Allen West “Clearly President Obama lacks the resume and qualifications to lead this great nation”

Out of the Foxhole

by Allen West “Out of the Foxhole” for Washington Times Communities

America elevated Barack Obama to the highest position in the country to eradicate any sense that this nation judged anyone based upon the color of their skin.

However, this great nation was so dedicated to pressing forward and forgetting past injustices, we allowed affirmative action to take hold at the highest level.

The fundamental thesis of Shelby Steele’s book White Guilt aptly applies to the case of Mr. Obama. The guilt that white America – primarily white liberals—wanted overcome and wash away created the first affirmative action presidency. It is not that standards were simply lowered; they were, and remain, non-existent for the first African-American president. And any questioning of President Obama is deemed as racist.


WEST: Affirmative Action, not ability or experience, elects President Obama | Washington Times Communities.

@AllenWest “America, when the credit card collectors call on you, just use President Obama’s logic”


by Allen West via Facebook

Quote of the week comes from President Obama at the Business Roundtable, “raising the debt limit does not increase our debt.” Imagine what those business leaders were thinking: Not so fast, my friend. Look at it this way, what if Lee Corso on ESPN’s College Gameday said, “scoring more touchdowns does not get you more points.” So America, when the credit card collectors call on you, just use President Obama’s logic. After all, going from $10.6T in debt in Jan 2009 to $16.9T now, well, it’s just a grand illusion as the rock band Styx would say…and our President is singing the same tune.


Allen West on “Your World with Cavuto” March 18, 2013 – Video

Allen West speaks with Cavuto on “Your World” March 18, 2013. Obama’s trip to Israel, Rove, CPAC and asked if he would run for POTUS if the people wanted him too.

Allen West spoke with Megyn Kelly about Pelosi saying Obama has been “respectful” to the Republican Party

by Massteaparty

Published on Mar 11, 2013

Leader Pelosi: Pres Obama Very Respectful Of The Views Of The Republicans – Allen West On Megyn Kelly


Allen West “America is not a monarchy and the White House is not Versailles”


by Allen West via Facebook

The White House and the US Capitol belong to the American people. What kind of autocrat believes he can tell the American people to get out? This is a Constitutional Republic and those in elected positions serve at the behest of the electorate. America is not a monarchy and the White House is not Versailles. We can give the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt $250M from taxpayers but tell the American people they cannot visit their symbols of liberty, freedom, and democracy? President Obama, where are your priorities, where lies your loyalty?


Allen West – Weekly Newsletter 2-1-13 – Next Generation TV

NGTV Weekly Update


Weekly Newsletter by Allen West for Next Generation TV

We are just a few days from launching new content. Michelle, John and I have enjoyed developing the preview videos to give you a flavor of the content you will be receiving, and we’re excited about its debut.

We hope you will spread the word about this initiative via Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth, and share the Next Generation Data Card. We want to engage you, and we appreciate hearing from you. Your comments are very insightful.

This is truly an exciting time to stand up for the future.

Speaking of our future, we must be concerned about the recent numbers for gross domestic product (GDP) that evidence an economy in peril. In the fourth quarter the U.S. economy grew at the weakest pace in almost two years. The U.S. GDP rose at a 1.1 percent annual rate, down from a 3.1 percent gain the prior three months and the least since the first quarter of 2011.

The economy is contracting, and the response should not be for the Federal Reserve to pump more money into it. Never forget that we are currently printing money to the tune of approximately $85 billion a month in order to stimulate the economy. This monetary policy we refer to as “quantitative easing” further proves our fiscal policy is failing.

Our members of Congress aren’t helping matters with their failure to pass a budget. Why is it critical for us to have a budget? Well, first of all, both the House and Senate are constitutionally mandated to do so. The failure to produce a budget means we operate under a temporary law that keeps spending at the current rate. See, without a budget we do not have a financial blueprint.

What this truly means is that we have a system called a baseline budget. Under this system, the only cuts are to increases, so there really is not a substantial cut to federal spending. We need to move toward a zero-based budgeting system, and we need to produce budgets.

I know there is a lot of talk on Capitol Hill about gun control; however, eventually there must be a serious discussion about spending control.

The ghost of illegal immigration past

This week revived serious talk about another hot topic: illegal immigration. Back in 1986, I was 25 when we went down this path in the Reagan administration and gave amnesty to two to three million people but never strengthened enforcement of immigration laws or border security. Now 27 years later, the ghost of illegal immigration past is rearing its ugly head.

A Senate “Gang of Eight” announced their proposal, where it seemed we had bipartisan concurrence in principle. Of course, the most important premise must be enforcement and border security.

But not 24 hours later, President Obama decided to once again inject himself into the legislative process by flying to Nevada, at a cost of $1.6 million, and offering his plan. The president’s proposal does not seem to focus on the enforcement aspect and pushes for immediacy, not accuracy.

Regardless, the devil is in the details, so we all shall await legislation that will encompass Obama’s plan.

Have a Super sports weekend

I wanted to mention one last policy issue before closing. The debate continues on the 1994 Combat Billet exclusion ban that outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lifted last week. You can view my video commentary on the subject here.

Now for a few words about what will be on most everyone’s minds – and televisions – this weekend: Sunday is the Super Bowl, and for the first time it will pit two brothers against each other as head coaches. I was born and raised in Atlanta, so I’m disappointed that the Falcons fell short in the playoffs.

I believe this will be a good game, hopefully better than the BCS national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame. Who am I picking? San Francisco has an awesome offense, and their defense certainly stopped my Falcons. And the Baltimore Ravens, what can one say about that incredible game against Denver and their shutting down the Patriots?

Edge to the Ravens and Ray Lewis ending his NFL career as a champion.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West




Allen West Discusses Economic Shrinkage with Greta – Jan 30, 2013


As our economy takes an unexpected fourth quarter hit, Allen West goes “On the Record” with Greta to discuss our shrinking economy.

WATCH BY CLICKING HERE: Greta Fox News Insider Interview

Tonight Allen West goes “On the Record” with Greta To Discuss Our Anemic GDP


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“Do you think the President says to Michelle, “Honey, I shrunk the economy?” I’ll be going On the Record tonight with Greta van Susteren to talk about our anemic GDP.” 10PM ET 1/30/13

Join Greta for LIVE CHAT and what you think about the show by clicking here to go to her blog: GRETAWIRE

Weekly Update from Allen West – Next Generation TV

NGTV Weekly Update

Introducing The Next Gen Data Card
Use it to fight for the future with facts

Each week as part of our Next Generation Initiative, I will assess the current issues to inspire your thought and engagement, and to call you to action for our future generations. This week, the big news is new beginnings in Washington.

We embarked upon the second term of President Barack Hussein Obama and opened the 113th Congress. These early days will provide a clear vision as to legislative priorities and the direction this country will take under these elected officials.To put the monumental challenges ahead of them into perspective, I have the pleasure to introduce you to the Next Generation Data Card.

Click here to go to the download and print the Next Generation Data Card

As a member of Congress, I had our staff develop this simple card of several economic indicators to give constituents an objective, comparative analysis. Now Next Generation is updating this card to show you where America was in January 2009 and where we are currently.

We will update the card monthly and challenge you to carry it for reference and discussion. Of course, if I am at an event and ask people to show me the data card, those without it will have to do 20 push-ups, so you better download your copy of the card here right now!

The bottom line of the card is that facts do not lie. Crafty people can say anything in a speech, but we will arm you with the truth so you can stand up for our future.

Empty Inaugural Words
Speaking of crafty speeches, on Monday I read the transcript of President Obama’s inaugural address. I have found it better to read the words and not sit there staring at the TV just to be enraptured.As we prepare to launch our “Next Generation Today” show on Feb. 4, the critical theme will be “the next 100 days for the Next Generation,” and I read Obama’s words through that filter. I was struck by the fact that he did not talk about our growing debt and government spending.If there is one glaring item that threatens our children’s future, it is our national debt. The president only mentioned our deficit once, and that was when Obama paid lip service to making “the hard choices to reduce the cost of health care and the size of our deficit.”Now, I am not a rocket scientist, but back in 2010 when he signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the law was estimated to cost the American people $940 billion. That cost later skyrocketed to $1.7 trillion, and several new taxes from the law just hit all Americans this January. (Notice I said “all Americans.”)

Our deficits in the era of Obama have been $1.42 trillion, $1.3 trillion, $1.29 trillion and $1.1 trillion. We are on track for a fifth straight year of $1 trillion-plus deficits – the difference between revenue flowing into the government and government spending. We are now borrowing 46 cents on every dollar spent.

In his inaugural address, Obama did not mention how we will curtail spending.

On the other hand, average gasoline prices have gone from $1.84 in January 2009 to $3.30 in January 2013, and Obama said in his address, “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and grandchildren.”

When Moms cannot afford to take their kids to soccer or lacrosse practice because of rising energy costs, that is a betrayal.

As a young fella tanking up my Dad’s car on our assigned day during the Saudi oil embargo, I remember being told that government would create a Department of Energy to make us energy independent. Yeah, exactly what I’m thinking.

We sent $2 billion to Brazil for offshore oil exploration; we wasted taxpayer dollars on green energy boondoggles (Solyndra); we are sending jobs overseas for wind blades and solar panels, and anyone remember the Keystone XL oil pipeline?

We are betraying our children.

On the defense front, Obama said “a decade of war is now ending” and “we will defend our people and uphold our values through strength of arms.” But recent and current events suggest otherwise.

Last September we lost a U.S. ambassador, a State Department official and two former Navy SEALS in Benghazi, Libya. We just learned that radical Islamic terrorists murdered three Americans of the 10 they took hostage at a gas plant in Algeria. No one asked radical Islamists about an end to fighting, and sadly, they do get a vote.

“Strength of arms” – those Obama inaugural words are in contrast to the threat of sequestered defense spending, which would so promote a decline in American military strength that Obama-appointed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke against it.

We need a loyal opposition that will make a stand in the political arena, and the GOP must not continue to acquiesce under perceived media pressure.

Permission to Speak Freely
Speaking of which, I do find reprehensible the comments of CBS news political director John Dickerson about going for the throat and pulverizing the Republican Party. This after Obama stated in his inaugural speech, “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”I thought we were supposed to have a more civil discourse. Imagine if a conservative news director had said the same thing!Or even worse, look at the backlash golfer Phil Mickelson took for stating exactly what many are thinking – that they may have to make “drastic changes” because of rising taxes. Furthermore, doesn’t Mickelson have the unalienable right to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances?The next generation requires an objective media that reports the facts and gives them the freedom to articulate their pain under the weight of expansive government intrusion and ineffective policies.

So we shall be watching these next 100 days for policies that promote the economic, energy and national security interests for our next generation. When we do not see effective policies, we will engage you and challenge you to stand up for the future.

As a great American, Gene Kranz once stated, “failure is not an option.”

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West
 “More Bangs For Your Taxpayer Bucks”
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Michelle Fields “More Debt has been accumulated in one term by Obama then all the president’s combined”


President Obama was sworn in to serve his second term on Monday. While he laid out his blueprint for the next four years, there was one important thing missing from his speech: the national debt. Col. Allen West and Michelle Fields discuss why the President, and even Republicans in Congress, are dodging this important issue on this Next Generation preview.

Watch the discussion here: What Was Missing From Obama’s Inauguration Speech?