Allen West “Our resources are not their toys and our lives are not for their manipulation”


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Yesterday was a great day here in Louisiana, spending time with folks in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Today I’ll get a chance to visit the National World War II Memorial in New Orleans before heading home. However, one thing sticks with me from my time here in the beautiful Bayou State: attending church service at First Baptist of Lafayette. Pastor Steve preached yesterday from the Book of Acts, Chapters 2, 4, and 5 about the five principles of Christian stewardship: unity, generosity, necessity, personal integrity, and accountability. As I reflect upon the decisions in our Nation’s capitol today I wish Pastor Steve had given that sermon on the House and Senate floor, and to a certain someone in the Oval office. Folks in DC are sent to be stewards and representatives and I wonder if we were to ask what their guiding principles are, what the response would be. Heck, I’d just like to know what sermon message they heard on Sunday morning. Our resources are not their toys and our lives are not for their manipulation. Do the right thing today Harry Reid. America is watching your stewardship.



Allen West Guardian Fund | We need to cut off President Obama and his liberal Congressional allies.


Dear Friends,

I need to hear from you today.

If you’re following the stand off between House Republicans, Senate Democrats, and the White House, I know you’ll agree it’s disgraceful. We should be ashamed that Congress and the White House have allowed our country to return to the edge of the fiscal cliff after we should have cut spending and balanced the budget in 2011 when we reached the debt ceiling then!

It’s time to usher in a new generation of conservative leadership to replace the ineffective and uninspiring “leaders” we have today. The Guardian Fund is working hard to elect 14 hard-charging conservatives to Congress in 2014 who will be staunch guardians of the Constitution and defenders of our conservative values, especially fiscal sanity. But we need your help. Please take a moment right now to read the email below and then click here to pledge your monthly support to the Guardian Fund. Whether your can give $5 or $25 a month, your support is critical to helping elect the next generation of conservative leaders.

America can do better. Please stand with the Guardian Fund today by investing $5, $10, or even $25 a month in our mission.



AWGF (2)

Did you hear what President Obama said the other day about raising the debt ceiling?

“…raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt….”

You and I both know this simply isn’t true. If we say yes to more debt, we are saying yes to more spending. Congress cannot be trusted with our tax dollars. We would be crazy to give them more to waste!

American can do better.

That’s why the Guardian Fund is working overtime to elect 14 hard-charging conservatives to Congress in 2014 who will be staunch guardians of the Constitution and defenders of our conservative values. But we urgently need your help to reach our $5,000,000 target goal to ensure each of our hand-picked candidates wins next November.

President Obama just doesn’t get it.

America has got to stop spending! Our debt is so large it’s now a national security threat. We can’t keep borrowing from enemies, like China, and expect to never pay a price.

When you or I max out our credit cards, the credit card company cuts us off. Well, we need to cut off President Obama and his liberal Congressional allies.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

Allen West “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”


by Allen West on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 7:26am

How many hard-working Americans have deadlines or “ suspense’s” to meet in order to keep their jobs? I recall while in the Army that the last thing you wanted to do was miss a suspense for an action or report. It was never pleasant to try and explain it, as I learned from watching others get flamed.

However, once again the Obama administration shall miss the suspense for submitting a budget to the House of Representatives. In a letter from OMB Director Jeff  Zients to House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, it was conveyed yet again the office of the Chief Executive would miss the February 4th suspense (same day, by the way, we will launch our Next Generation Today Show) – a suspense they have met only once in the last 4 years. In the real world, repeatedly missing a suspense means you are fired. In political bizarro world it means you get reelected.

As we approach Inauguration Day I recall this simple maxim, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Let’s stand up for our future and the next generation and to paraphrase The Who, “get on our knees and pray we don’t get fooled again.”

Rep Allen West released this statement after his sponsored bill, the National Security and Jobs Protection Act, passed

West Sequestration Bill Passes House of Representatives 

(WASHINGTON) — Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement tonight after his sponsored bill, the National Security and Jobs Protection Act, passed the House of Representatives Thursday with a 223- 196 vote.

“The National Security and Jobs Protection Act requires the President of the United States to submit an alternative plan to replace the sequester, and encourages the United States Senate to follow suit with its own alternative. Today, the House of Representatives worked together to pass this bill, proving we are prepared to work with the President on alternatives to achieve the same goal of replacing the sequester with cuts to lower priority spending programs, while protecting members of the armed services, our national security, important domestic programs and our fragile economy.

The President said last week that he wants the ‘strongest military the world has ever known.’  If the sequestration goes through and automatic across-the-board cuts take effect, national defense and essential domestic programs will be reduced as must as 10 percent. These cuts will undercut key responsibilities of the Federal Government and will take our military to the smallest size since World War II.

We don’t have much time left before the automatic cuts in sequestration take effect, and we need to work together to find a solution. The January 2nd deadline is quickly approaching.

The National Security and Jobs Protection Act will not only ensure we continue to have a strong Armed Forces, it will show the American people their elected leaders are fully capable of working together to solve the problems facing their nation. I strongly encourage my colleagues in the United States Senate to also pass this bill.”
To review the National Security and Jobs Protection Act, click here.
To review the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012, H.R. click here.

Congressman Allen West released this statement today regarding the latest unemployment report

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today regarding the latest unemployment report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“July marks the 42nd consecutive month Americans have suffered under unemployment rates of eight percent or above.

Employers are simply not hiring and why should they? President Obama has promised to raise taxes on America’s small businesses starting January 2013. President’s Obama’s healthcare law is looming over employers and threatening to fine them for every employee they do not insure. President Obama is calling for the United States military to be reduced and defense contractors are preparing to slash thousands of jobs around the country. President Obama refuses to lead or come up with any solutions to build certainty, stability or confidence among American businesses.

President Obama instead believes individuals who have built their businesses did not do it on their own.  President Obama believes we need more spending and we need to punish individuals who are succeeding in our free market system.  All one has to do is examine the tax and regulatory policies of the Obama administration to know they are counter productive to economic growth.

In the House of Representatives, we have voted over and over on job-creating legislation only to have it sit on Democrat Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid’s desk.  Just this week, a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives voted to make sure no American family or small business sees a tax increase. In the House of Representatives, we are committed to supporting businesses and putting Americans back to work.

American families from coast to coast must realize the policies of President Obama, demonstrated once again by today’s unemployment number, are not working.  The American people have a choice between two futures. It is time to reject the  path of high unemployment and an anemic economy and instead take the path of limited government and fiscal responsibility.  This is the path our founders carved out for us, and it is the path that will lead our nation back to prosperity and economic freedom.”

Rep Allen West – House Floor – Discussing Damaging Sequestration


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Rep Allen West: Legislative Update

– FY2013 Appropriations — Last Thursday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 5326, the Commerce and Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, by a vote of 247-163, I VOTED YES.  The bill would provide $51.131 billion in discretionary appropriations for agencies and programs funded through the Commerce/Justice/Science appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2013. Funding provided under the legislation would be $1.61 billion or 3 percent below the amount of funding provided for Fiscal Year 2012. The amount of funding provided is $731 million or 1.4 percent below the amount requested by the President for Fiscal Year 2013.  The Commerce/Justice/Science appropriations bill provides funding for the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, and Federal science agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Science Foundation (NSF), and related agencies. Appropriations for Justice programs in the bill provides money for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Federal Prison System and the U.S. Marshals Service.

– Replacing the Sequester — Also on Thursday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 5652, the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012, by a vote of 218-199, I VOTED YES.  The bill would provide mandatory spending reductions in order to replace automatic cuts to discretionary spending (primarily from defense accounts) in 2013 under the Budget Control Act and to reduce the deficit. The savings generated from these reforms to mandatory programs would first be used to offset the approximately $78 billion cost of replacing the automatic across-the-board discretionary spending cuts that are scheduled to occur on January 2, 2013, under what is known as sequestration. The amount of $78 billion reflects the remainder of the Fiscal Year 2013 discretionary sequester after accounting for lowering the Fiscal Year 2013 discretionary cap from $1.047 to $1.028 as provided for in the House of Representatives-approved Budget Resolution. The additional savings achieved through reconciliation beyond the $78 billion (over $180 billion in the next ten years) would further reduce the deficit.  Savings contained in the legislation were produced by six House of Representatives committees under reconciliation instructions contained in the House Concurrent Budget Resolution (H. Con. Res. 112).  The Committees on (1) Agriculture, (2) Energy & Commerce, (3) Financial Services, (4) the Judiciary, (5) Oversight & Government Reform, and (6) Ways & Means each produced deficit reduction legislation pursuant to the reconciliation instructions in section 201 of the House of Representatives-approved budget resolution.  Legislation produced by these committees and contained in this package would produce savings of $18.3 billion in the first year, $116.3 billion over five years, and $261.4 billion over ten years.

This Week:

– National Defense — The House of Representatives is scheduled to consider H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2013. The bill would provide valuable funding for the Armed Forces, while proposing significant savings that do not compromise the needs of our nation’s war fighters by authorizing $554 billion for National Defense and $88 billion for Overseas Contingency Operation Funds.  Among other items, the bill would provide funds to modernize three guided missile cruisers scheduled to be retired before the end of their service life; would preserve tactical airlift critical to the ability of the United States to project power, such as C-130 Hercules and C-27J Spartan aircraft proposed for early retirement; and would ease strain on the heavily stressed military by slowing the pace of the Obama administration’s end-strength reductions.

– Protecting Women — Also this week, the House of Representatives is expected to consider a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The bill would provide for a five-year reauthorization of VAWA, which expired on September 30, 2011, and would set total program funding levels at $682.5 million per year.  The House of Representatives bill would streamline and consolidate some grants for maximum benefit, increase resources for sexual assault investigations, prosecutions, and victim services, protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, promote educational awareness to prevent violence and improve services for young victims, improve emergency and transitional housing services for victims, and enhance immigration laws to protect victims of violence.



Congressman Allen West – Legislative Lowdown & Weekly Wrap Up #CISPA

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.  It is time again for my weekly update report to you all.

This week I posted a slide depicting the ten year federal program growth rates. I want to make sure you see it, so I’m including it below.

Click on image for larger view:


This graph illustrates clearly – and frighteningly — that we are not anywhere near reducing the size and scope of the federal government. Instead, the government, along with our debt and deficit, continues to grow. My friends from across the aisle continue to banter about the idea that conservatives are cutting deeply into Federal Government programs, but clearly, nothing could be further from the truth.

We are on an unsustainable path when it comes to our economic security, and continuing on this path is immoral. It is immoral for our children and grandchildren to be saddled with our fiscal irresponsibility. If we stay on this path, the future of the United States is that of a socialist egalitarian welfare nanny state – not a Constitutional Republic.

The American people must realize there is a choice between two very divergent futures. The solution does not include more taxes, which will only serve to grow the size of government.

Last week, we learned that 1st Quarter GDP growth was a lackluster 2.2%, coming off a year of 0.4%, 1.0%, 1.3%, and 3.0% per quarter GDP growth in 2011.  The notion that we need more government “investment” is not a viable path forward to restore our economic standing.

This brings up an interesting question: What exactly is the rate of return on government investment?  We grew the bureaucracy of education within the Federal Government, yet our worldwide standing in education has dropped. We created the United States Department of Energy nearly 40 years ago and yet we are still not energy independent. We spent billions of taxpayer dollars for bailouts and stimulus and as you can see, we are in an anemic economic recovery.

The most alarming part of the chart provided above is that total family income is down.  This means we are consolidating the capital of hardworking American taxpayers.

My recommendation is to invest in tax reform which focuses capital generation with our small businesses and reinvigorates production and manufacturing in America. This is the means by which we can inspire individual industrialism, innovation, and promote the conditions which will result in the next level of American ingenuity.

We just ended our April 2012 legislative session and tax return season. What will tax return season look like next year? The choice is yours!

Steadfast and Loyal,

Legislative Update:

Cybersecurity–  This past Thursday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), by a vote of 248-168, I VOTED YES.  The bill would amend the National Security Act of 1947 to enable cyber threat sharing and provide clear authority for the private sector to defend its own networks, while providing strong protections for privacy and civil liberties.  The bill would prohibit the government from requiring private sector entities to provide information to the government, and by encouraging the private sector to “anonymize” or “minimize” the information it voluntarily shares with others, including the government.  In addition, the bill would require an independent Inspector General audit of any voluntary information sharing with the government.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that implementing H.R. 3523 would have a discretionary cost of $15 million over the 2012–2016 period, assuming appropriation of the necessary amounts.

Student Loans – This past Friday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 4628, the Interest Rate Reduction Act, by a vote of 215-195, I VOTED YES.  The bill would prevent interest rates on new federally subsidized Stafford Loans made to undergraduate students from increasing from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1, 2012. The bill would extend the 3.4 percent rate until July 1, 2013.  The cost of a one-year extension of the lower rate is $5.985 billion, and in order to pay for this cost, the bill would repeal the unobligated balance of the “Prevention and Public Health Fund,” a slush fund in the president’s government takeover of health care law.  The remaining savings generated from repealing the $11.9 billion slush fund would be put toward deficit reduction. My desired solution would have been to repeal the section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which nationalizes college student loans. Competition in the private sector for college education loans will keep interest rates low, not allowing a government mandated monopoly.

Rep Allen West Video – “This is an embarrassment” 12/20/11- on the House Floor

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Rep. West defends voting “No” for Senate 2 month payroll tax extension

Statement by Congressman Allen West on the Temporary Extension of the Payroll Tax

(WASHINGTON)-—  Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today on the Temporary Extension of the Payroll Tax:

“Americans once again have reason to be ashamed with their elected officials as President Barack Obama and United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are playing a game of chicken for political gain at the expense of the American people suffering under failed economic policies. This two month amendment proposed today is nothing more than a short-term band aid.  Americans are looking for certainty and confidence in the American economy and today’s substitute amendment passed by the Senate delivers neither to the American people.

The United States Senate continues to let down the American people, more than 950 days without accomplishing even the most basic of responsibilities to pass a budget and ignoring more than 25 job creating bills passed on a bipartisan basis by the House of Representatives.  The Senate’s Substitute Amendment to Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011 H.R. 3630 is nothing but typical liberal Democrat incrementalism and political gimmickry to continue to debate these issues into the election year.

I will not be voting for this short term fix when it comes to the floor of the House of Representatives. I will only vote to reaffirm the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act as passed by the House of Representatives.

The Senate’s Substitute Amendment is yet another disappointment to the American people. Our nation is desperately seeking leadership in our Nation’s Capital not crises management. I stand ready to return to Capitol Hill and stay there until will get the mission done.”