We are pleased to announce that the Delray Garden Center, with the help of fellow conservatives from across Palm Beach County and the rest of Florida, is hosting at our company ‘s Delray Beach location a “GET OUT THE VOTE RALLY ” on Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 1pm – 4pm.

We would like to extend an invitation to you, and all members of the press, who will be in and around our area for the last of the presidential debates, to join us 2 days before on October 20, 2012, and witness for yourself the huge crowd coming together on a Saturday afternoon in Delray Beach to support candidates from many of the campaigns.

Nothing like this has ever taken place in our part of Palm Beach County. The ground swell for this event is amazing! Volunteers and speakers from all over the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Martin… have pledged their time and energy to make this rally a success.

We are expecting the arrival of several hundred guests and will provide plenty of parking. Refreshments and great food will be served, and of course we will have live musical entertainment and professional security.

In addition to the candidates and their campaigns, we will be welcoming to the stage Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of of slain Elite Member Navy SEAL Team 6, *Aaron Carson Vaughn*.

Space will be provided for campaign materials to be distributed during the rally. A secure VIP area is being readied for clergy and celebrities, as well as our candidates from various local, state and federal campaigns who have committed to speaking to the crowd of voters.

For the Hearing Impaired & Deaf  – Interpreter AMY LEIGH HAIR   CI CT….. Member REC-PBC, Pct 3118 will be on hand for the event  

As of Friday, October 5, 2012… we have confirmed the participation of the
following candidates:

Adam Hasner, R-Candidate: US House of Representatives/ Florida, District 22

Cesar Henao, I-Candidate : US House of Representatives / Florida, District 21

Karen Harrington, R-Candidate : US house of Representatives / Florida, District 23

Melanie Peterson, R-Candidate : Florida State Senate / District 25

Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Candidate : Florida State Senate / District 34

Bill Hagar, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 87

Tami Donally, R-Candidate: Florida State House of Representatives / District 86

Sean Kasper, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 90

James Ryan O’hara, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 81

Dina Keever, R-Candidate : Palm Beach County State Attorney

George Black, Jr., R-Candidate : Port of Palm Beach / Commissioner

Cindy Tindell : Palm Beach County State Republican Committeewoman-Elect

The “GET OUT THE VOTE” Rally Committee has spoken with many local, state and federal campaigns… We will announce additions to our list of candidate confirmations as we receive them.

Lou Galterio will also be there at this event – Learn more about Lou here: Lou Galterio – Vocalist

The Delray Garden Center is located at 3827 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444

Location directions at


Chris C. Stray, Member REC-PBC / Pct.7194, Delray Beach Republican Caucus

Office : Delray Garden Center 561-243-6869

Rep. Allen West, Corps of Engineers, community leaders discuss solutions to port problems


(WEST PALM BEACH) — In the second series of roundtable discussions with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Congressman Allen West (R-FL) invited officials from Port Everglades, the Port of Palm Beach, elected officials, and staff from coastal communities stretching from Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties to discuss the future of South Florida ports.  Representatives from the Rybovich Superyacht Service Center in Riviera Beach were also in attendance.  The discussion centered around dredging and maintenance of Port facilities, beach re-nourishment and the cumbersome federal permitting processes that municipalities and private businesses are facing. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection also attended the meeting.

“I am grateful for the participation we had today from the Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA Marine Fisheries, and the Florida DEP,” West said. “It is important that we keep an open dialogue between these three agencies and our coastal communities.”

Carlos Vidueira, Vice President of Rybovich, attended the meeting to encourage the Corps to allow dredging near the Port of Palm Beach so he can proceed with building a new Rybovich facility, which is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the Riviera Beach community.

“We have made a lot of progress and I am optimistic that something positive will come out of this discussion,” Vidueira said.  “I appreciate Congressman West making this meeting possible.”

Martin County Commissioner Doug Smith attended the meeting with hopes of learning more about how the Corps may fund the St. Lucie Inlet dredging project and other projects the county is pursuing in the future.

“I have a huge responsbility to taxpayers to keep the inlet open and safe,” Smith said. “Funding strategies have changed concerning the Corps of Engineers. There is a significant amount of work that needs to happen now because of these funding changes.  I believe this meeting has helped us understand what the county needs to do next.”

Among the actions that came out of the discussion, West committed to looking into legislative action to help South Florida’s Ports.

“I have asked my staff to look at legislative solutions to ensure government regulations do not continue to block economic growth around our ports,” West said.  “We must find a way to resolve the issues our ports are facing.  Hundreds of South Florida jobs depend on it.”

For a photo gallery of the meeting, click here



Rep Allen West Leads the Way with Army Corps of Engineers Port Projects

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) announces today the designation of $4.6 million to Port Everglades as part of the United States Corps of Engineers 2012 Work Plan for Operations and Maintenance dredging.  In addition, another $600,000 has been designated for a Port Everglades feasibility study.

“I am pleased to announce this project will finally be able to move forward and our hard work has paid off,” West said.  “The Port Everglades dredging project is directly tied to the number of ships that can get in and out of South Florida and has a direct impact on commerce and the entire economy of the region.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the Army Corps of Engineers Roundtable discussion hosted by Representative West at Lynn University in Boca Raton late last year.

“The Congressman’s willingness to host a roundtable to pull together all of the decision makers at the same table was vital to our success,” said Port Everglades Deputy Director Glenn Wiltshire. “Representative West facilitated the opportunity for people to ask and answer questions. I’m certain that was a factor in the Corps’ decision to fund the Port Everglades maintenance dredging project, which is greatly needed.”

Congressman West met with Commanders of the United States Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville Division in his Capitol Hill office Tuesday to thank them for the Port Everglades designation and discuss the future of South Florida’s other ports including the St. Lucie inlet and the Port of Palm Beach.  Topics of discussion included:

St. Lucie Inlet is currently 21-21.5 feet deep, and is maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. The County and the Harbor Advisory Board would like to see the port dredged to 25-28 feet deep to allow for bigger ships to utilize the port, thus increasing commerce and bringing much needed jobs to the area.

Port of Palm Beach:  Congressman West requested $460,000 in the Fiscal Year 2012 Work Plan for the Lake Worth Inlet Feasibility Study, which would help expand the capabilities at the Port. Congressman West learned this week the money has been approved for the Port of Palm Beach.

“The future of these ports is critically important to the coastal areas of Southeast Florida,” West said.  “I will continue to be a voice for our ports so that South Florida remains a priority for the Army Corps of Engineers.”

 *Attached please see Rep. West’s letter to the Corps of Engineers as well as photo.