The man stepping up to the plate for Florida’s District 22 – Meet Congressman Elect Adam Hasner

Adam Hasner is lifelong Republican deeply committed to limited government, free markets, American values and a strong national defense.

Adam has over 15 years of private sector business experience in the healthcare industry working with hospitals and healthcare systems to acquire and manage physician practices.

Adam was first elected in 2002 to serve as a part-time state legislator representing Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Serving alongside Marco Rubio in the Florida House for six years, in 2007, Adam was selected by then-Speaker Rubio to serve as Majority Leader for the Republican caucus, a position he held for four years until being term limited from office in 2010.

Adam has a lifetime “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, a 98% rating from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and is a winner of the Christian Coalition of Florida’s Faith and Family Award.

His strong, principled conservative leadership in the House made him a natural to lead key fights for eliminating property taxes, protecting employees right to secret ballots in the workplace, reducing government spending (including his own salary as an elected official), and for accountability and choice in public schools.

Adam believes energy independence is vital for America’s national security. He supported legislation for domestic exploration for oil and natural gas off Florida’s coast and co-sponsored legislation to unravel Charlie Crist’s Obama-style “cap and trade” scheme in Florida.

Adam is an unwavering national advocate in support of Israel, and has also become a recognized voice in warning about the dangers of radical Islam. In 2007, he led the effort to pass Florida’s first in the nation law to divest state pension funds from companies that do business in Iran.

In 2009, Adam fought against the impacts of the federal stimulus and successfully rejected nearly $500 million in unemployment funds that would have resulted in a tax increase for Florida businesses.

In 2010, well before the issue became part of national headlines, Adam led the House Republicans in demanding the United States Congress pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and then served as the founding national Co-Chairman of the citizen action group, Pass The Balanced Budget Amendment.

Adam is endorsed by FreedomWorks and Concerned Women for America, and by national conservative voices Mark Levin, Erick Erickson of and Monica Crowley of Fox News.

Adam and his wife Jillian live in Boca Raton, Florida.

Officially Endorsed by the current sitting Congressman of Florida CD22 Allen West “Adam Hasner has my full endorsement and support to run in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. Adam was a fine State Representative and Majority Leader of an area which overlaps this Congressional district. I wish him the best, believe in him wholeheartedly and look forward to working alongside of him on Capitol Hill.”



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A Message from Allen West for Congress

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Second, this week the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee reported they raised $61.4 million for their candidates. You can expect them to more than double that this year, so that will mean they will have raised close to $200 million.

Since I have been named their number one target for defeat, I full expect them to start barraging South Florida with misleading TV commercials, radio ads full of half-truths, and last minute “robocalls” that flat-out distort my record and my statements.

In light of this, our conservative army needs to strengthen its 2012 warchest. Our campaign has set an internal goal of raising $100,000 this month to help prepare for the attacks we know are coming.

You’ve been with the army for a while, so you know how vicious our opponents can be. Compared with what we can expect next year, the last 12 months have been a cakewalk.

Our army has met — and defeated — these challenges before.

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