Allen West “Normal? Deception from our President and allowing govt agencies to attack and intimidate American citizens?”


Written by Allen West on October 29, 2013

This past weekend I was invited to speak on the campus of Valdosta State University in Georgia. The city of Valdosta is nicknamed, “Winnersville” because it has produced so many champions. They win, because they expect to win. That’s normal for Valdosta. But it’s no longer normal for America.

The new normal in America, a country now led by progressive socialism, isn’t about making winners or champions. It’s about creating dependents, and we’re all losing.

The new normal in America is a President who openly embraces the philosophy of wealth redistribution, as laid out by Karl Marx: “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.”

So in pursuit of wealth redistribution policies, the new normal in America means our constitutional republicanism is being replaced by a Marxist/socialist ideal. This ideal is rooted in nationalizing production, broadening the dependency society, a sense of social utopianism

(fair share, fairness, economic and social equality), and most threatening, a secular humanism which replaces God, from whom our individual rights come, to government — trading the “Big G” for the “little g.”

We see this manifested in government spending at almost 25% of our gross domestic product (GDP). And mind you, this is a GDP limping along at around 2 percent growth, a dangerously weak economic recovery. To fuel the growth of this socialist welfare state, our national debt has grown from $10.6 trillion to now over $17 trillion in just five years. We’ve clearly lost control of spending.


Allen West “Heading to Valdosta, GA where I’ll be speaking to the Lowndes County GOP”


Allen West via Facebook

Heading to Valdosta, GA where I’ll be speaking to the Lowndes County GOP Saturday at Valdosta State, home of the current NCAA Division II football champions. It’s also the home of Benjamin Franklin “Buck” Belue who was the only quarterback to start all four years for the Valdosta HS Wildcats, one of the greatest HS football teams in America. He led the Georgia Bulldogs to an undefeated 12-0 season in 1980 beating Notre Dame in the Sugar bowl for the National Championship. Who will ever forget the 93-yard TD pass Belue threw to Lindsay Scott to defeat the Florida Gators that year, still tied for longest TD pass in Georgia football history. The big deal about going to Valdosta? They produce champions. America could learn a lot from the folks down in Valdosta, Lowndes County, and that will be the topic of my speech, “Making America Champions Again.”



The Lowndes County Georgia GOP is pleased to host a dinner with LTC Allen West, Oct 26, 2013


The Lowndes County GOP  (Valdosta,GA)  will be hosting a a dinner with former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West

October 26th at 6:00p.m.  The dinner will be held in the Student Union Ballrooms of Valdosta State University.

Tickets for the dinner are $50.  If you plan to attend please RSVP with Barbara Schmader or Nicholas Buford at or 

To assure there will be enough seating for the dinner, you must RSVP by Tuesday night at 10:00p.m.

Once you RSVP, you can pay at the table when you arrive to the dinner.

Please arrive early because we plan to start the dinner exactly at 6:00p.m.

We hope to see you at this great event!

Allen West “President Obama is either complicit or the most disengaged and ignorant President we have ever known”

OBK AW 2013

by Allen West via Facebook

As we all watch the assortment of scandals plaguing the Obama administration, I find it quite comical how so many liberal progressives are falling upon their swords to protect President Obama. Just yesterday we saw David Plouffe characterize these scandals as “distractions.” Well Mr. Plouffe, I do not deem abandoning Americans under attack as a distraction, but I do find you a disgusting liar –right along with Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Dan Pfeiffer, and Eric Holder. In the Army we had something called ‘command climate.’ The command climate emanating from President Obama is one of arrogance, deceit, intimidation (remember his statement about punishing your enemies in 2012), incompetence, and character assassination. I am sick of the rhetorical assertions that none of this involves the President. All of this involves the President. As the ol’ folks used to say in Georgia when I was growing up, “you shall be known by the company you keep.” President Obama is either complicit or the most disengaged and ignorant President we have ever known. Neither bodes well for our Republic.


@GaPundit sits down and speaks with LTC @AllenWest


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Congressman Allen West addressed the Georgia Republican Party State Convention Victory Dinner.

GP: “You’re not coming here to announce that you’re running for the U.S. Senate from Georgia, are you?”

AW: “No, I think if I were to do that, I’d have everyone from Paul Broun to Phil Gingrey to Jack Kingston, and who’s this other…Karen Handel…. I don’t know if I could fight my way out of that. I mean it’s bad enough that I’m in Athens, Georgia, and I’m a University of Tennessee graduate, from Georgia, so it is tough being here, but that’s okay.”

GP: “One of the big issues that we’re beginning to struggle with as a party is outreach to African-Americans….”

AW: “First of all, I would rather you say Black American, because when people say ‘African-American,’ that is a collectivizing term. I have friends in South Florida who are Caucasian and they’re from the former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, they’re from South Africa, and now they’re American citizens, and they consider themselves what? I think that we have to be careful about that because the other side does a good job of balkanizing us and so I don’t like to hyphenate. I’m an American Black. That’s how I like to be referred to.”

GP: “One of the problems that we as white Americans have is we’re afraid to say ‘Black,’ we’re afraid we’re going to offend somebody.”

AW: “You’re terrified. But you see, Todd, that’s the exact thing we need to look at and talk about. The other side has been so successful at managing lexicon and the language that they have white Americans afraid. Afraid to say anything.”

“But yet you can have the President Emeritus of the NAACP, Julian Bond, a Georgian, he can stand up there and say that the Tea Party, just basic Ma and Pa, who believe in the Constitutional Republic that we live in, he’s comparing them to the Taliban, so we have to stop allowing the other side to put us in corners and make us afraid to say anything.”

“We’ve got to challenge them. It’s just the same as you don’t hear people in Washington, DC say ‘government spending,’ anymore, it’s ‘investment.’ Government doesn’t invest anything, they spend your money. So, let’s understand that words do matter, and let’s stop allowing ourselves to be pigeon-holed.”

We have more audio and will post the rest of the interview later on

@AllenWest talks with @NickBuford a Young Black Republican in GA Displaying True Courage


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Col. Allen West brings another profile in courage. Nicholas Buford is a student at Valdosta State University. Buford penned a piece in American Thinker about his experience being a young black Republican in Georgia. Hear what he wrote on this Next Generation special.

READ Nick Buford’s article on the American Thinker here:

From a Young Black GOPer in Georgia

Follow Nick on twitter: @NickBuford

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Allen West “I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals”

Photo by Boris Balaban

Photo by Boris Balaban

via Allen West on Facebook

“I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals. I must ask if those in his administration who promoted Operation Fast and Furious were consulted on any of these measures. The hypocrisy is truly laughable.

Furthermore, I wonder if the President considered inviting the mother and the two 9-year-old twins from Walton County, Georgia who were saved by a gun from a criminal invasion? How about letters from our children who want spending control and debt reduction in order to preserve their future? Will they get to be political stage props?

I wish the President would review the entire Declaration of Independence and recognize the parallel of grievances Jefferson articulated against King George III and understand that Americans will stand up for the next generation!”


NEW VIDEO NRCC – Congressman Allen West “This Is Our America”

Published on Oct 23, 2012 by | For generations, we’ve understood that with a little hard work, nothing was beyond our grasp. It’s time we had a government that worked with us, and not against us. The “This is Our America” campaign shares stories from candidates and regular Americans around the country who are fired up about the 2012 election and have faith that America is bigger than it’s challenges.

We are the National Republican Congressional Committee, and our mission is to make sure Congress spends and taxes less, so the economy can get back on track.

When I think about what kind of America I want to leave for my children and my grandchildren – it’s not one that’s saddled in debt.

None of us want that.

This new video I filmed about our values, our communities and our America speaks about this. 

This election means the restoration of this great Constitutional Republic. It means we will recommit to the fundamental principles and values that make us an exceptional nation.

In the Army, we didn’t leave anything to chance.

With 14 days left, neither should you: please give $10, $15 or even $30 today.

Let’s ensure we open up a new chapter in the history of this great nation.

Join me. Watch this new video and donate to help us finish strong.

It’s up to you. I know you won’t let me down.

Steadfast and loyal,

(Ret.) Lt. Col. Allen West (R-FL)


The American dream very simply is the fact that a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia 1961 now lives here. That’s the American dream. There’s no such thing as a Somali dream, a Chinese dream, there’s one dream — the American dream and that’s why people came to these shores.

Everything is at stake in this election. What America we will have is at stake in this election. I think it’s a clear-cut choice between what we are trying to represent as constitutional conservatives and what the other side is trying to represent.

A lot of people are very afraid, they’re very concerned about the fact that the American dream they’ve enjoyed and has enabled them to be where they are today may not be there for their children and grandchildren. That future, that thing we have always passed on to subsequent generations is that which is threatened right now. They want men and women who are convicted and will go out right now and go up to Washington, DC and fight for them. It just so happens I have the great opportunity to not do that anymore in camouflage uniform and boots, I get to do that now in a suit and a tie.

When I think about what kind of America I leave for my children and my grandchildren — I can’t saddle them with this debt. I can’t saddle them with the dependency society. I want to make sure they have the opportunities that I had growing up that enabled me to be here today.

November the 7th means the restoration of this great constitutional republic. It means we will go back and recommit to the fundamental principles and values that make us an exceptional nation. And it means we will once again rekindle and reignite the American entrepreneurial and indomitable spirit — that’s what November the 7th will mean. It will mean that we will open up a new chapter in the history of this great nation.

EXCLUSIVE BY The Lonely Conservative: Allen West Bringing Down the House in Syracuse

August 7, 2012


Congressman Allen West (R-FL) appeared at a campaign event last night with Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY24). He delivered one heck of a speech, and the two hundred people in attendance were left wanting more. The line to meet up with Col. West was long and it must have taken at least an hour for him to meet and greet everyone, but he stuck around and had a big smile on his face the entire evening, along with Rep. Buerkle, who is always available to her constituents.

West talked about the “challenge we face today” and the choice between “two very distinct futures.”  He said that is why “Ann Marie is standing here,” because “she has some serious skin in the game” with her thirteenth grandchild (Yes, 13! ) ready to enter this world.

As far as the future, West said “You do not want to be part of the first generation of Americans that may have to say ‘We did not pass on the American dream.’”

West recounted his life growing up in Georgia and how hard his parents worked so that he would have a better life. His father, who was a corporal in World War II “Wanted his son to be the first officer in the family.” His parents’ dream came true.


Rep Allen West – on CNN 3/6/12 – Super Tuesday Get Out and Vote – Here’s the lowdown

March 6, 2012 Super Tuesday – Remember to get out and VOTE






OHIO – 63 DELEGATES – 3 SUPER (Winner take all)



WASHINGTON – 40 DELEGATES – 3 SUPER (Voted March 3rd)

VERMONT – 17 DELEGATES (Winner take all)

VIRGINIA – 46 DELEGATES – 3 SUPER (Winner take all)

Don’t forget Alaska starts its voting process March 6th through 24th (2 week voting)