America needs a strong, honest and professional statesman wielding the gavel – Allen West – by Peter Paton

by Peter PatonConservative Papers

The time has come for Congressman West Florida 22 to challenge John Boehner for Speaker. America needs a strong, honest and professional statesman welding the gavel in the House of Representatives. and Colonel Allen West espouses all the true and sincere leadership qualities that the Republic is crying out for under the never ending excesses of the Obama Administration, and the dire state of America as it plunges into an ever spiralling colossal debt, recession, mass unemployment and foreclosures, and serious loss of prestige and morale on the world stage.

Speaker Boehner has failed in his remit, and has not produced the quality of leadership expected from a Republican nominee in Congress, as Obama has bludgeoned his bills and policies through the House with political extortion, blackmail and brinksmanship, while the American people have watched on in dismay as Obamacare, the Deficit Budget Bill, Payroll Tax extension, and a raft of other Democrat initiatives have been passed into law, emasculating the Speaker and dangerously wounding the morale and spirit of the Republican Party at the same time.


AMERICA NEEDS SAMSON – Fantastic Article – by Peter Paton

By Peter Paton

America today is confronting the greatest threat to its existence in living memory. Faced with multiple complex domestic and foreign policy dangers that threaten to destroy the fabric of American society and place it at the hands of its merciless enemies.

On the home front there is the staggering financial deficit of $16.4 Trillion debt which is growing alarmingly by the day in colossal interest rates, the mass unemployment throughout the land which is now running at 9.1 of the labor force, the millions of foreclosures across the States, and the rapidly declining moral and religious values which once were enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic by the Founding Fathers as the moral compass of the nation. Coupled with a President in Barack Hussein Obama who is hell bent on sidestepping Congress by his hyperactive use of his Presidential orders to impose partisan measures and decrees on its helpless citizens.



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Is Sharia Law Already In America by Peter Paton

by Peter Paton

The tell tale signs of Sharia Law are already emerging in America if the perceptive and intuitive observer looks close enough to the shifting political and cultural sands throughout the Fifty states of the Union.The distinct possibility that we may see a colossal Islamic Victory Mosque appearing from the fallen ashes of the sacred grounds of Ground Zero in New York, is not only alarming but highly disturbing to the collective mindset of the American people.Further tensions have been stoked by North Carolina Democrat Governor Betty Perdue suggesting that Congressional elections could be suspended by the Obama Administration if a State of Emergency exists in the Republic, a ploy seen by many commentators on the Right, as testing the political waters by President Obama, for a possible suspension of the 2012 Presidential election in similar prevailing circumstances.

The punitive crackdown on the Wall St protesters by Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the controversial advice from the New York Police Department advising women not to wear mini skirts because it encourages rape, has angered women’s advocates and movements to defend their rights by organizing the highly visible Slutwalk demonstration in the Big Apple, to show that they won’t be cowed into sacrificing their rights and principles to choose, and be compelled to comply with the Islamic Sharia Law that all women must wear burkas and hijabs in public.

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