Allen West “Our enemies are watching us slowly dismantle Military capability. The wolves are salivating”

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Realignment of military budget must have enemies cheering

Written by Allen West on November 19, 2013

According to the New York Times, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is pondering “realignment” of the military budget, which means a shift in strategic posture. That’s the sort of news which should cause grave concern about our military readiness – unless, of course, you’re one of our enemies.

According to Secretary Hagel, “The Army was the principal institution fighting those two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), as the armies normally are in land wars,” Mr. Hagel said. “So as those requirements have come down, there’s going to be an adjustment.” That view is driving a new look at the Pentagon’s traditional, even distribution of funds. Hagel further states, “I don’t think you can just make easy, simple assertions based on simple formulas — a third, a third, a third,” he said. “That might turn out to be just about right, but it may not.”


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I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Halloween and I hope you didn’t forget to “fall back” one hour as we exited daylight savings time this weekend.

It seems appropriate that in this week when our kids celebrated the time-honored tradition of “trick or treat,” we grown-up Americans were introduced to the same from the Obama administration. But it was mostly tricks – especially about the reality of the (not really) Affordable Care Act.

We do actually have a small treat for you though – our ever-popular Data Cards are now available for download and will be uploaded monthly. You can download the latest one here. As always, the best defense against liberalism is the truth.

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Allen West “Over the past two days there has been an interesting paradox emanating from the Pentagon, which no one is paying attention to.”


by Allen West Via Facebook

Over the past two days there has been an interesting paradox emanating from the Pentagon, which no one is paying attention to. It seems that next month the US Military is opening up benefits and post housing privileges to same-sex couples. And those in same-sex relationships who are not married are being granted leave to travel to states where same-sex marriage is allowed, in order to get married and qualify to receive these benefits and privileges. On the other hand, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) where our wounded warriors are assigned to recover from their horrific injuries, just announced deep budget cuts. Imagine this, the Pentagon is granting leave for same-sex couples to travel to get married, but the WRAMC Warrior Cafe is now closed on weekends. Priorities?


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Allen West “Who in the Pentagon or the White House has the moral courage and intestinal fortitude to now refer to this as an act of Islamic terrorism?”


by Allen West via Facebook

Finally, after almost four years, the trial of Army Major Nidal Hasan began but should I refer to this despicable Islamic jihadist as an Army Major? He has after all renounced his American citizenship and oath as an Army officer. He has clearly declared his allegiance to Islamism and is not reticent about the action he took back in late 2009 resulting in the death of 13 American Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians and the wounding of another 32. So will someone tell me, who in the Pentagon or the White House has the moral courage and intestinal fortitude to now refer to this as an act of Islamic terrorism…and dump this BS about workplace violence?

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Allen West “The latest effort to diminish the heroic achievements of those who risk their life and limb in combat”


by Allen West on Facebook

And in the latest effort to diminish the heroic achievements of those who risk their life and limb in combat on behalf of our nation and its citizens, the Pentagon is creating a new medal for cyber and drone wars. While I believe those who operate drone strikes in support of combat operations should be recognized, I cannot understand presenting an award ranked higher than a Bronze Star for someone who never sets foot in a combat zone, where no personal risk is involved. We’re just making up medals now. This is not kids’ t-ball where you get a ribbon for just showing up. This is warfare. Remember the proposed “Combat Restraint Medal” for troops in combat that did not engage the enemy? We are losing our collective minds and are blazing a trial to our nation’s surrender and eventual demise.

Allen West with Greta 2/11/13 “I thought that we lived in an America where you could have freedom of speech”


Allen West went “On the Record” Monday 2/11/13 with Greta van Sustren


VAN SUSTEREN: Was Dr. Carson’s speech inappropriate based on the location and the timing? Former congressman Allen West joins us. Good evening, sir.

ALLEN WEST, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: Good evening. How are you doing, Greta?

VAN SUSTEREN: Very well. And as you may have noted, that Dr. Carson is a world famous neurosurgeon making those comments has caused somewhat of a controversy among some because they were made at the prayer breakfast. Your thoughts on that, sir?

WEST: Well, I don’t think it should cause any controversy whatsoever. I thought that we lived in an America where you could have freedom of speech. And I believe that the doctor gave his assessment of some of the policies that involve his profession in the health care profession, and also talking about the culture of and the relationship of government to the individual.

Now, I think what has everyone upset is that he violated the unwritten rule of being an African-American male and he criticized the policies of President Obama, which I can somewhat understand, having been on the other side of a lot of attacks, as well.

But if you go back to September of 2012, there was the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Emanuel Cleaver, who gave an incredible statement saying that if anyone else were in the White House other than President Obama, that they would be marching on the White House, and that the President Obama knows that he is given a deference that would not be given to a white president.

And we were talking about the incredible 14 percent unemployment rate in the black community. And I think that we cannot continue to go on believing that all we can do is ask the president what his favorite color is and continue to have these softball interviews. We have to start talking about the policies that are failing this country, and I think Dr. Carson — hat tip to him for having that platform, being able to challenge those policies.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you think President Obama thought sitting there?

WEST: Well, I think he felt for the first time, Someone has stood up to me, because pretty much so, he’s been given a free pass, just recently, we saw in that “60 Minutes” interview. So it has become rather Pavolvian if you continue to reward this type of behavior and these type of failing policies without any type of challenge that comes from the media.

And furthermore, when you see him going out and about, he continues to be placed in front of, you know, the fawning audiences that just clap, and they become campaign rallies more than anything else. So I believe that it is time that we have to start standing up and challenging the president, and let’s see what happens tomorrow night with the State of the Union address.

VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman, let me go on to another topic. We have so much to talk to you about — I want to hear from you about. But I want to ask the viewers, do you think Dr. Carson’s speech was inappropriate for the prayer breakfast or not? Go to right now and tell us what you think about his speech at the prayer breakfast.

All right, Congressman, now I want to talk to you about SEAL Team 6 member who was shot — who was the one who shot and killed Usama bin Laden. Tonight he’s making new accusations against the Obama administration, the former SEAL telling Esquire magazine that after 16 years in the Navy, and having now left the Navy, he had no job, no health insurance and no protection for himself or his family. He says he fears for their safety, and he wants to draw attention to the Pentagon’s lack of support for troops once they come home.

Congressman, what do you think about this Navy SEAL’s accusation?

WEST: Well, interestingly enough, General George Washington, President George Washington, had a famous quote that said future generations will just their service to this country by how well we treat her veterans. And this is an example of exactly that.

You know, when you are in between that 15 to 20-year point, if you terminate your service, you do get a little bit less as far as a pension. And when you get to that 20-year point, that’s when you are considered retired.

Myself, I served 22 years. I got a 55 percent pension. But the thing is that when you look at Tricare benefits that this gentleman should have – – we should not have an administration that is going and trying to take away those Tricare benefits.

And here is the gentleman who took away the world’s most hated number one terrorist, and we should be treating him a whole lot better, and we should make sure because we are allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to pretty much operate freely in the United States of America, that he is protected and his family members are protected. And in transitioning out, he should have definitely had an incredible job opportunity waiting for him.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I think when people get wind of the fact that he’s looking for a job, you know, he ought to have one. You know, he has done the job that, you know, we all — he and his colleagues and so many in the military, but he and his colleagues in particular, the job of getting Usama bin Laden, something that we all so desperately wanted to have happen.

Congressman, thank you, sir.

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Allen West “President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East”


by Allen West

On Sec Def Leon Panetta’s statement re: opening up direct combat billets to women. First of all, women in combat zones are serving in combat and the new 21st century battlefield means anyone outside of their FOB( Forward Operating Base) will potentially be engaged in a combat situation.

However, to make the insidious policy decision that we shall now open up combat billets to women is something completely different. GI Jane was a movie and should not be the basis for a policy shift. I know Martha McSally, have known women who are Apache and Cobra helicopter pilots, and served with women who were MPs, but being on the ground and having to go mano y mano in close combat is a completely different environment.

I completely disagree with this decision and can just imagine all the third and fourth order effects and considerations for implementation, such as standards for training. Unless the Obama administration has not noticed we are fighting against a brutal enemy and now is not the time to play a social experiment with our ground combat forces. President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East. This is the misconceived liberal progressive vision of fairness and equality which could potentially lead to the demise of our military.

Rep. Allen West OP-ED for Politico “Still time to save small businesses”

By REP. ALLEN WEST | 9/20/12 6:08 AM EDT

Our nation has a defining choice to make, and time is short. The Pentagon is bracing for devastating cuts through sequestration. For the sake of national security, jobs and the next generation, we must stop this in its tracks. There is still time to fix it — if we show leadership and make tough choices.

The House has presented alternative plans to replace sequestration with thoughtful spending cuts. President Barack Obama has already missed his deadline, and failed to offer Congress even the most meager outline to prevent these cuts. This deep bite could have far-reaching consequences to military planning and the struggling economy.

The House Small Business Committee is set to hold a hearing Thursday to examine how these cuts will affect many small firms. The threatened haphazard slashing of programs already has contractors scrambling, with more jobs at risk. Economic progress is still far too weak and our nation’s security too important to sustain new job losses in military manufacturing, supply, research, development, testing and more.

Small businesses need a measure of certainty to survive and create the jobs our economy needs. “Small companies like mine,” Perry Casto of Allied Associates International, already told the committee, “however, do not have the fiscal resources to stay in business while the government sorts out the issues surrounding sequestration.”

The damage will likely be exacerbated because of the sequester’s arbitrary design. Cuts are not based on logic or military tactics. What calls for a scalpel will instead be subject to a cleaver, smiting even the most essential programs.

Americans unapologetically value a strong defense. Our nation exists because some had the courage to take up arms and defend their homes and their neighbors. History, along with events around the globe, justifies the need for a powerful force to ensure peace and prosperity. Americans will be rightly incensed as they learn more about this so-called “plan” to gut the military.


Rep. Allen West’s Statement on the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks:

“On this day, we remember the unconscionable attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda on the United States of America. This attack resulted in the loss of thousands of men and women, and American lives were changed forever.

Even though 11 years have passed, we all remember where we were when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in western Pennsylvania. The attack resulted in the loss of mothers, fathers, children, teachers, business people, firefighters, police officers, members of our armed forces, and many more victims who were doing nothing more than going to work or boarding an airplane.

On that September morning, America was a vulnerable target. Our adversaries believed we were a “sleeping giant” that had drifted back to sleep. Instead, this atrocity awoke the “giant” and resulted in a reaction from our country against those who wished to tread upon us.

Today, thanks to the brave warriors of the American Armed Forces and our Allies, Osama Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda has been diminished in Afghanistan and much of the Middle East and America has yet to see another attack of this magnitude on American soil.

Still, even with all of these accomplisments, we cannot become complacent.  Since 9/11, several attacks have taken the lives of innocent Americans.  The attacks on Fort Hood, Texas, as well as an attack at a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, and last year’s attacks on Americans serving overseas in Germany, in addition to numerous attempts here and overseas are evidence a radical, hateful, determined enemy still exists and is just as dangerous as ever.

We must be evermore vigilant and resolute to crush this enemy and prevent its resurgence and fulfillment of its global aspirations. Because of this enemy, America must continue to fund its military and support its Armed Forces to the fullest extent.  The lives of all Americans depend on it.”

VIDEO – Rep Allen West “The Impact of Military Cuts”

“The Military is here to defend us, not carry our debt”   From: AllenWestFL  | Mar 1, 2012

Rep. West interviews with Fox News Greta Van Susteren