Allen West “Watch LIVE the press conference today 9:30am ET Parents of Fallen Warriors speak out”


by Allen West via Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very big problem in Washington DC handling the truth. In August 2011, just months after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, a CH-47 helicopter loaded with America’s most elite warriors, US Navy SEALS, was shot down in Afghanistan. Today the parents of several of those fallen warriors will speak out about the mission and the failures which they believe led to the deaths of their sons. The group will include former constituents and friends of mine, Karen and Billy Vaughn, who lost their Son Petty Officer Aaron Vaughn in the incident. The press conference will be streamed live on starting at 9:30am EST. I will be there and ask you all to tune in and hear the truth from the parents of our warriors.

Congressman Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up, Legislative Updates and Highlights of the Week

Dear Patriots,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans. It is time to prepare our weekly update for dissemination.

L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu. I pray the Jewish community here in South Florida and across the globe enjoyed a wonderful and Happy Rosh Hashanah.

A week ago at this time, I was supposed to be visiting our men and women in combat theatre serving in Afghanistan.  However, for safety reasons, the trip for myself and other Members of Congress was canceled, with some blaming the escalation of violence in the Middle East on a YouTube video that upset the Islamic world.

My trip to Afghanistan was canceled, but it was not because of a Youtube video.  A series of coordinated terrorist attacks across the Islamic world and the fallout of protests are the result of America’s failed foreign policy.

The Obama Administration has lied and continues to lie to the American people concerning the situation in Libya and the Middle East.  The “public” story is that this was a spontaneous action related to a video. Further evidence has proven that Ansar al Sharia, a radical Islamic terrorist group aligned with Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, is responsible for the attack on our Consulate.  Even more disturbing is that Abu Sufian, the leader of Ansar al Sharia, was released from GITMO in 2007 after heavy political pressure.

The policy of appeasement communicated by President Obama’s speeches and visits to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt evidenced an American foreign policy weakness destined to fail.  It is telling that even at this time, President Obama has yet to visit our closest ally in the region, Israel.

The legacy of the Arab Spring that President Obama celebrates is sadly not any different from the legacy of President Jimmy Carter in Iran when the results of his action created a leadership void, eventually filled by radical Islamists.

Americans have been led to believe that killing Osama bin Laden is an example of sound foreign policy. That absurdity would be like President Franklin D. Roosevelt claiming credit for Operation Vengeance in 1943.  Operation Vengeance is the assault that led to the successful elimination of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto by an Army Air Corps fighter pilot with the support of Naval intelligence. The killing of Admiral Yamamoto did not end World War II, nor was it called foreign policy.  Operation Vengeance was a target of opportunity developed through intelligence, where the United States was able to break Japanese code and eventually ascertain Admiral Yamamoto’s flight schedule.

The Obama administration fails to understand the three levels of war — strategic, operational, and tactical — and instead rests its laurels on the tactical success of killing Osama bin Laden.

Vice President Joe Biden stated that when it comes to our foreign and economic policy,  the bumper sticker should read, “GM is alive. Osama is dead.”  True, but so is our Ambassador to Libya.

Since the 11th anniversary of 9/11, countless United States Embassies and Consulates have been attacked and ransacked, a United States Ambassador killed and possibly tortured, along with three other American citizens killed.  A United States Marine fighter squadron Commander has lost his life, six Harrier jets destroyed and two damaged, and a continuous string of “green on blue” attacks plague the peacekeeping efforts in Afghanistan.

The Obama Administration’s response has been:

–  $70,000 “apology” advertising campaign in Pakistan funded by United States taxpayers.

– Statement from the office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reiterating Islamic sensitivity training.

– A spot on David Letterman and parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

We wonder why we are being attacked.  I’ve said it countless times before and I’ll say it again. This President continues to show weakness with his lack of response. It’s no surprise President Jimmy Carter has been advocating for President Obama to follow his lead during the 444-day Iranian hostage crisis and “do nothing”, claiming it sometimes takes “more courage” to take that stance. From someone who spent 22 years in the Army and many years in the Middle East, I can tell you this line of thinking is insidious!

This is President Obama’s America as of September 2012:  failed economic policy, failed energy policy (unless you count Solyndra as a success), a failed foreign policy and failed national security. And he wants Americans to trust him???

I will say that “ending” the War in Iraq was not a foreign policy success. Iran is currently flying its Revolutionary Guards forces into Syria over Iraqi airspace. There are only two ways to end a war: you win or you lose. You cannot simply pack up and go home and declare success.

Political rhetoric is no substitute for sound foreign policy and strategic national security decision-making.

Americans are living through a really bad nightmare, and it’s time to wake up.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Legislative Update:

– Stopping President Obama’s War on Coal—On Friday, September 21, the United States House of Representatives passed the Stop the War on Coal Act, H.R. 3409, by a vote of 233-175, I VOTED YES. The bill would rein in the Obama Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) costly job-killing regulations, protect jobs, keep energy affordable, as well as prevent the premature closure of coal plants to ensure the lights stay on. The bill would seek to limit surface mining regulations and would require regulatory analysis and a cumulative cost analysis of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules.  The bill would also allow states to regulate coal ash and would move the authority for setting Clean Water Act water quality standards from the EPA to the states.

– Blocking the Obama Administration’s Welfare Work Waivers—On Thursday, September 20, the United States House of Representatives passed H.J. Res. 118,“Providing for congressional disapproval of the Administration’s July 12, 2012 waiver of welfare work requirements” by a vote of 250-164.  I VOTED YES. The bill would express Congress’s disapproval of the Obama Administration’s regulatory effort that will waive the work requirements of the 1996 welfare reform law, hold the Obama Administration accountable, and preserve critical reforms that have helped lift millions of American families out of poverty. For more information on the President’s attempt to weaken Temporary Assistance for Needy Families work requirements, click here.

House Republican Solutions:

Keeping the Pledge to America—House Republicans have taken bold steps to address our country’s biggest challenges; unfortunately President Obama’s failure to lead has become an obstacle to progress. Click here to review the key promises contained within the House Republican’s Pledge to America and actions taken by the House of Representatives to keep them

Highlights of the Week:

–  Sunday, 16 Sept; attended my home church services at Community Christian and was joined by eldest daughter Aubrey for a family lunch afterwards.

–  Monday, 17 Sept; conducted a few local interviews addressing the failure of Middle East foreign policy and the adverse effects of sequestration on our national security; attended my youngest daughter Austen’s, volleyball game. They won.

– Tuesday, 18 Sept; flew back to Washington DC for legislative session.

– Wednesday, 19 Sept; had breakfast at the Pentagon with my cousin, United Sates Air Force Major General Ed Bolton; met with United States Army Major Hursey for a professional development visit and update; met with representatives of the United States Aerospace Industries Association regarding the adverse effects of defense sequestration; participated in the House Armed Services Committee classified briefing update on Libya; addressed the Congressional Black Caucus Week Conservative reception at the Heritage Foundation, served as the “warm-up” speaker for former Congressman Artur Davis. Congressman Davis served as a Democrat in Congress for several years and is now a Republican. He has quite the story to tell.

– Thursday, 20 Sept; attended the National Franchisee Association and Burger King Corporation breakfast reception, major concern is tax and regulatory policies and how the Affordable Care Act is affecting small business owners; visited with United Technologies; attended the House Armed Services Committee full committee hearing with Vice Chiefs of our Armed Services and heard their concerns and plans for sequestration and the horrible hollowing of our military; met with Mr. Larry Williams, CEO of BRS Aerospace, and Defense Logistics Agency personnel on small business contracting issues; met with Command Sergeant Major of the US Army Reserves, Michael Schultz, as we discussed key operational issues and sequestration effects on the United States Army Reserve force; attended and served as acting Committee Chairman for the Small Business Committee hearing on sequestration and its effects on the defense industrial base and our small businesses.

– Friday, 21 Sept; addressed the Center for Security Policy Board of Regents breakfast on current national security concerns; met with former United States Ambassador Bruce Gelb to discuss Veterans and military issues; hosted and opened the National Black Pro-Life Coalition forum on Capitol Hill

Saturday, 22 Sept.; Watched some good ole’ College Football, cheered on my graduate school, Kansas State Wildcats, against Oklahoma Sooners.

Sunday, 23 Sept.: Church with family.

Rep. Allen West’s Statement on the 11th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks:

“On this day, we remember the unconscionable attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda on the United States of America. This attack resulted in the loss of thousands of men and women, and American lives were changed forever.

Even though 11 years have passed, we all remember where we were when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in western Pennsylvania. The attack resulted in the loss of mothers, fathers, children, teachers, business people, firefighters, police officers, members of our armed forces, and many more victims who were doing nothing more than going to work or boarding an airplane.

On that September morning, America was a vulnerable target. Our adversaries believed we were a “sleeping giant” that had drifted back to sleep. Instead, this atrocity awoke the “giant” and resulted in a reaction from our country against those who wished to tread upon us.

Today, thanks to the brave warriors of the American Armed Forces and our Allies, Osama Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda has been diminished in Afghanistan and much of the Middle East and America has yet to see another attack of this magnitude on American soil.

Still, even with all of these accomplisments, we cannot become complacent.  Since 9/11, several attacks have taken the lives of innocent Americans.  The attacks on Fort Hood, Texas, as well as an attack at a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, and last year’s attacks on Americans serving overseas in Germany, in addition to numerous attempts here and overseas are evidence a radical, hateful, determined enemy still exists and is just as dangerous as ever.

We must be evermore vigilant and resolute to crush this enemy and prevent its resurgence and fulfillment of its global aspirations. Because of this enemy, America must continue to fund its military and support its Armed Forces to the fullest extent.  The lives of all Americans depend on it.”

Rep Allen West joined Frank Gaffney and educates us on the war on terror – Audio

REP. ALLEN WEST of Florida educates us on the “real” war on terror as well as the connection between the hot and cold war’s America is engaged in. There is new evidence that Obama knew about bin Laden’s location 10 months prior to the SEAL raid, why did he wait?


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A conversation with Congressman Allen West – Death of Osama bin Laden 1 year later

By The Editors

AEI’s interview with Congressman Allen West is a part of the Enterprise blog’s latest symposium: Death of Osama bin Laden, one year later.

Q: What do you believe the killing of Osama bin Laden achieved?

Congressman West: In a tactical sense, the achievement was that you took out the current leader or a figurehead for al Qaeda. But in a larger strategic sense, it doesn’t mean as much because the organization is still around and you know, we have to be concerned about the potential of body bombs being used on our aircraft. So we can’t be focused on this, it was a great thing that happened, all the credit goes to our men in Navy Seal uniforms that went across the border in that late night raid operation. But we still have to stay focused on—like the State Department official said—on the war on terrorism, which is a hollow misnomer, it is not over.

Q: Do you think, as some have suggested, “that the war on terrorism is over,” that al Qaeda is finished?

Congressman West: Well, this is why I get kind of upset—we are really narrowing the focus. Al Qaeda is just one terrorist organization. We have to realize that before al Qaeda, the Islamic terrorist organization that inflicted the most causalities on America was Hezbollah. So just because you are focused on al Qaeda… what about Hezbollah? What about Hamas? What about al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade? What about the al-Quds Brigade? What about the Muslim Brotherhood? What about Jamaat al-Islamiyya? What about Abu Sayyaf? We can go on ad nauseum. At a strategic level, we really are missing out on who we are fighting against, we are trying to narrow it down to one specific organization, which would be just like saying the United States of America is fighting about one infantry battalion.

Q: Do you believe that the United States has appropriately addressed the fact that bin Laden was found, having lived many years, just outside of Islamabad?

Congressman West: We have not appropriately looked at that. We have not appropriately dealt with the sanctuaries of the enemy that are within Pakistan. We all know that the Haqqani network, which is probably inflicting the most casualties right now, is right across the border in Pakistan and is operating freely. We have to be honest about the fact that now we come to find out that Osama bin Laden was bouncing around all over Pakistan for the last five to six years or so, we have to be serious about denying enemy sanctuaries wherever he is, we have to cordon off his ability to have a sphere of influence, and we have to win the information operations propaganda war, and we have got to, from a strategic level, cut off his men, material, and financial support. Those are the critical types of strategic level objectives that we should be looking at.

Q: Why do you think it took so long to find bin Laden? Do you think we failed to devote sufficient resources to the hunt?

Congressman West: I can’t make that assessment because I don’t know what resources were allocated to it. Look, you were looking for a needle in a haystack. So you were piecing together many different leads and trying to pull this operation together. I think that when we did get the right, actionable intelligence and the 75-80% confirmed solution, our special operators did a magnificent job. These things are not very easy to do and when you go back and think about how during the Carter administration we gutted our CIA and those intelligence gathering capabilities and we had to be able to infiltrate some of these organizations—it was very hard to get them built back up.

Q: It is hard to know whether we devoted the appropriate resources, because so much was invisible to us. But right now we are seeing unprecedented disinvestment in our military. Do you think that the current trends in investment in the military and in all of our forces are going to have an impact on our ability to conduct these kind of operations in the future?

Congressman West: Absolutely. We are going in the wrong direction. This belief coming out of the State Department that the war on terrorism is over… you see a commander in chief in President Obama that is really not concerned about these additional sequestration cuts that could hit the military, that take us down to somewhat post-World War I levels when you see more volatility in the world right now. Strategically, we are not going in the right direction—you can’t take your Army from 45 combat brigade formations down to 32; you can’t take your Marine Corps down to 181,000, or take your Navy down to 230 naval war vessels when in the 1990s we were at 570. And you are cutting nine Air Force fighter squadrons. We are really not sitting down and doing what a prudent commander in chief would do, which is look at the geographical areas of responsibility and lay out the breadth of those AORs for the next 10-15 years and develop the right type of requirements, capabilities, and capacities to meet those threats. You can’t make the military the bill payer for the fiscal irresponsibility of Washington, DC. The defense budget is only about 19.4%; the true drivers of our debt are the mandatory spending programs—Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the net interest on the debt—and that’s what we should be focused on.