polls, about as fast as any GOP presidential hopeful has this year. And that is saying something, considering that in 2011 Republican voter support has been gyrating up and down like the wild ride of the Dow Jones Average.

One moment, Cain’s hanging out with Newt Gingrich in the low single digits. Then, whammo! It’s goodbye, Michele Bachmann. See you later, Ron Paul. Pardon my dust, Rick Perry. Hi, Mitt Romney. Nice to see you. The view sure is great from up here in the top tier.

It’s true. Riding a wave of good feeling among GOP voters generated by strong debate performances, Mr. Cain is now pretty much tied with ex-Gov. Romney at the top of the Republican rankings, according to recent polls.

On Monday, for instance, Gallup released survey figures showing Romney at 20 percent, and Cain at 18 percent. The poll’s margin of error is plus-or-minus four points, so that means the duo’s support is essentially equal.

What’s more, only a month ago the same Gallup poll put Cain at only 5 percent. In this survey his support has tripled within weeks.



“Wall of Boots” by MTZ – “Build the fence” on Stacy Swimp’s Contagious Transformation


As the GOP hopefuls make their rounds, the issue of border security has quickly become a focal point.  The entire GOP field has responded to this matter with a unified voice of “Build the fence” as a way of appeasing conservatives with the issue while never truly understanding the logistics and consequences to building a fence on the Texas border that encompasses 2/3 of the US/MX border.  How often have the candidates said it is the only rational way to provide security on our southern borders, I would venture to say too many times to count.  While I agree our nation’s borders and points of entry must be secured, building a fence will not accomplish the task and serve to lull Americans with a false sense of security and violate US/MX treaty(s) while harming agriculture and remove the only water source for US cities along the Rio Grande.

Some have argued that the Department of Homeland (DHS) security has great authority and can bypass most if not all of the laws that impede the completion of the border fence. To those who hold this idea, pardon my frankness, you are part of the appeased masses that have failed to comprehend the issue in its entirety and have had the candidates pander to that lack of knowledge.  As conservatives, we should pride ourselves in understanding what the issues are and what laws govern them so we may address and resolve them.

DHS does not and will never have greater authority than treaties entered into by the US and a foreign nation.  Due to the complexity of this issue, I am providing links to all treaties, laws, regulations, and Executive Orders that pertain to the subject matter for your review and verification.

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