@AllenWest This morning Cokie Roberts asserted that TX, NC, and others who support Voter ID are “evil.”

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by Allen West via Facebook

This morning political analyst Cokie Roberts asserted that Texas, North Carolina, and others who support Voter ID are “evil.” Ms. Roberts is obviously employing the ol’ Alinsky tactic of demonizing your opposition. However, to show how completely stupid her comment is, I bring to her attention the fact that picture ID was required for entry to last year’s DNC convention in Charlotte. Evil, Ma’am? The progressive socialist design to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic means control of the electoral system in order to guarantee a permanent national majority and one party rule. Next time Ms. Roberts takes a flight and must present her picture ID at TSA security checkpoint, will she call them evil? And, oh by the way Ma’am, black voter participation rates surpassed whites in the last two presidential cycles.

BE ONE IN A MILLION: DONATE to Dr.Marion Thorpe for US Congress -FL CD20 Defeat Alcee Hastings

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Dr. Thorpe was born in North Carolina to wonderful parents who were career educators at the college level. They instilled in him the important values of faith in God, hard work, education, family, responsibility, caring for your neighbors and fulfilling your dreams with integrity. Those fundamental values have shaped his character and his career and formed the basis for his lifelong commitment as a strong conservative. They taught him that America is the greatest country and to look for opportunities not excuses.

After working hard and successfully completing honors classes in high school, Dr Thorpe was widely recruited as a star basketball player by over 100 major colleges and eventually chose Duke University after receiving a phone call from Duke president Terry Sanford, a former US Senator. 

Early during his college years, Dr. Thorpe lost his father to cancer, his grandmother, his dog, and several other family members within a three month period. Mentored by Coach K, he made an important decision then to commit himself even more to excellence in his pre-med studies and he graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a BS in Psycholgy and Biology.

Dr. Thorpe received his MD and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the U of North Carolina. He completed his internship in internal medicine and psychiatry at Tulane Medical Center. Instead of clinical medicine, he decided to focus on healthcare administration and reform and his career has been marked with great achievements in this field.

In 2004, Gov Jeb Bush asked Dr Thorpe to serve as Secretary of Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration and then in 2005 he was appointed Florida’s Chief Medical Officer for AHCA. Dr. Thorpe has also served as Chair of Health Care IT Committee of Broward County Medical Association and Dr Thorpe was elected Chair of the Medicaid Reform Advocates Coalition, an organization composed of 99% democrats.

Dr Thorpe also developed a master plan for Public-Private-Partnerships between Hospitals & Community that is widely recognized as creative and highly cost-effective.


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Is Sharia Law Already In America by Peter Paton

by Peter Paton

The tell tale signs of Sharia Law are already emerging in America if the perceptive and intuitive observer looks close enough to the shifting political and cultural sands throughout the Fifty states of the Union.The distinct possibility that we may see a colossal Islamic Victory Mosque appearing from the fallen ashes of the sacred grounds of Ground Zero in New York, is not only alarming but highly disturbing to the collective mindset of the American people.Further tensions have been stoked by North Carolina Democrat Governor Betty Perdue suggesting that Congressional elections could be suspended by the Obama Administration if a State of Emergency exists in the Republic, a ploy seen by many commentators on the Right, as testing the political waters by President Obama, for a possible suspension of the 2012 Presidential election in similar prevailing circumstances.

The punitive crackdown on the Wall St protesters by Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the controversial advice from the New York Police Department advising women not to wear mini skirts because it encourages rape, has angered women’s advocates and movements to defend their rights by organizing the highly visible Slutwalk demonstration in the Big Apple, to show that they won’t be cowed into sacrificing their rights and principles to choose, and be compelled to comply with the Islamic Sharia Law that all women must wear burkas and hijabs in public.

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