Allen West “This left me speechless”


Friends, this left me speechless.

This week White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked which of the scandals currently plaguing the White House President Obama thought was “phony.” Shockingly…he had a very specific answer. Benghazi and the IRS.

Carney answered, “Whether it’s about the attacks in Benghazi and the talking points, or revelations about conduct at the IRS — that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed.”

I’m enraged that our Commander-in-Chief feels that the American people’s concern over what happened in Benghazi is “phony.” And further, President Obama should outraged by the warrantless targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. No one has attempted to make these events into scandals…those inside his administration who perpetrated these crimes did all the work.

Patriots, don’t settle for less. Demand leaders with integrity, strong work ethic, and conservative principles.

Consider this…the White House didn’t just call the Benghazi and the IRS scandals “phony,” they also called them “not of the highest priority.”

In their own words in the very same press conference: “While important, are not of the highest priority to the American people.”

I can’t think of two topics more worthy of the attention of the American people.

As former military commander, I knew I had to have my priorities straight or the people it was my job to protect were going to die. If our President doesn’t believe what happened in Benghazi or the gross violation of our Constitution by IRS are not a priorities of the American people….he shouldn’t be our President! 

I created the Allen West Guardian Fund for one purpose: to ensure we have leaders Washington who will stand as guardians of our Constitutional republic and change the face of American leadership. I’m not ready to settle for second-rate leaders who have priorities that are seriously out-touch with the American people.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

PS: Benghazi and the IRS — I can’t think of two topics more worthy of the attention of the American people. Please, help me realign the priorities of leaders in Washington by making an immediate contribution right now.

Allen West “The danger of a monetary policy that is printing $85 BILLION monthly to prop up a failing economy”


by Allen West via Facebook

Today’s first time jobless claims jumped and yesterday Ben Bernanke stated the Fed will continue to print money and keep interest rates low. Now, the intelligent and observant will ask, “is the economy recovering or it is artificially existing?.” Think about the danger of a monetary policy that is printing $85 BILLION per month to prop up a failing economy, consider the bubbles being created which shall eventually pop. And oh by the way, message to Jay Carney: I do question the POTUS cherry-picking implementation of laws passed and it is YOU, not me or the American people that is willfully ignorant, while you serve as the mouthpiece for someone who seems more and more a tyrant each day.


Allen West “President Obama is either complicit or the most disengaged and ignorant President we have ever known”

OBK AW 2013

by Allen West via Facebook

As we all watch the assortment of scandals plaguing the Obama administration, I find it quite comical how so many liberal progressives are falling upon their swords to protect President Obama. Just yesterday we saw David Plouffe characterize these scandals as “distractions.” Well Mr. Plouffe, I do not deem abandoning Americans under attack as a distraction, but I do find you a disgusting liar –right along with Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Dan Pfeiffer, and Eric Holder. In the Army we had something called ‘command climate.’ The command climate emanating from President Obama is one of arrogance, deceit, intimidation (remember his statement about punishing your enemies in 2012), incompetence, and character assassination. I am sick of the rhetorical assertions that none of this involves the President. All of this involves the President. As the ol’ folks used to say in Georgia when I was growing up, “you shall be known by the company you keep.” President Obama is either complicit or the most disengaged and ignorant President we have ever known. Neither bodes well for our Republic.


Allen West – Michelle Fields “Killing Americans with Drones: Leaked Memo Reveals Murky and Troubling Policy”

Does the U.S. government have authority to kill American citizens without first having a fair trial? Allen West and Michelle Fields are joined by Trevor Burrus of the Cato Institute to discuss the troubling drone attack policy revealed in a leaked memo.



 Killing Americans with Drones: Leaked Memo Reveals Murky and Troubling Policy