In a world of Universal Deceit-telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act – Mark Bonner

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell

Commentary by Mark Bonner

So many things I that I have considered foundational to my belief system, have been challenged, and crushed the last several days. Call my Naive, Call me having my head in the sand, but reality has slapped me in the face today. The evolving storyline that Romney, and GOP Establishment Operatives, have been complicit in silencing Allen West, and have stacked the deck almost to the point of making his reelection impossible, are stunning to me.

The enemies scope is much more far reaching than I had ever imagined. Not only do we have an Enemy within our Oval Office, that has been apparrent to me from day one…But to realize that we have enemies within the Repubican Party, and they appear to be the majority, not the minority, rocks my world. I have always been struck by the fact that Allen West, a freshman Congressman, that has in just over a year captured our imaginations, and hearts…A man who has raised more money than any Congressman, except for the speaker of the house…I have always found it odd that you never hear him affirmed or applauded by his Republican Peers.

Those rare people that have the courage of conviction to speak Truth, are most often envied by the spineless, and unprincipled, effeminate men, who now occupy the chambers of Power. Such is the case with Allen West. His peers are intimidated, and threatened by a real man. A man that dare speaks real Truth. A man who confronts, not coddles, Barack Obama. In a world of Universal Deceit-telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act. These words ring with an unmistakable Clarity of Truth this night.