@AllenWest “We have elected officials who don’t want to get to the truth and they continue to promulgate this cover-up”

Allen WEst

Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) spoke at a Justice for Benghazi Rally on the first anniversary of the attacks on our diplomatic facility in Libya and the 12th anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. by Islamic terrorists.

The attacks are ongoing and relentless. Yesterday, Taliban forces attacked a U.S. Embassy in Harat, Afghanistan, killing two and injuring scores of others.

At the rally, attended by William J. Murray, Chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Government Is Not God Political Action Committee,West told the audience: “We, as a people, have to stand up, because we cannot settle for this and come to believe the new normal is that an ambassador can call up and say ‘We’re under attack’ and have elected officials do nothing about it.”

West accused Obama of lacking a sense of moral obligation about the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and others at the Libyan compound who “ran to the sound of the guns, while others on that night ran to bed.”

According to West: “… we have elected officials who don’t want to get to the truth and they continue to promulgate this cover-up with very complicit media.”

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Obama Apologizes For Qur’an Burning But BIBLE Burning OK – by W.J.Murray

Feb 26th, 2012 | By  for Religious Freedom Coalition

Obama to Muslims – We are sorry. Obama to Muslims – We are really sorry. Obama to Muslims – Please forgive us as you kill our soldiers 

OBAMA APOLOGIZES FOR QUR’AN BURNING BUT BIBLE BURNING OK – In 2009 several boxes of Holy Bibles were burned at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because they were in the native Afghan language. There was a fear that rather than be given to Afghan Christians that they could be used to “convert Muslims. As news agencies reported the story, not once was the word “holy” used in front of the word Bible. This week President Barack Obama crawled forward to apologize for the burning of a couple of Qur’ans that were defaced by Muslims in an effort to pass escape plans to one another at a prison at Bagram Air Base. Does anyone see a double standard here? Two Americans were killed and five wounded by an Afghan soldier for “revenge.” No apology from the Afghan government and none requested by President Obama. The message to Islamic terrorists: “No need to apologize for murder in the name of Islam but as a nation we will crawl on our knees and kiss your butts to apologize if we inadvertently harm your precious Qur’an.

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