Allen West “It’s time to move away from the progressive tax system – a tenet of Karl Marx’s communist manifesto”


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After the recent debacle on Capitol Hill, instead of real forward progress, we have the same old tired “Beltway two-step” of “let’s have a committee meeting.” To paraphrase Alfonso Bedoya’s words as Mexican bandit leader “Gold Hat” in the 1948 film, “The Treasure of Sierra Madre:” “Meetings? We don’t need no stinkin’ meetings.”

Truly, we don’t need no stinkin’ meetings. The American taxpayer is tired of stinkin’ meetings that end up nowhere. We all know that next year on January 15 and February 7 (which happens to be my birthday), regardless of what President Obama says, the kabuki dance will be replayed. What we need are competent statesmen who will develop sound policies leading to economic growth.


Stand With Allen West – Against the current income tax system – Sign the Petition

Stand With Allen West – Support a Flat Tax

The current income tax system attacks success, imposes enormous compliance costs on taxpayers, rewards special interests, and makes America less competitive. A flat tax would go a long way towards correcting these problems. More importantly, it would get the government out of the way of our economy and job creators.

We support moving towards a flat tax system with a single low tax rate, which would reduce penalties against productive behavior, such as work, risk taking, and entrepreneurship. A flat tax will eliminate many special interest exemptions and loopholes. Such a system will also solve the problems of complexity, allowing taxpayers to file their tax returns on a simple form. A flat tax system will also eliminate the tax code’s assault on capital formation by ending the double taxation of savings and investment income. By taxing income only one time, a flat tax is easier to enforce and more conducive to job creation and capital formation.

I stand with Congressman Allen West in support of a flat tax.

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Video – Rep Allen West – FULL SPEECH from April 15 2012 Palm Beach County

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“US Rep. Allen West (CD 22) speaks at a tax day rally in Wellington, Florida on April 15, 2012 and calls out Obama. The silence from the other side is deafening! Why have an honest debate about actual issues when you have lies, distortion, rhetoric, empty slogans, personal attacks, sound bites, bumper sticker brilliance, voter fraud and lapdog media spinmeisters on your side libs and lefties! That’s what’s left when you have no positive record to run on, no new ideas (just warmed over 20th Century already tried and failed big government solutions that create more problems than they solve) and nothing positive to say, absolutely nothing! Rep. West asks in the video what the other side’s vision of the future is. I’ll tell you what it is, it’s already here on the other side of the ocean (and its not a pretty economic picture, its actually quite grotesque)…..”The United States of Greece/Italy/Portugal/Spain/Ireland” and “have a nice day”. SEE MORE VIDEOS BY CLICKING HERE: trmiller351976

Video – Congressman Allen West on the “Liberal” Media, “It’s All About Fear.” – by John D. Villarreal


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Congressman West on the “Liberal” media, “it’s all about fear.”

Congressman Allen West is interviewed by John D. Villarreal of Conservative New Media on a range of issues including the 2012 Election, President Obama, Presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee Governor Mitt Romney, Tax Policy/The “Buffet Rule,” Government Spending & the National Debt, the media, and more!

@luvGodncountry meets Congressman Allen West

Special Order House Floor – Rep Allen West – Flat Tax

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March 7, 2012
Special Order on the House Floor



Newt Gingrich 21st Century Contract With America addressing tax simplification

A significant amount of attention during this campaign has focused on simplifying the tax code. There is no question that our tax code has become a burden to the American people and must be reformed. In our 21st Century Contract With America, we address tax simplification in a way that is both bold and pragmatic. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, I led the effort to reform welfare, resulting in 66% of those on welfare getting a job or going to school. So I know what it takes to actually pass historic reforms. The 21st Century Contract With America has a tax simplification plan that I am uniquely qualified to pass through Congress. Here is the plan you have helped us develop:

All tax filers would be given the option to pay their income taxes under the current income tax provisions or choose to pay income taxes under a lower single rate of taxation of 15% or less with limited deductions.

This optional flat tax reform could save taxpayers more than an estimated $400 billion in compliance costs each year such as record keeping, paying for tax advice, and filling out complicated tax returns. This savings doesn’t even account for eliminating the countless hours of aggravation and worry and the sheer complexity of tax compliance. These tax compliance savings are the functional equivalent of a permanent, pro-growth tax cut and will provide a substantial boost to our annual growth rate.

This faster, flatter, fairer tax structure would also be simple: tax returns could be done on a single page. Subtract from your income a standard deduction and deductions for charity and home ownership, multiply the result by the fixed single rate of taxation of 15% or less, and the process is over. Gone will be the stressful hours spent figuring out whether you qualify for this or that deduction. No more headaches trying to determine where estimated tax payments go. Tax preparation fees could be money spent on something more rewarding.

Such an optional flat tax system would create a new standard deduction, which would be above the established poverty level, meaning an optional flat tax would not unfairly target the poor. And because the flat tax is optional, it does not raise taxes on a single person or unfairly impact seniors or lower income workers.

Once we combine these pro-growth tax reforms with my other reform proposals for welfare reform, social security, and lower spending contained in the 21st Century Contract with America, we will experience a stunning and swift turnaround in the economy.

It is realistic proposals like this that are causing this campaign to surge. This is a campaign based on big ideas and grassroots support. I remain honored and humbled by your continued support of this historic campaign!


Video Congressman Allen West Discusses Cain’s 9-9-9 – TheSharkTank1 Interview