Tonight Allen West goes “On the Record” with Greta To Discuss Our Anemic GDP


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“Do you think the President says to Michelle, “Honey, I shrunk the economy?” I’ll be going On the Record tonight with Greta van Susteren to talk about our anemic GDP.” 10PM ET 1/30/13

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Michelle Fields “More Debt has been accumulated in one term by Obama then all the president’s combined”


President Obama was sworn in to serve his second term on Monday. While he laid out his blueprint for the next four years, there was one important thing missing from his speech: the national debt. Col. Allen West and Michelle Fields discuss why the President, and even Republicans in Congress, are dodging this important issue on this Next Generation preview.

Watch the discussion here: What Was Missing From Obama’s Inauguration Speech?


Allen West “It’s time to stand up for our future” Join Us at Next Generation TV

Watch the video here: Allen West: Fiscal Economic Freedom Crucial for the Next Generation

Col. Allen West explains the importance of the Next Generation project, especially for his own family. Hear why he wants to deliver both fiscal and economic freedom to his daughters and the next generation.