We The People Are To Blame by Scott Cooper of Reflections From The Burg

by Scott Cooper


There is a huge uproar these days about the direction our republic is headed.  There is a lot of discussion about spending, debt and entitlements.  There are a lot of suggestions out there about what could and should be done.  During these discussions, many display anger and frustration toward our elected officials, but ultimately, all the problems we currently face can be placed right back in our laps.  What is happening today is a direct result of our lack of engagement – or perhaps our engagement, exacerbating the problem.

We have been electing leaders to go to Washington for decades to “bring home the bacon,” when that was never the intent of our founders.  When I think of our founders risking their lives and pledging their sacred honor for our freedom, when I think of the bloody feet of the soldiers in the snow at The Battle of Trenton, to enable our elected leaders today to “go get bacon,” I know they would be disgusted with us. 
Our good intentions are killing us.
In the last century, we allowed our Government to begin a “war on poverty,” (an unwinnable war) which is not defined anywhere in our constitution.  This war has failed miserably and has become rampant with fraud.  I saw first-hand some of those who are defrauding our government while I was in the banking field.  Quite honestly, this war has permitted extended families and churches to shirk their God given responsibilities in this area, “because the government takes care of that.”  It is time the Federal Government had an exit strategy from this war, and placed the responsibility for this where it should really be.
We allowed our government to begin insuring seniors in the last years of their lives, a plan that was never part of the vision for America, and is not defined anywhere in our constitution.  This one area now controls the largest portion of the liabilities that are bankrupting our nation.  In the last few decades our Federal Government has led millions of people to not plan for themselves, but to be dependent on the Federal Government for their existence.  Sadly, I met a lot of these elderly people while I was in the banking field.  In addition, this system has quite honestly permitted extended families and churches to shirk their God given responsibilities in these areas, “because the government takes care of that.”  Our founders did not risk their lives to create a dependency – they wanted to provide freedom for their posterity. 


The Next Greatest Generation by Scott Cooper “Reflections from the Burg”

Written by Scott Cooper
August 16, 2011

As we speed down the super-highway towards financial Armageddon, each of us must ask ourselves, as individuals – am I a giver or am I a taker?  Will I help prevent the collapse, or will I enhance it?    Am I okay with my grandkids having a lesser lifestyle, paying my debt so that I don’t have to sacrifice?
The fact is, if we do not stop the Ferrari speeding down this financial super-highway, it will lead to the end of our republic.  We will be responsible for our republics demise.
Over the course of the last several decades, government revenue has gone up consistently, as has government spending.  Raising more revenue is not the solution.  Individual and fiscal responsibility is.  We must realize that the entitlement mentality and dependency that our government has created and forced upon us is unsustainable.
Ultimately, the takers do not care about the future of our republic – and they currently are in control.  They are the most vocal.
Most troubling is the silence of the millions who are not yet ready to personally engage in this battle and sacrifice.  By their silence, they indicate that they are on the side of the takers.  Unless this changes, our republic will collapse.  Are you one of the silent ones?
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Reflections From The Burg by Scott Cooper

Written by Scott Cooper
September 21, 2011

So the front page of today’s WSJ says “Home Forecast calls for PAIN – Prices to stumble to 2015.”  Further into the article, “consumer spending stifled and more pushed into foreclosure.”

Hmmm.  Wasn’t it three years ago President Bush “Abandoned the free market in order to ‘save’ the free market?”  Here we are three years later, and we are considering more spending and more bailout – and we continue to push recovery into the future.

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with a woman who escaped Romania during the height of communism in that country.  The stories she told were gut wrenching – and can be read first hand in her book Echo’s of Communisim – Lessons from an American by Choice written by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh.  Today – Romania is freer than we are.  How sad is that?
Here are a couple thoughts:
  1. Let’s never again try loaning money to people who can’t afford it. (pushed by the government since implantation of CRA and expansion of Freddie and Fannie).
  2. Let’s encourage our citizens to spend only what they have money for – and stop using the equity of the roofs over our heads to purchase cars, boats and consumer merchandise that does not ever appreciate in value.  (Encouraged by President Bush after 9/11/01).
  3. Let’s stop borrowing money from China and the Fed to give to states – to fund projects that should be paid for by the states to begin with