FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tim Edson Campaign Mgr for Allen West Released the Following Statement



 Stuart, FL – West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding the 19th Circuit Court’s ruling today against Patrick Murphy’s attempt to halt the retabulation of early votes:

“We are pleased the judge did not concede to Murphy’s desperate demands to halt the retabulation of early votes already underway in St. Lucie County. Clearly, if the canvassing board has already agreed there were discrepancies and under- or over-counted ballots, it would make no sense to halt the retabulation. From the start, Murphy’s motion was procedurally and substantively lacking.
Once again, all we have ever asked for is a fair and accurate count of the votes to preserve the integrity of the voting process for the citizens of District 18. Integrity is something Patrick Murphy and his band of lawyers seem to have in short supply, as evidenced by their continued attempts to prevent votes from being counted.”

Patriots Join Forces to Stand Up For The Man Who Won’t Concede to Corruption – Allen West



Allen West Republic, who is NOT an “Official” part of the “Allen West for Congress” campaign, has and is coordinating it’s efforts with the citizens of South Florida and the entire nation in an effort to insure that EVERY VOTE in St. Lucie County is properly counted.

Spokesperson for the group, John Swetland said: “We do not understand how Patrick Murphy, a Certified Public Accountant, would not want to see the same outcome: A fair election, where the man with the most votes wins, NOT the man who was fortunate enough to have the mistakes of the SOE go his way”.

Allen West Republic has successfully utilized the people within it’s Facebook Group and Fan pages to gather and coordinate people from the FL-18 district area and surrounding areas. Local mobilization was led by a dynamic husband/wife team of Gary & Melinda Galiano, along with others who have been steadfast to Congressman West’s efforts for over 2 years. People have come en-mass, either showing up to demonstrate, bring food, or witness the recounts. Mark Bonner, creator of the Breitbart-One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened” and their 41K members were vital to sharing our message and gathering some of their members who live in the St Lucie area and across south Florida.

Tanya Grimsley, the backbone of the groups social networking efforts, recapped yesterdays events: “The decision was made by the court to stop Allen West from preempting the Board. Judge Vaughn did not feel that with the evidence presented by West that he could intervene and force a recount. So, Murphy’s attorney, SOE’s attorney and the attorney for the Canvassing board made their main point that the Judge would supersede the law if the judge ordered Board to do a recount and they won. The Canvassing Board met at 4 PM yesterday and after a very long wait and delay and letting the people actually speak they then decided on their own 2-1 vote to do the recount. NOW Murphy’s attorneys want an injunction to stop the recount. ASKING that same judge to intervene.”

Statement from the Official West Campaign:


Stuart, FL – West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding Patrick Murphy’s lawyers’ attempt to get the 19th Circuit Court Judge to disallow the retabulation of early votes agreed to by the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board:

“In a last-ditch effort to suppress the vote, Murphy’s lawyers submitted sloppy and incomplete papers to the Court this morning to try to strong-arm the judge into preventing today’s retabulation already underway. The Murphy team’s motion is procedural and substantively lacking. With every action attempted, Murphy demonstrates a complete lack of respect and utter disregard for the voters of St. Lucie County.

Murphy’s efforts bring to mind the dark times in our nation’s history when politicians tried to manipulate the law to suppress the votes, and we are appalled by Murphy’s apparent contempt for the voting rights of citizens to have their ballots accurately and fairly tabulated.

Murphy knows there are votes that have not been counted, but he’s taking legal action to ensure the results are certified anyway. Perhaps the Justice Department should investigate Murphy’s attempt to steal himself a seat in Congress at the expense of the voters in St. Lucie County.”

Swetland when asked about the missing ballots had this to say: “Well we do not know WHY they went missing, we can only assume. Last night they found 304 more missing ballots…that is in addition to all the other errors throughout the week, but of that I do not have an accurate number that I’d be comfortable quoting.”


Also involved in helping support us: St Lucie County Republican Party, Palm Beach County Tea Party, Craig Andresen with The National Patriot, Leisa Audette of 100% Fed Up, Palm Beach County GOP and many more

Rep. Allen West “In these final days, desperation will continue to grow, we need to fight back”


Despite the millions in false attacks from George Soros, the Murphy family, and national liberals, you’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with me and I want to thank you.

Here’s the deal. In these final days, they’re not likely to back down and their desperation will continue to grow. In order to fight back and ensure we have the resources to win, we set an online fundraising goal of $1 million and 12,000 donations for October. 

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Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

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WATCH: Rep Allen West “My opponent Patrick Murphy and I have very different plans for the country”


My opponent Patrick Murphy and I have very different plans for the country.

Murphy’s plan includes the largest tax increase in history for the Middle Class, $716 billion in cuts to Medicare, and job-crushing regulations and taxes on small business.

We’re 12 days out from the election and we need to make sure every voter is familiar with Patrick Murphy’s dangerous policies.

Take a moment to watch our new ad “Murphy’s Plan. Help us finish our media campaign strong and counter the attacks from left-wing groups. Click here to make a contribution of $35 or more today. 

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West

Rep. Allen West “Murphy Trailing in the Polls and Unable to Talk About the Issues” VIDEO CBS News

Dear Friends,

Trailing in the polls and unable to talk about the issues, my opponent’s allies are stealing and vandalizing signs throughout our district. Juvenile behavior, but that isn’t particularly surprising coming from Patrick Murphy.

CBS News recently did a report on their shenanigans which you can watch here. This Murphy supporter was even caught in the act: 



With your help we will buy more signs and fight back:

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West

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Murphy and his liberal friends will stop at nothing to smear Allen West – West Needs Your Help


Patrick Murphy and his liberal friends will stop at nothing to smear Allen West. They have run some of the most disgraceful ads of the election cycle attacking Allen’s military service.

Not too long ago, we started running a powerful ad about Former Sergeant Robert Delgado’s experience in Iraq, where Allen West was his commander and saved his life. You can watch the ad here.

We need to increase the budget for this ad in order to combat Murphy’s lies and spread the truth. We’ll need to make our budget decision by Tuesday evening — and it largely depends on how well our online fundraising is going.

Will you help us keep this positive message on the air these final two weeks? Donate $35 here:

Thanks for your support,

Tim Edson
Campaign Manager

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The Allen West-Patrick Murphy poll has more Democrats supporting the Republican

by Andrew Abramson | October 8th, 2012 for Post on Politics

The West-Murphy poll also had more Democrats supporting the Republican than Republicans supporting the Democrat. Of 350 Democrats polled, 15.1 percent said they would vote for West. Of 406 Republicans polled, 7.9 percent said they would vote for Murphy. West led Murphy 50.4 percent to 43.4 percent among 113 independent voters surveyed, with 6.2 percent undecided.

All eight of the congressional polls surveyed only residents who had voted in the last four years and said they were planning to vote on Nov. 6. The new poll released today by



VIDEO – At First Forum, Allen West Deals in Ideas and Facts, Patrick Murphy In Dishonest Talking Points

Now We See Why Patrick Murphy Won’t Debate


Stuart, FL – It is now even more clear why Patrick Murphy refuses debates–he has nothing to say other than memorized talking points.  West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding the clear contrast between Allen West and Patrick Murphy at today’s St. Lucie County League of Women Voter’s Forum:

“After weeks of running from debates and forums Patrick Murphy had to face Allen West today.  Murphy originally agreed to participate in this forum knowing that votes were scheduled in the House of Representatives and Allen West wouldn’t be able to participate.  Unfortunately for Patrick Murphy, the House calendar changed allowing West to attend.

Those in attendance were presented a clear choice between Allen West, a leader who has served our nation and put principles and solutions before partisan politics, and an empty suit in Patrick Murphy who repeats scripted talking points about bringing people together, only to expose his lack of ideas and hypocrisy at every turn by attacking Allen West with lies and divisive smears.

From the outset, Allen West had command of the issues, put forward solutions, and talked in detail about the issues facing the Treasure Coast.  A nervous Patrick Murphy stuck to his script and outlined in the vaguest terms his support for Obamacare, the failed stimulus that lined his family’s pockets, and job-destroying tax increases while continually glancing at his handlers and family for approval.  With the serious challenges facing the nation, Floridians need a leader, not another bad actor like Patrick Murphy.

In just over two weeks, Patrick Murphy will have to face Allen West in a real debate. Murphy might want to start learning the issues because, despite Murphy’s best efforts to exclude them, this debate will include rebuttals and Murphy will quickly be off script.  Just like his campaign, when Murphy gets off script he’ll go completely off the rails.”

Murphy continues to trail in the polls by double digits despite millions in left-wing Super PAC attacks and Murphy’s father’s racist attack ads.  Desperate and behind in the polls, the Murphy campaign grows increasingly shrill and divisive day by day.

MEDIA ADVISORY First Allen West-Murphy Face-off at League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

 **Media Advisory**


First West-Murphy Face-off at League of Women Voters Candidate Forum 

Will Patrick Murphy Even Show up?

Stuart, FL –  For the first time, Congressman Allen West and Patrick Murphy will appear on the same stage at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum. Patrick Murphy has refused Allen West’s challenge for four debates and attacked the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches and the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce for offering to host debates. While Allen West relishes the opportunity to meet opponents in the ideological arena, Patrick Murphy tried everything he could to avoid the embarrassment of having his lack of knowledge and ideas exposed.

Thursday, October 4th
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
What:   League of Women Voters Candidates Forum – While the event starts at 9:00 a.m. it is anticipated that West and Murphy will not begin until approximately 10:30 a.m as the Forum includes many local and state candidates
Where:  St. Lucie County Commissioners Chamber, 2300 Virginia Avenue, Ft. Pierce
For more information, please contact Michele Hickford at (954) 803-8365 .

Murphy Staffer has Meltdown at Candidate Forum – Lashes out at event moderator – Allen West for Congress

Stuart, FL – On Monday night at the Coalition of Sandpiper Bay Associations (COSBA) Candidates Forum 2012 in Pt. St Lucie, a senior staffer for Patrick Murphy’s congressional campaign had a public meltdown after the organizers allowed a statement from Allen West to be read aloud at the event.

In accordance with the Forum rules, a candidate is allowed 3 minutes for a closing comment, and may use that time however he or she sees fit. For her closing statement, Representative Gayle Harrell, who is running for re-election in Florida House District 81, yielded 2 minutes of her time to read West’s statement, just before Murphy took to the stage.

A visibly nervous Murphy then took to the microphone for his turn at the Forum. At the event’s close, one of Murphy’s staffers approached Richard McAfoos, the event moderator, and loudly and rudely berated him for allowing the statement, accusing McAfoos of unfairness, saying it violated their trust and damaged the integrity of the organization.

“I was frankly shocked to hear the comments from Patrick Murphy’s staff, but it’s clear Murphy and his team are growing increasingly angry and desperate,” said Michele Hickford, West for Congress press secretary, “Mr. McAfoos is a true gentleman, and the event was very professionally and fairly run. If the Murphy camp gets this upset over a written statement from Allen West, I can only imagine how unhinged they’ll be when Allen West is actually in the same room. No wonder Patrick Murphy has been hiding ever since Allen West issued a challenge for debates across the Treasure Coast open to the public.”

Here is the statement in its entirety:

 “Greetings to all the members of the Sandpiper Bay Associations attending the candidates’ forum tonight. I’m sorry I can’t be with you in person as I am out of state.

But I am definitely with you in spirit – the spirit we share as fellow citizens of this great nation.

On the sixth of November, you will be called upon to choose the direction and future of these United States of America. You will not simply be choosing one candidate or another, you will be choosing the future direction of our Republic.

The question is not whether one candidate is nicer or more likable or even easier to relate to. The fundamental question you must ask yourself is what sort of a nation shall we be? And what does it mean to be an American?

Some will say the government must try “new ideas” in order to get our nation back on track. But these “new ideas” are nothing more than a repeat of failed liberal progressive policies, which have never succeeded anywhere they’ve been tried.

In this election, I pray my fellow Americans will wake up to the reality of what lies ahead if we do not reform our mandatory spending programs, reduce the regulatory red tape strangling our small businesses, institute sound fiscal and tax policies, and slow down the growth of the welfare nanny-state.

Throughout this nation’s history, our greatest prosperity has come when our citizens had unfettered freedom to innovate, build and expand, and our government focused on its most important role – that of ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

My fellow Americans, I hope you will choose wisely this November, not just for yourself, but for your children and your grandchildren. God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.”