“Protect American Jobs for American Workers” Allen West, Ted Cruz, CL Bryant, Katrina Pierson and more

Why the March to preserve American jobs for American workers?

DC March for Jobs

Former Congressman Allen West has just accepted the role of keynote speaker at next month’s D.C. March for Jobs, which is being sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) in protest against the amnesty bill now making its way through the U.S. Senate.

If passed, BALA believes the bill will not only be a disaster for American workers overall, but will hit African-American workers especially hard.

The group’s website states:

If passed, the Gang of Eight’s proposed immigration bill will be costly for all Americans, but will harm black American workers more than any other group. Mass immigration and amnesty puts those poorest Americans from all walks of life out of work and suppresses wages, causing them to compete with aliens willing to work in poorer working conditions for cheaper pay.

When 22 million Americans are either out of work or unemployed, now is no time to further over-saturate the labor force with increased immigration levels and amnesty. If Congress doesn’t stop this irresponsible legislation, the United States will continue to see more and more Americans of all races out of jobs and on the streets.

We believe it is time that members of Congress act to preserve economic opportunity for American workers – and pass immigration legislation that protects and supports the nearly 22 million American citizens who do not have jobs, or cannot find adequate employment to support their families. Economists report that labor participation in the U.S. is at its lowest rate in over 30 years.

Despite sluggish economic conditions, some in Congress have put forth immigration proposals to increase legal immigration levels by 50% and provide amnesty to over 11 million people who have entered the country illegally. We stand against these proposals, as they will result in adding millions more to the U.S. labor force, putting millions of American citizens out of work.

The march will take place on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. Marchers will assemble at Freedom Plaza and head down Pennsylvania Avenue to a rally at the Capitol.


The Main Event speakers are:

Col. Allen West
Congressman Mo Brooks
CL Bryant
Kevin Jackson
Jesse Lee Peterson
Frank Morris
Ken Crow

DC March for Jobs 2

Of course, conservatives have been excited to hear the rumors that West may be challenging amnesty supporter Sen. Marco Rubio for his Senate seat in 2014 (Rumor also has it that West just may confirm those suspicions at the July 15 rally!).

BALA is currently organizing caravans of buses to carry demonstrators to Washington.

If you want to join a bus, and register as a rally attendee, please email your state organizer (Make sure to include your city, and phone number.)…

Alabama – alabama@blackallianceorg.org

Arizona – arizona@blackallianceorg.org

California – california@blackallianceorg.org

Florida – florida@blackallianceorg.org

Georgia – georgia@blackallianceorg.org

Indiana – indiana@blackallianceorg.org

Maryland – maryland@blackallianceorg.org

Massachusetts – massachusetts@blackallianceorg.org

New Hampshire – newhampshire@blackallianceorg.org

New Jersey – newjersey@blackallianceorg.org

New York – newyork@blackallianceorg.org

North Carolina – northcarolina@blackallianceorg.org

Ohio – ohio@blackallianceorg.org

Pennsylvania – pennsylvania@blackallianceorg.org

Texas – texas@blackallianceorg.org

Virginia – virginia@blackallianceorg.org

Wisconsin – wisconsin@blackallianceorg.org

If you would like to attend the rally, but your state is not listed above, please send an email including your city, state and phone number to info@blackallianceorg.org

Leah Durant, one of the event’s organizers has asked this reporter to convey to my readers as loudly as possible, that this march is open to Americans of all races and political persuasions!

As Americans, we must stand together against this disastrous legislation, or we will all be destroyed by it.

Remember, for every illegal alien with a job, there is an American without one.


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I am Not Simply “Documented”: New Language for an Old Problem: by Kira Davis for IJ Review


by Kira Davis for IJReview

I am an immigrant. I was born in Canada to a Canadian mother and an American father. I made my first trip to America at the age of 10. At the age of 13 my father secured for me a Social Security number. When I was 18 I came to school here in America on a student visa. When I was 22 a very kind customs agent (yes, they exist!) informed me that my visa and SS number were no longer enough to help me pass over the borders. It was time to declare my citizenship and get a passport. I figured this would be easy, considering my father is American and I had been living and working in the country for quite some time. Far from it. To my shock the process (even for someone with an American parent) was excruciatingly long and unbelievably expensive. For years I tried to navigate the immigration red tape circus alone. I’d fill out one form, pay $500 for “processing” and wait 6 months only to receive word that I needed to fill out forms A, B and X before I could submit form C. They all came with a processing fee. I didn’t leave the U.S. for 7 years. I couldn’t predict the movements of my application process or which border agents would be unsatisfied with my U.S. license and Canadian birth certificate and which would let it pass. Then came 9/11 and everything changed. I didn’t want to wait any longer. By that time I was married with a child and we were a little more financially stable than I’d been in the past. My husband agreed that we should hire a lawyer. For a couple of thousand more dollars I was finally able to get what I needed to say I was an American. In total the process took 12 years and nearly $10,000.



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Allen West talks Immigration Reform on “Your World with Cavuto” Watch the discussion

by RightSightings Published on Mar 5, 2013




Allen West – Weekly Newsletter 2-1-13 – Next Generation TV

NGTV Weekly Update


Weekly Newsletter by Allen West for Next Generation TV

We are just a few days from launching new content. Michelle, John and I have enjoyed developing the preview videos to give you a flavor of the content you will be receiving, and we’re excited about its debut.

We hope you will spread the word about this initiative via Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth, and share the Next Generation Data Card. We want to engage you, and we appreciate hearing from you. Your comments are very insightful.

This is truly an exciting time to stand up for the future.

Speaking of our future, we must be concerned about the recent numbers for gross domestic product (GDP) that evidence an economy in peril. In the fourth quarter the U.S. economy grew at the weakest pace in almost two years. The U.S. GDP rose at a 1.1 percent annual rate, down from a 3.1 percent gain the prior three months and the least since the first quarter of 2011.

The economy is contracting, and the response should not be for the Federal Reserve to pump more money into it. Never forget that we are currently printing money to the tune of approximately $85 billion a month in order to stimulate the economy. This monetary policy we refer to as “quantitative easing” further proves our fiscal policy is failing.

Our members of Congress aren’t helping matters with their failure to pass a budget. Why is it critical for us to have a budget? Well, first of all, both the House and Senate are constitutionally mandated to do so. The failure to produce a budget means we operate under a temporary law that keeps spending at the current rate. See, without a budget we do not have a financial blueprint.

What this truly means is that we have a system called a baseline budget. Under this system, the only cuts are to increases, so there really is not a substantial cut to federal spending. We need to move toward a zero-based budgeting system, and we need to produce budgets.

I know there is a lot of talk on Capitol Hill about gun control; however, eventually there must be a serious discussion about spending control.

The ghost of illegal immigration past

This week revived serious talk about another hot topic: illegal immigration. Back in 1986, I was 25 when we went down this path in the Reagan administration and gave amnesty to two to three million people but never strengthened enforcement of immigration laws or border security. Now 27 years later, the ghost of illegal immigration past is rearing its ugly head.

A Senate “Gang of Eight” announced their proposal, where it seemed we had bipartisan concurrence in principle. Of course, the most important premise must be enforcement and border security.

But not 24 hours later, President Obama decided to once again inject himself into the legislative process by flying to Nevada, at a cost of $1.6 million, and offering his plan. The president’s proposal does not seem to focus on the enforcement aspect and pushes for immediacy, not accuracy.

Regardless, the devil is in the details, so we all shall await legislation that will encompass Obama’s plan.

Have a Super sports weekend

I wanted to mention one last policy issue before closing. The debate continues on the 1994 Combat Billet exclusion ban that outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted last week. You can view my video commentary on the subject here.

Now for a few words about what will be on most everyone’s minds – and televisions – this weekend: Sunday is the Super Bowl, and for the first time it will pit two brothers against each other as head coaches. I was born and raised in Atlanta, so I’m disappointed that the Falcons fell short in the playoffs.

I believe this will be a good game, hopefully better than the BCS national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. Who am I picking? San Francisco has an awesome offense, and their defense certainly stopped my Falcons. And the Baltimore Ravens, what can one say about that incredible game against Denver and their shutting down the Patriots?

Edge to the Ravens and Ray Lewis ending his NFL career as a champion.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West




Allen West “Yesterday the ghost of immigration reform past reared its ugly head”


by Allen West – Facebook Status

“Yesterday the ghost of immigration reform past reared its ugly head. In 1986 we went down this exact same road with amnesty for 2-3 million illegal immigrants. I heard the word “contingent” used often. Furthermore, the Senate Judiciary Cmte is headed by Bernie Sanders of Vermont.The final decision on immigration could mean a permanent dependent class and a permanent electoral block for the next generation. One can only estimate where political loyalties would lie, and imagine what happens to job opportunities for those here in America legally.”

Via Twitter from @AllenWest


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The Justice Department Plays a Losing Hand—Again – Conservative Papers @pjpaton

by Peter Paton

The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an appeal today with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals of a federal district court’s decision refusing to issue an injunction against major portions of Alabama’s new immigration law.

On September 28, Judge Sharon Blackburn upheld most of Alabama’s law, including a requirement that police officers check the immigration status of individuals stopped, detained, or arrested when they have a reasonable suspicion that the individual is unlawfully present in the United States.

The inherent right of state and local police officers to make immigration arrests has been upheld by numerous other courts of appeal, including the Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth, and 10th Circuits. Even a unanimous Supreme Court recognized the authority of local police officers to inquire into the immigration status of individuals who have been lawfully detained in 2005 in Muehler v. Mena. This makes DOJ’s challenge even more unwarranted and dubious.

Judge Blackburn also upheld a requirement that schools report on the immigration status of their students, as well as another provision barring illegal aliens from contracting with the state government or state courts from enforcing contracts with illegal aliens.



“Wall of Boots” by MTZ – “Build the fence” on Stacy Swimp’s Contagious Transformation


As the GOP hopefuls make their rounds, the issue of border security has quickly become a focal point.  The entire GOP field has responded to this matter with a unified voice of “Build the fence” as a way of appeasing conservatives with the issue while never truly understanding the logistics and consequences to building a fence on the Texas border that encompasses 2/3 of the US/MX border.  How often have the candidates said it is the only rational way to provide security on our southern borders, I would venture to say too many times to count.  While I agree our nation’s borders and points of entry must be secured, building a fence will not accomplish the task and serve to lull Americans with a false sense of security and violate US/MX treaty(s) while harming agriculture and remove the only water source for US cities along the Rio Grande.

Some have argued that the Department of Homeland (DHS) security has great authority and can bypass most if not all of the laws that impede the completion of the border fence. To those who hold this idea, pardon my frankness, you are part of the appeased masses that have failed to comprehend the issue in its entirety and have had the candidates pander to that lack of knowledge.  As conservatives, we should pride ourselves in understanding what the issues are and what laws govern them so we may address and resolve them.

DHS does not and will never have greater authority than treaties entered into by the US and a foreign nation.  Due to the complexity of this issue, I am providing links to all treaties, laws, regulations, and Executive Orders that pertain to the subject matter for your review and verification.

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