@AllenWest FIRES BACK “Anyone got a problem with my decision to reduce staff to increase efficiency and reward folks on merit, come see me”

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by Allen West via Facebook

Seems like the media are once again twisting the facts. For the record, our office stayed under budget for the two years I served. I voted to cut our Congressional MRA, never had taxpayer dollars rent me a car, and never flew first class. As a Member of Congress, I made the decision to allocate funds to those who had been working twice as hard from the funds of those staff positions we had cut, and we continued to meet our constituent requirements. Anyone got a problem with my decision to reduce staff to increase efficiency and reward folks on merit, come see me. Anyone wants to challenge my record on maintaining the highest standard of fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the American taxpayer dollar in our Congressional office, step right up.

Allen West “Further testimony of the growth of the welfare nanny-state”


by Allen West via Facebook

“Further testimony of the growth of the welfare nanny-state: In January, there was a record 8.8 million Americans on Disability – and 8.5 million Americans left the labor force in President Obama’s first term. Coincidence? We are bankrupting Social Security Disability because as the 99 weeks unemployment run out folks are then applying for this. To paraphrase Milton Friedman, if you pay people not to work, you’ll get a lot of people signing up for that job.”


The Next Generation Data Card Highlights Key Economic Indicators of the True State of our Nation’s Economy


The Next Generation Data Card highlights key economic indicators that show the true state of our nation’s economy. The items featured in this card affect every American personally, whether we know it or not.

Join Allen West in standing up for the next generation by sharing this data card and using it to start a conversation with your friends about America’s economy. You can download and print it at http://NextGeneration.TV/datacard



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The Utter Lunacy Of Obamanomics – The Right Sphere

Okay, get this. The Obama administration wants to extend the payroll tax “cuts” that were part of the failed stimulus package from 2009. If you don’t know what they are it’s because they were literally so small no one really noticed. A little less was taken out of your paycheck every couple of weeks than normal for a couple of years. The only real impact of this “tax cut” was that Social Security was underfunded so we’ll have to deal with an even bigger mess later on.

But here’s the best (read “crazy”) part: The Obama administration is arguing that letting these puny “tax cuts” expire will be a drag on the economy. That’s right, they’re arguing that a tax hike (which is what would happen if the cuts expire) will hurt the economy. Okay? With me so far? They’re arguing for tax cuts… which most people didn’t even notice. So you can imagine that there was really no major economic uplift realized from the cuts. Okay, no need to imagine it – we’re living it. The economy sucks right now.

Ineffective tax cuts are ineffective. Now, instead of realizing that maybe more needs to be done – like broader tax reform – the Obama administration is proposing we extend the ineffective payroll tax cuts and – wait for it – hike taxes on “the 1%” (which is really anyone who makes more $250,000)  to offset the shortage of funding for Social Security. You know, because that won’t hurt the economy, guys.

I mean really, how stupid can you get? You offset tax cuts with tax hikes elsewhere? And, on top of that, you raise taxes on the people who create the jobs for the people whose payroll taxes you’re cutting? Hello? Is ANYONE home?