Allen West “Further testimony of the growth of the welfare nanny-state”


by Allen West via Facebook

“Further testimony of the growth of the welfare nanny-state: In January, there was a record 8.8 million Americans on Disability – and 8.5 million Americans left the labor force in President Obama’s first term. Coincidence? We are bankrupting Social Security Disability because as the 99 weeks unemployment run out folks are then applying for this. To paraphrase Milton Friedman, if you pay people not to work, you’ll get a lot of people signing up for that job.”


Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker. by Richard A. Viguerie

Dear Constitutional Friend,

I wanted to thank you for downloading the e-pamphlet The Law That Governs Government, and give you a quick update about just  how widely the message is being spread, and how well it’s been  received.

Individuals and groups are doing what we had hoped, which is posting the e-pamphlet on their websites and blogs.  We waived  copyright restrictions for that reason: We want people to spread the  message, and we aren’t concerned with who gets credit.

The  message of reclaiming the Constitution is bubbling up from the grassroots –  which is what James Madison described in Federalist No. 44 as “a remedy obtained from the people.”

We will succeed only if we continue to  impress upon elected officials the need to follow the Constitution, and elect only those who are faithful to the Constitution as the law that governs government.

In the 2010 we saw the first fruits of the Tea Party, constitutional conservative movement at the national election level. Let’s make the 2012 election an even bigger shift to electing constitutionally faithful representatives.

Please, continue to share and spread the e-pamphlet.  Feel free to use portions of it for letters to the editor in your local newspapers. Don’t forget the 30 questions to test candidates’ knowledge of, and fidelity to, the Constitution in Appendix I of the e-pamphlet. The pamphlet is even being used in classrooms.

We are mailing the pamphlet to key constitutional conservatives such as elected officials, leaders of conservative organizations, cable and talk radio show hosts, and editorial writers.

But, this is a “bubble-up” message and movement. Politicians and others will begin to address the Constitution as the law that governs government if they sense that the people demand it.

So, whatever you can do to spread the e-pamphlet and its message will have an exponential effect.

Thank you for what you do for freedom.

P.S.  Below are just a few examples showing the wide range of how well The Law That Governs Government is being received.  Also, a two-page summary of The Law That Governs Government, which may be easier to forward to friends,
can be downloaded here. The full 63-page e-pamphlet may, of course, be downloaded for free at