Allen West “Told You So: 300,000 Floridians Losing Coverage” #Obamacare


by Allen West via Facebook

Last year at town hall meetings, when I warned of the dangers of Obamacare and Floridians losing their coverage, liberal progressives called me an “extremist.” Hate to say “I told you so” but Florida Blue has announced they’re dumping 80% of their individual policies. Yep the truth is pretty extreme.

Here’s the full story:


Rep Allen West “Let’s End The Devastating Effects Of Obamanomics – Sign The Petition Today”

Let’s End The Devastating Effects Of Obamanomics

Today, President Obama is giving a speech in Florida about the economy. Since the President took office, the national debt has grown over $5 trillion, Florida’s unemployment remains above 9 percent, 1 in 7 Americans are dependent on food stamps, and 1 in 4 homes are underwater.

The facts are clear: Obamanomics is not working.

Tell President Obama we need fiscal policies that will reduce government spending, pay down the debt, get Floridians working again, and grow our economy. Stand with Allen West and sign the petition by clicking here:  Allen West for Congress