Allen West “I wish Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were sitting beside me this morning so their spirit would be convicted to give 100% to the American people”


by Allen West via Facebook

Last week heard a fantastic sermon from Pastor Steve at First Baptist Church in Lafayette Louisiana. Got another great message today at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens from visiting Pastor John Maxwell. Last election cycle we were inundated with the liberal progressive poll-tested message of 1% vs 99%. Pastor Maxwell spoke today about being a 100%-er: 100% for God in all things. We studied the relationship between Elijah and Elisha (1 Kings 19 and 2 Kings 2) and how Elisha’s faithfulness in small things led to his being blessed with a double portion of God’s spirit upon Elijah’s ascent. Again, I wish Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were sitting beside me this morning so their spirit would be convicted to give 100% to the American people, especially considering their desire to inflict pain, misery, and hardship upon my countrymen just for political gain. However, the closing admonition from Pastor Maxwell were Elisha’s words of encouragement, which spoke directly to me: Be Diligent. Be Ready. Be Willing. Be Bold. Be Courageous. Roger that Elisha, Game on!


Allen West “I ask that those who know the power of prayer, pray my strength and courage through God’s divine providence. Game on.”


by Allen West via Facebook

In the early 1830’s, a 26-year-old Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville traveled America for 9 months resulting in the book, “Democracy in America.” De Tocqueville precisely defined the greatness of America by understanding the uniqueness of her principles and people. Last week in DC I broke bread at Ted’s Bulletin on 8th Street SE with a 29-year-old Aussie named Nick Adams who has spent 9 months traveling America and has written the book “The American Boomerang” which I just finished. Nick is our modern day de Tocqueville, a foreigner who articulates to us the exceptionalism of our own country. I recommend every true American read these two books by de Tocqueville and Nick Adams. Nick, because of your words, I reaffirm my oath to the Constitution and pledge to my fellow true Americans my life and sacred honor to defeat progressive socialism, secular humanism, and radical Islamism, all of which are apparently embraced by Barack Obama. I ask that those who know the power of prayer, pray my strength and courage through God’s divine providence. Game on. Steadfast and Loyal.




@AllenWest “Watching the news on the incident at the US Navy Yard in Washington DC”


by Allen West via Facebook

Stuck in Kansas City as my US Airways flight Sunday was cancelled. Watching the news on the incident at the US Navy Yard in Washington DC. First, my condolences to the families of those who have lost their loved ones and those wounded. Second, God bless America, but a preliminary analysis indicates this was a targeted attack against US Navy Sea Systems Command – a planned assault. And yes, there are some indicators and warnings that parallel the shooting at Ft. Hood. I don’t care what anyone says about my assertions. Leaders look objectively at trends.


@AllenWest “God bless the greatest nation the world has ever known, these United States of America.” 9/11 #NeverForget


by Allen West via Facebook

Today, we remember those who lost their lives to terrorism, and those in uniform who are still fighting to defeat it.

While we remember those lost –we must also never forget the ‘leaders’ who abandoned Americans under attack to die, and still work to deceive us as to why.

On this day, let us remember the enemy who brazenly attacked us has not been defeated, and will continue to attack, simply because we are a nation and a people who believe in individual liberty.

God bless the greatest nation the world has ever known, these United States of America.

aw 911

Allen West “We can’t afford for our military to not be ready at a moment’s notice to defend us” #Sequester


Defense Department officials and military leaders warned in the months leading up to sequestration that the March 1 budget cuts would severely inhibit their readiness capabilities. Two months later, we’re seeing firsthand just how serious they were.

According to Vice Admiral William Burke of the U.S. Navy:

“Due to reduced training and maintenance, almost all of our non-deployed ships and aviation squadrons are soon going to be less than fully mission capable and not certified for major combat operations. That’s about two-thirds of the fleet.”

The Marine Corps is reporting similar readiness issues, with Lieutenant General William Tryon estimating that half of non-deployed units are at “unacceptable” levels of readiness:

“And our crisis response mission is incompatible with tiered readiness. Marines don’t start to get ready when a crisis occurs. We must be ready, we must be forward deployed and we must be prepared to respond immediately.”

We can’t afford for our military to not be ready at a moment’s notice to defend us—especially in a post-9/11 world in which American civilians were killed in a terrorist attack on U.S. soil just last month. As a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, I’ll be the first to tell you the Defense Department is not immune to fraud, waste, and abuse.

There are plenty of areas in which spending could be cut without impacting the readiness and morale of our troops! But across the board budget cuts that chip away at the training and equipment available to our troops sets a dangerous precedent. This is precisely why we’ve launched the Allen West Guardian Fund to elect 12 hard-charging conservatives who will fight to keep our defense and national security a top priority in Washington.

Our team will soon begin introducing the candidates we’re supporting in 2014. We’ll also be announcing various events and programs we’re planning to further the dialogue about defending America and our Constitutional values. I look forward to sharing this important information with you in the near future. In the meantime, God bless America.

Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)


Allen West “May we never allow separation of church and state to be redefined”


by Allen West via Facebook

On this National Day of Prayer, let us take time to remember the blessings bestowed upon us by our Almighty God. May we never allow separation of church and state to be redefined as separation of our Judeo-Christian faith foundation from these great United States. Our unalienable rights come from the Creator, and when we thank Him regularly for His divine providence, as the Founding Fathers did – God will bless America.


Allen West “Please stop and pray and ask for God’s blessings upon the victims and His strength and resolve for our nation”


by Allen West via Facebook 4:30pm ET

My heartfelt condolences go out to those who have been killed, wounded, and lost loved ones in this bombing incident in Boston at the Marathon finish line – on Patriots Day in memory of the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord. We don’t have all the facts right now, but we shall, and if this carnage is the result of nefarious actions, the perpetrators will pay. For now, please stop and pray and ask for God’s blessings upon the victims and His strength and resolve for our nation.

Allen West “Today, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sin,”


Dear Friends,

Today, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sin, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite scripture passages:

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world should be saved through Him.John 3:16-17

It’s our moral duty to serve our fellow man, regardless of race, sex, affiliation, or creed. That’s why on this most sacred holiday, I urge you to do something to help someone in need. Whether it’s holding the door for someone, volunteering your time, or making a charitable donation, no deed is too small.

God bless you, your family, and America.

Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

“Do You Believe In God? The Push towards Secular Humanism” Angela West Discusses


by The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela

This question —- the belief in God has never been a question in my mind. OF COURSE THERE IS A GOD! I could scream this from the rafters! Strange cliché, rafters…… don’t really know what “rafters” are but…. You get the picture: My faith is very important to ME.

We each have within us a need to believe that there is something better, something higher, something far more grand than our little world and the miniscule things that bother us from day to day. I meet people who tell me that they do not believe there is a God. God is just “make believe” only to have them drop to their knees when a loved one appears to be in trouble. It is a peaceful, calm and rewarding life to understand that, when the chips are down or up so to speak, someone or something greater is looking out for us.

What is religion?

Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Is religion directly correlated with a belief in God? Not necessarily, the definition of religion as included in the Webster’s Dictionary is “cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith”. You have surely heard many people saying that “football” is their religion or “politics” would be their religion. In this context religion can mean a dedication to ANY cause or principle — even atheism.

The Rise of Secular Humanism

The doctrines of Secular Humanism postulate that human beings are capable of being ethical and moral without religion or a God. The original signers of the first Humanist Manifesto of 1933, declared themselves to be religious humanists. Because, in their view, traditional religions were failing to meet the needs of their day, the signers decided that it was necessary to establish a religion that was a dynamic force to meet the needs of the day. However, this “religion” did not profess a belief in any God.

Societies with a God based religion were more likely to survive than those without because of the community, compassion, lack of anarchy or murder, family structure, etc. enforced by religious beliefs. Agree or disagree?

Lack of moral values, young people getting wasted, and drugs, increasing violence, disrespect for elders, and sex at very young age, unwanted babies, abortion as a means of contraception, parents not knowing how to parent and not wanting to, depression, loneliness, and adults not wanting to behave like adults? Is the lack of God in religion fueling this? (I found this question on the internet and I could not have phrased it in a better)


CLICK HERE TO DISCUSS WITH ANGELA: The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela

Speak your truth to this matter……

Lober Puts Political Signs down and Hits Streets to Fight Cancer

by Max Goodwin

Jamie Lober has built a reputation as a faithful and uncompromising source of knowledge and influence in the political and healthcare worlds, endorsing the likes of Allen West. “My former Congressman is a hero and one of the bravest and toughest to carry the torch in the conservative movement,” said Lober. When asked about the future of the district, Lober shifts the limelight back to West. “West conceded with two outstanding take-home messages, that God closes a door so he can open a greater one and that Lincoln only served one term in Congress, so we cannot feel discouraged,” said Lober. Reflecting on his service, Lober credits his likable personality and ability to speak his mind intelligently as his best assets. “Sure he said that drivers with Obama stickers are threats to the gene pool but someone has to say what no one else wants to hear,” said Lober.

Now that we can take a break from fast-paced nature of the campaign season, Lober found a new calling which she describes as gratifying and less controversial. “As the Public Relations Chairman for the American Cancer Society – South Palm Beach Chapter, I am anxious to get up every morning because I get to teach people how to become healthier and support the best charity around, so I do not consider it work at all,” said Lober. She has also quickly become one of the most vocal and influential advocates for National Institutes of Health and serves on the Pheo Para Troopers Alliance. “The mission of the Pheo Para Troopers Alliance is to empower and support patients by arming them with information and doing all they can to find cures,” said Lober.

Having been on the health education side of things for a decade and spending almost as long ensuring her father wins the fight, Lober offers some words of advice. “I would have to tell people to get the facts about the disease, learn what is new as far as treatments, trust your doctors, get support, have hope, pray, sing, dance and have confidence in your ability to face the rocky road ahead,” said Lober. It is about taking control of the things you can to fight contemporary issues including chronic disease. “Take the issue of poverty for example; one of my role models, Senator Rick Santorum, said there are three ways to prevent it: working, graduating from high school and getting married before you have children,” said Lober.

In terms of chronic disease, Lober said it is through her job in health communications as President of Talk Health with Jamie, Inc. as well as the appointments on health advisory boards which she feels honored to hold that she is making a difference. “I have to raise awareness, stress the importance of research to develop better diagnostic tests and treatments and talk about how diseases affect patients’ lives,” said Lober. She goes on to inform us that the National Institutes of Health are celebrating Rare Disease Day on February 28 and March 1, 2013 and that this year’s theme is the global genes project. “Our slogan is wear that you care and we are asking people to wear their favorite pair of jeans to demonstrate support for people fighting rare and genetic diseases,” said Lober.

Lober stresses that everybody should do something to fight back against the cancer crisis in our nation. “Cancer does not discriminate and neither do I when delivering vital health information,” said Lober. In closing, Lober makes a case for how important continued research is for all who are fighting these devastating diseases including her father. “He is one of the most mentally strong men I know and if I have my way I will continue to be involved in women’s health, conservative politics and the elimination of cancer from the world and when I take my big voice to the U.S. Senate, my father will be around to see it,” said Lober.