Allen West and Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

Published on Sep 5, 2013 – Mass Tea Party

Radicals & Rebels – Allen West & Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

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VIDEO: Allen West and Juan Williams join David Webb to discuss our nation of violent youth.

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Col. Allen West and Juan Williams join David Webb to discuss our nation of violent youth. An excellent exchange by all three.


WATCH: Allen West joined Sean Hannity “Liberals choose to be offended by when it comes to “racist” caricatures of African-Americans”

Published on Aug 13, 2013

August 13, 2013 – When is it OK to make fun of the president? That was the question Sean Hannity asked his guests Tuesday night in light of the controversy over the Missouri State Fair’s rodeo clown, who recently appeared wearing a President Obama mask. Former Republican congressman Allen West and chairman of the Missouri Legislative Democratic Caucus Steve Webb joined Hannity to share their opposing views on the matter.

Webb began by saying it “offended” him that “anyone would make a mockery” of the president of the United States in the way that this rodeo clown did and objected to the “racial” content in the portrayal. Hannity pushed Webb to define why he thought the portrayal of Obama was “racial” and the congressman pointed to the moment when someone walked up to the clown and “played with his lips.”

While West said he didn’t agree with the portrayal of Obama overall, he focused in on the “hypocrisy” he sees in what liberals choose to be offended by when it comes to “racist” caricatures of African-Americans. He said he didn’t see the same outrage when there were similar depictions of conservatives like Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele or himself. “I think that, you know,” West said, “some people need to check themselves and stop cherry-picking what they believe is racially offensive.”

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WATCH: Juan Williams Fights Hannity & Allen West Over Zimmerman: The Case Was All About Race

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Published on Jul 23, 2013

July 23, 2013 – Sean Hannity tonight brought up the “rise in racial tension” after the George Zimmerman trial ended and asked Allen West and Juan Williams why the country appears to be so divided on racial lines. Williams fought Hannity’s assertion that it makes no sense since the decision was not about race, firing back that of course it was about race; from the very beginning all people talked about was race.

West slammed the push by some black leaders “stoking… racial division,” and the media for going right along with it, while ignoring many other cases and cherry-picking issues to keep the separation in place. Williams declared that the trial led to a “higher level of distrust between people in this country,” not just on racial lines, but on party lines. Hannity confronted Williams over whether President Obama’s comments on the trial mean he has any blame in the division that’s sprung up. Williams started to talk about race when Hannity piped up to say there was “no race in this case.” Williams shot back that the entire conversation, from the time when the public first learned about the case to the present. He said the case only first got attention because the local cops didn’t prosecute. Hannity insisted this was due to lack of evidence.

He and West found it outrageous how the media and major civil rights leaders seemingly don’t care about other issues of crime and punishment in the black community. Williams agreed on this point, saying the media has completely ignored the “carnage” of black-on-black crime, and said gangster rappers ought to be called out for “corrupting our kids.”

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Allen West and Juan Williams Discuss The Left’s Rush To Judgement on Hannity April 23, 2013

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Published on Apr 23, 2013

The Left’s Rush To Judgement – Blamed The “RIGHT” After Boston Bombings – Allen West – Hannity



The Allen West “Chronicles” by Ryan Dean

by Ryan Dean  Published on Dec 30, 2012

Ryan Dean made these video’s as a tribute to Congressman, and Lt. Colonel, Allen B. West for the
outstanding 2 years he spent working at his side.

“It was an honor to do so!”



Allen West and Ryan Dean

Allen West and Ryan Dean