Allen West “There is no excuse for this and the picture of an American, a Marine, chained to a cot is despicable. “


By: Allen West – Via Facebook

I agree Hammar’s treatment is an “absolute disgrace. There is no excuse for this and the picture of an American, a Marine, chained to a cot is despicable.

In some ways, Lance Corporal Hammar is another victim of the botched “Fast and Furious” program. Mexico has stringent gun control laws in part because of weapons illicitly purchased in the US and trafficked back into Mexico.

I pray that, just as with Benghazi, the new normal for Time magazine’s Man of the Year is not to abandon this Marine, as his Administration did two Navy SEALs. These actions only serve to erode the trust and confidence in the Commander-in-Chief from our men and women in uniform – and all Americans, for that matter.

Support the travel boycott to Mexico, and call the White House to let this Administration know we do not tolerate abandoning LC Hammar.


UPDATE 12/21/2012 – Report: Jon Hammar to be released from Mexican prison today

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