Allen West Guardian Fund: Helping to elect hard charging Minority and Veteran conservatives to Congress


Dear Friends and Patriots

From the time I took an oath to support and defend our constitution as a young Second Lieutenant in the United States Army, I have committed my life to our nation and its constitutional principles. I feel a duty and an honor to encourage others to follow a similar path.

That’s why we’ve launched the Allen West Guardian Fund.

The Guardian Fund’s sole mission is to build an army of activists to help elect 12 new hard-charging conservatives to the United State Congress — conservatives who are either among the minority and/or veteran communities. This new generation of conservative leaders will stand as guardians of our constitutional republic.

But to successfully complete this mission, we must raise $5 million over the next 20 months!

The Guardian Fund will face its first test in just a few days. March 31st marks our first Federal Election Commission fundraising deadline and our goal is to report $250,000 raised in our first two weeks.

Can I count on your immediate donation to help us reach this goal?

Please follow this link to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Guardian Fund today.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching our full-scale battle plan for candidate recruitment and messaging. In the past, we’ve endorsed candidates like Captain Tom Cotton (U.S. Army, Arkansas 4th Congressional District), Lieutenant Commander James Bridenstine (U.S. Navy, Oklahoma 1st Congressional District), Mia Love and Vernon Parker. As we set our sights on 2014, we look forward to canvassing the country for the next bright stars of the conservative movement.

With your continued support, the Guardian Fund will help get 12 more outstanding constitutional conservatives elected to Congress. So can we count on your immediate donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to reach our March 31 goal?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Steadfast and loyal,
Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

P.S. Our initial FEC report is a critical step in establishing the Allen West Guardian Fund as the premiere conservative political action committee. A strong showing for the first quarter will prove to the left and the Republican establishment that we love America too much to sit back and watch them destroy her with radical policies and reckless political gridlock. So can we count on you to help the Guardian Fund raise $250,000 by March 31? Please follow this link right away to donate $25, $50, $100 or more.

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Congressman Allen West’s Conservative Army – Find out how you can help

Every quarter the Federal Election Commission requires every federal campaign to disclose their funds raised, spent, and amount they have in the bank.  These filings are important to every campaign, since the media scrutinize them and draw conclusions about the “health” of a given campaign from them.

But for us, this first quarter filing is more important than most.

This month is our first push to show our opponents nationally that we’re ready to fight, and that the campaign will continue to stand up for what is true and just about our country.

By now you know Allen doesn’t mince words, and I expect he will be particularly outspoken when it comes to calling out the Administration and Democrats in Congress who want to hold our nation back.

But that means the big guns will be aimed at our campaign.  Democrats and their SuperPACs will blanket South Florida with mailers, “robocalls”, and negative TV ads all meant to discredit Allen.  So we need to be prepared to fight back.

I wanted to quickly update you on our campaign and ask you to make an urgent March filing deadline contribution of $25 or more.

And we need your help.


Catherine Faulkner

Allen West for Congress

Congressman Allen West – “24 Hours”

I hope you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday with family.

I want to take just a moment during this very busy time of the year to remind you about our year-end deadline and also ask for your immediate help.

I am hoping that you can donate $25 or more at our website right now. I need to hear from you in the next four days. Here’s why:

As you may recall, every three months the Federal Election Commission requires federal political campaigns to report how much they have raised and spent. And our next deadline is this coming Saturday — just 100 hours away.

It’s important for every campaign to post a strong report end of the year report. But it’s absolutely critical for us.

By now, you know the story. Our conservative army has been very critical of the Obama Administration and both parties in United States Congress. As a result, some of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C. want to see us gone.

They’re pulling out all the stops to defeat me as a rebuke to our conservative army.

I’ll tell you something — they don’t scare me. I’ve fought on the battlefield in the U.S. Army. I have defended our nation on foreign soil. I’ve fought my entire life for what I believe in – what we believe in. And today, after a year on Capitol Hill, I pledge again in 2012 to continue to fight on your behalf.

But this fight will not be easy and we need to fund this effort fully — and that’s where you come in.

Your financial support of our conservative army will be the difference between us winning and losing next November. It’s that simple!

National Democrats are raising millions of dollars to try and defeat us in the next election.

This report — the last one of the year — is “make or break” for our campaign.

We need to not only match what they have raised, but exceed it.

Only 24 hours remain in this fundraising period. If you have not yet done so, please support our conservative army by making a special year-end contribution of $25 or more to my re-election campaign.

I will continue to fight for our values but our success or failure will depend on your continued commitment to our cause.

Thank you so much for your support.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Congressman Allen B. West (R-FL)
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

P.S. Your donation of $25 or more will help us match and exceed the fundraising the Democrat Machine is doing right now. Please make your contribution within the next 100 hours at my website right now. Thanks and I will update you on our progress in 48 hours.

DNC, DCCC,, unions and others are TRYING to defeat Congressman Allen West


This Friday is a critical fundraising deadline for our campaign. It marks the end of the third quarter, and we need to raise as much as possible so we may file a strong report with the Federal Election Commission in Washington.

I can tell you he has been working very hard to meet with as many supporters as possible. But it’s just not possible to personally visit with everyone. Unlike his opponents, Allen actually has to serve the people of his district and continue all of the crucial work in Congress. He can’t spend every waking hour asking for help.

That’s why our online outreach plays such a large role in our campaign — and why this email is so important.

I hope you will take just one minute to make an online contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign. We count on every supporter at times like this and your financial backing helps us continue to run a lean and effective campaign.

You already know that Democrat groups like the DNC, DCCC,, unions and others are doing everything they can to defeat Allen. It infuriates them that Allen speaks his mind and is so effective at recruiting independent and unaffiliated voters to his side. His secret: he actually tells the truth and stands by his convictions.

As we all know Allen doesn’t mince words or say what is “politically correct”. And while you might not agree with everything he says, you know where he stands. That’s the main reason people from all over Florida and America are coming out to support his re-election to Congress.

It’s also the reason I hope you will reaffirm your support for Congressman West by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign right now. I know first-hand how much he appreciates each and every supporter who steps up to help. And I can tell you every gift makes a difference.

Thanks again for all you do for our campaign. It means so much to everyone working here at campaign headquarters.

Catherine Faulkner
Finance Director
Allen West For Congress

P.S. Remember, on Friday at midnight we close the books on our third quarter. I’d like to tell Allen you were a critical part of a successful fundraising effort. Please help me do that by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more. Thanks again.


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