Allen West “A mix of bad ideas and lip service to good ones”


Courtesy of Allen West – Weekly Update on Next Generation TV via PJTV

The president paid lip service to tax reform, but if you raise rates and close loopholes, that is double taxation. Furthermore, we have heard this in several Obama State of the Union addresses but have yet to see him move toward a flat income tax or a consumption-based tax policy.

Right now, the tax code is over 73,900 pages long.

Manufacturing in America, meanwhile, is recovering despite the president and his regulatory environment, yet he wants Congress to create a network of 15 manufacturing hubs. That sounds like nationalizing production to me.

How about we let the private sector expand manufacturing? Just give them the proper tax and regulatory policies for growth and expansion.

Obama’s talk about energy policy did not mention the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is truly a shovel-ready project, unlike the stimulus projects the president touted back in 2009. The Keystone endeavor submitted its application for approval 1,607 days ago, just a tad longer than our not having a budget.

Instead, it seems like the president wants to invest in more “green energy” follies. I suppose he did not learn anything from Solyndra and the several other bankruptcies, all on the backs of American taxpayers.

Obama is proposing a new Energy Security Trust, which would be nothing more than a government slush fund from increased taxes on the oil and natural gas industry. Again, he wants to nationalize production. All the American people will get are more government subsidies for an ideological, failed energy agenda.

And then there is Obama’s proposed “fix it first” program for infrastructure – read: stimulus with a twist. Add to that his idea for a “Partnership to Rebuild America,” a bid to attract private capital to upgrade ports, pipelines (just not Keystone XL) and schools. OK folks, unless you are asleep, read that as taxing people.

Rep Allen West calls it the “Kansas City Shuffle” Read “Obama’s Keystone Jujitsu”

There was an ole R&B song called the “Kansas City Shuffle”- it talked about how if you look right– they go left..

“There was an ole R&B song called the “Kansas City Shuffle”- it talked about how if you look right– they go left. It seems that this is exactly what happened yesterday with the duplicitous decision from President Obama on the Keystone XL project. My Mom taught me early about the  Book of James Chapter 1 Verse 8, “he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways”. That is why she instructed me that a Man must stand for something or else he shall fall for anything. – Rep Allen West”

President Obama claims that voters aren’t stupid about gas prices, but then they’d have to be to understand his energy policy. Try to parse the latest turn—make that backward triple somersault with two twists—in the Keystone XL pipeline saga.

Yesterday TransCanada announced that it plans to break up the $7.6 billion project into several stand-alone parts, beginning immediately with a leg connecting Cushing, Oklahoma with the Gulf Coast. The original plan was to connect U.S. refiners with Alberta’s oil sands crude and other Canadian and U.S. energy resources, but to mollify the environmental lobby Mr. Obama’s State Department refused to issue the cross-border permits last month.

Now, apparently, it’s time to mollify the Administration’s union supporters that favored the thousands of jobs that the shovel-ready Keystone would have thrown off—not to mention the many not-so-stupid voters who’ve noticed Mr. Obama’s antijobs politics. The White House immediately put out a statement claiming that “The President welcomes today’s news” and even that “we support the company’s interest in proceeding with this project.”

In other words, Mr. Obama is simultaneously opposing and supporting the Keystone XL. The only problem is that he hasn’t had a change of heart on the important part. The new side-project will help alleviate some of the bottlenecks around Cushing, but it doesn’t do anything to get oil from Canada to the U.S., which is the main point of the pipeline.

The White House has also been encouraging TransCanada to reapply before the November election for a new permit from State that it may never receive if Mr. Obama wins the election, in another bid to have it both ways. Perhaps TransCanada should call Mr. Obama’s bluff. Split the Keystone into two sections, each running a mile or so up to the 49th parallel, and then let State decide on the short interconnection. It isn’t any crazier than the status quo.

by Congressman Allen West “This is, to put it politely, a crock.”

Tomorrow marks three years since the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama, and yesterday’s Keystone XL project decision is reflective of his failure. It is also an indicator as to what President Obama has as his core motivation, a radical left wing big government socialist agenda. If Senator Harry Reid and President Obama consider me an obstructionist, that is a moniker I am glad to accept in light of their abject lack of leadership and direction. The alternative would be to surrender the Country I love, a Constitutional Republic I, and my family, swore to defend. That ain’t happening so fight’s on!

The central conflict of the Obama Presidency has been between the jobs and growth crisis he inherited and the President’s hell-for-leather pursuit of his larger social-policy ambitions. The tragedy is that the economic recovery has been so lackluster because the second impulse keeps winning.

Yesterday came proof positive with the White House’s repudiation of the Keystone XL pipeline, TransCanada’s $7 billion shovel-ready project that would support tens of thousands of jobs if only it could get the requisite U.S. permits. Those jobs, apparently, can wait.

Unless the President objected, December’s payroll tax deal gave TransCanada the go-ahead in February to start building the pipeline, which would travel 1,661 miles from Alberta to interconnections in Oklahoma and then carry Canadian crude to U.S. refiners on the Gulf Coast.

The State Department, which presides over the Keystone XL review because it would cross the 49th parallel, claimed yesterday that the two-month Congressional deadline was too tight “for the President to determine whether the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest.” The White House also issued a statement denouncing Congress’s “rushed and arbitrary deadline,” which merely passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

This is, to put it politely, a crock.

Keystone XL has been planned for years and only became a political issue after the well-to-do environmental lobby decided to make it a station of the green cross. TransCanada filed its application in 2008, and State determined in 2010 and then again last year that the project would have “no significant impacts” on the environment, following exhaustive studies. The Environmental Protection Agency chose to intervene anyway, and the political left began to issue ultimatums and demonstrate in front of the White House, so President Obama decided to defer a final decision until after the election.

The missed economic opportunity was spelled out Tuesday by Mr. Obama’s own Jobs Council, which released a report that endorsed an “all-in approach” on energy, including the “profound new opportunities in shale gas and unconventional oil.” The 27 members handpicked by the President recommended that he support “policies that facilitate the safe, thoughtful and timely development of pipeline, transmission and distribution projects,” and they warned that failing to do so “would stall the engine that could become a prime driver of U.S. jobs and growth in the decades ahead.”

Only last week the White House issued a “jobs” report praising domestic energy production, but that now looks like political cover for this anti-jobs policy choice.

State did give TransCanada permission to reapply using an alternate route, timetable indefinite. The construction workers, pipefitters, mechanics, welders and electricians who might otherwise be hired for the project—well, they must be thrilled with this consolation prize. Not to mention all the other Americans who might fill “spin-off” jobs on the pipeline’s supply chain like skilled manufacturers and equipment suppliers, or still others who might work in oil refining and distribution.

Environmentalists seem to think they can prevent the development of Canada’s oil-rich tar sands, and that their rallies against Keystone XL will keep that carbon in the ground. They can’t, and it won’t. America’s largest trading partner will simply build a pipeline to the Pacific coast from Alberta and sell its petroleum products to Asia instead, China in particular.

Such green delusions are sad, and Mr. Obama’s pandering is sadder, though everything the country stands to lose is saddest. If Mitt Romney and the other GOP candidates have any political wit, they’ll vindicate the Keystone’s “national interest” and make Mr. Obama explain why job creation is less important than the people who make a living working for the green anti-industrial complex.

Taken directly from Congressman Allen West’s Facebook Page

Rep. Allen West Statement Condemning State Department for Denying Keystone Pipeline Project

(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today upon learning of the State Department’s decision not to issue a permit to begin construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, before the February 21st deadline:

“It is absolutely irresponsible that the President would block a project such as the Keystone XL pipeline – a project that industry experts say would create at least 20,000 American jobs and be essential in helping jumpstart the American economy.  This decision today is further evidence that President Obama is not serious about setting the conditions for job creation nor working towards our energy independence as it relates to our national security.  Once again, President Obama has shown that his reelection and pandering to his left wing liberal environmental base is more important than securing the future for our nation.  The ramifications of this utterly disturbing politically motivated decision will be far and wide.  Congratulations China.”

Rep Allen West Supports the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act – here’s why

(WASHINGTON) – Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after joining 224 Republicans and 10 Democrats of the House of Representatives in support of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act:

“Today I joined a bipartisan coalition of Members of the House of Representatives, putting Americans before politics and voting in favor of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act.

I support this legislation because both the extension of the payroll tax holiday and the extension of unemployment insurance program are paid for. Further, the legislation protects the social security program for both today and future retirees.  This, however, must be the last time we take this course of action.

The legislation also prevents a reduction of physician reimbursement from the Medicare program. These reimbursements are essential to the doctors who provide medical services to the seniors who reside in South Florida and throughout the United States.

The bill also requires President Barack Obama to issue a permit for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline will create thousands of needed jobs as well as assist our nation work towards energy independence.

However, I am disappointed in the House Leadership who again waited until the 11th hour to take care of the business of the citizens of this nation even though we have known about these issues all year.  I am also disappointed that this  legislation only provides a band aid to a long-term national problem. As Members of the United States Congress, we have a duty to lead from the front – especially on the toughest of issues.

The American people are tired of last minute ‘Christmas Tree’ legislation. However, when you have a disconnected United States Senate and an absence of leadership from the White House, the House of Representatives finds itself in this same scenario over and over again this Congress.

Those who voted against this piece of legislation seek to offer the American people short-term candy which is long-term poison.  It should be noted that this bill includes twelve provisions that President Obama, himself, supports. The pertinent question is–Are the Democrats serious about setting the conditions for job growth in America or do they just want victims and economic slaves?

*The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act does the following:

• Extends the 2 percent reduction on the employee side of the Social Security payroll for one year from 6.2% to 4.2% for one year;

• Lowers the self-employment tax by 2 percentage points for one year. Self-employed Americans have to pay both the employee and employer payroll tax;

• Extends and reforms the temporary expansion of the unemployment compensation program for one year. Reforms include capping unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to 59 weeks; requires recipients to actively search for work, enroll in a GED program if they do not have a high school degree, and participate in training programs; and allows states to test unemployment insurance participants for drug use;

• Requires the President to issue a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline project within 60 days of enactment. The Keystone XL pipeline project is estimated to create over 20,000 jobs in the United States;

• Provides Regulatory Relief to require the EPA to issue rulings to replace four recently published, interrelated EPA rules setting Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) to block the implementation of four EPA proposed regulations on industrial boilers, process heaters, and incinerators

• Extends the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program through September 30, 2012;

• Prevents a 27.4% physician reimbursement cut scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2012, and instead provides a 1% increase in reimbursement levels in 2012 and another 1% increase in 2013. This is the Physician Payment Update, or so-called “Doc Fix;”

• Provides a one–year extension through December 31, 2012, of increased Medicare payments for urban ground ambulance services (2% increase), rural ground ambulance services (3% increase), as well as for “super-rural” areas as calculated by the HHS Secretary;

• Extends the Medicare therapy caps exceptions process for two years through December 31, 2013. Under current law, Medicare Part B outpatient physical and speech language therapy services have a combined cap of $1,880 per year;

• Extends for one year through the Qualified Individual (QI) program – the federal reimbursement program to states that assists certain low-income duel eligible individuals with their Medicare Part B premiums;

• Reauthorizes and reforms the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through September 30, 2016;

• Prohibits millionaires from receiving food stamp benefits and unemployment insurance; and

• Extends the pay freeze on federal workers through 2013.


Allen West: Obama’s Delay of Keystone XL Pipeline is “Pathetic”

photo by Starla M Brown

By Matthew Hendley On Broward Palm Beach Blogs

Rep. Allen West isn’t too happy about the State Department’s decision — or as West says, “Campaigner-in-Chief” Obama’s decision — to delay the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which means it’s time for another rhetoric-loaded statement from the congressman.

According to the State Department, a more thorough analysis of some of the issues regarding the pipeline — chiefly the environmental issues of running it through the Sand Hills in Nebraska — would put the project back up for consideration in 2013.

In West’s opinion, that’s “pathetic.”

“Campaigner-in-Chief is at it again, this time denying America a positive step towards achieving energy independence,” West says. “The President’s decision to delay further study of the Keystone XL oil sands project is an indicator that American jobs, restoring our economy, and our national security is not as important as his personal self-interest and that of radical environmentalists…..pathetic.”