Allen West “Sharing some more items of hypocrisy when it comes to your government”

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by Allen West via Facebook

Now and then I like to share with you some items of hypocrisy when it comes to our government. I just received another notice from the US House of Representatives Committee on Ethics relating to the Ethics in Government Act. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. It seems they want me to file another financial disclosure statement since I departed the Congress, and they threatened me with a $200 fine. Now would it just be simple to ask, are there any changes from your last statement? However, consider this, did anyone ask the IRS to submit a financial disclosure statement after 225 conferences over the past two years at the cost of $50 million to the American taxpayer? Did anyone ask Secretary of State John Kerry to file a financial disclosure statement after giving the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government American taxpayer dollars — after Congress had stated no? So actually, why should I file a financial disclosure statement since the DOJ, IRS, and NSA can just secretly get all my financial, phone, email records anyway. Welcome to the hypocrisy of our Federal Government. This is similar to Satan asking Reverend Billy Graham to disclose his church attendance records. And yes, I will be calling my former colleague Rep. Michael Conaway, Chairman of the Committee on Ethics.