America is Good – By Mark Bonner


by Mark Bonner

A Nation is defined by common language, border, and culture. Never, not once in the long annals of Human History, has a Nation survived, that did not recognize and adhere to this definition of what defines a Nation. “Multiculturalism” is a word that sounds nice, pretty, and nonthreatening.

In reality it robs a Nation of it’s soul and identity. It ultimately will and always has resulted in the fall of a Nation. There is not one exception to this rule. America has been the most kind, benevolent, and inviting Nation in the History of the World. If this were not true, then why would America be the dreamed destination of so many oppressed people throughout the Generations. They did not come to America for multiculturalism, but rather they were drawn to America because of what America stood for. A land of Freedom, a land where you could pursue your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. However, when America was great it was because we welcomed these immigrants with these three conditions.

If you wanted to be an American you had to recognize our common border, language, and culture. You came to America to be an American, not to be an extension of the Country you were fleeing. Multiculturalism has been the catch phrase in Europe for two decades now. Geopolitical trends always seem to start in Europe and eventually end find their way into America. Ask the Countries of Europe how multiculturalism has worded for them. The Nations of Europe are in Disarray. Many in Europe are now minorities in their own lands. They are defined by lost generations, chaos, war and fighting. Islam has stepped into this vacuum of multiculturalism and now are imposing their Sharia Law into the fabric of these societies. Christians are being killed and persecuted. Women are being oppressed.

Unlike America, where are founders fled a theocracy(a religion that imposes its will and form of government on a people) our founders forged a document that allowed people of all true Faiths to worship without fear or intimidation. Try expressing your Faith in these Countries that embraced “multiculturalism” decades ago. The odds are becoming increasing greater by the day that you will not come home alive.

America, is a good.

America is not perfect. Like people a Nation has it flaws. America was blighted by the sin of endorsing slavery, but in the end American did the right thing. That is what makes America Great, in the end we do the right thing. Our soil is tinged with the blood of young white American soldiers whose blood was shed to right the wrong of slavery. Hundreds of thousands of white soldiers died to atone for this wrong. Name me one other Country that has a Heritage like this. You will not find it. It could only happen in America.

God Bless America, my home sweet home.