@AllenWest ” We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate”


by Allen West via Facebook

In Washington DC there are three things that must be balanced: politics, policy, and procedure. We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate liberal progressives in killing the House legislation that leveled the playing field for hardworking middle income American families. Instead, led by the egomaniacal, arrogant Barack Obama, Democrats have proven themselves hypocritical elitists who seek to abuse the American people in the political game of “blame checkers” to attain power. I think if Assad, Putin, or Rouhani were House Speaker there would have been more communication. The House GOP is focused on good policy, as Obamacare is an abysmal partisan piece of garbage. The House GOP should now follow regular order procedure and pass prioritized federal government spending bills. America, let us promise to never again elect as President any charismatic, community organizing liars who play lots of golf.

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Allen West “Don’t get fooled again. Democrats trying to regain control of House in 2014”


by Allen West via Facebook

President Obama has made a decision to postpone the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) until 1 Jan 2015 – which just happens to be after the 2014 mid-term elections. The Who had a song with the refrain, “We won’t get fooled again.” I implore America to not be sucker punched by Obama and the progressive socialist charlatans of the Democrat party. The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a massive tax law that was rammed down the throats of the American people in 2010. Democrats fear having to defend it next year and they’re hoping to regain control of the House in 2014 so they can finish the job of fundamentally transforming America in Obama’s final two years — in other words, destroying our country. Don’t get fooled again!

Allen West – Weekly Update “The Troubled State Of Our Union And the presidential speech that ignored it”


Two stories dominated the news this week. The first was the killing of ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner. Our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives because of this deranged individual.

The second big story was President Obama’s annual State of the Union address. Let’s assess that traditional speech and what it means for America at the beginning of a second Obama term.

Obama proclaimed early in the speech, “Together we have cleared away the rubble of crisis and can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger.” I don’t know where the president is getting his facts, but we pointed out America’s glaring problems in a video commentary. Click here to watch it now.

Obama also said, “The American people don’t expect government to solve every problem.” But then throughout the address, every single solution he offered called for government action, except where it is most needed.

Those who watched his speech or read the transcript saw nothing about rectifying our debt, deficit, monetary policy or regulatory environment, or about easing the pain of Obama’s healthcare law. And the president sought to escape responsibility for hollowing our military through budget sequestration, which his own press secretary admitted earlier that day was an administration idea.

Two pieces of legislation on Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk would replace the harmful, indiscriminate sequestration with targeted spending cuts. But then again, according to the president and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., we do not have a spending problem.

We keep hearing about balanced approaches, but the last fiscal bill we saw called for $41 in new taxes for every $1 in spending cuts.

The president also claimed in his speech that his plan “is helping to slow the growth of healthcare costs.” Unfortunately, the cost of insurance premiums has risen 17 percent – from $13,425 in January 2009 to $15,745 in February 2013 — and the Obamacare tax on medical devices will cost the industry 43,000 jobs.

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Allen West for Congress – Information on Helping Allen West in Recount Efforts

Anyone who is willing and able to financially assist in recount efforts can send a check made to:


——-> Allen West Recount Fund <——-
PO Box 1108, Stuart, FL 34995.

*Campaign funds cannot be used for the recount.

*Any excess funds will be donated to Veteran’s charities.

Rep. Allen West “The Real Fight Begins”

Dear Friend,

Today the national debt hit $16 trillion. It is fitting that this disturbing milestone would occur while President Obama, Patrick Murphy and Democrats gather in Congress to rewrite history and distract from the failed policies that have resulted in 42 months of unemployment over 8 percent and over $5 trillion in new debt added in less than four years. Since taking office, President Obama has accumulated more debt that all President from Washington through Clinton combined. The federal government isn’t just facing a financial deficit, but a leadership deficit.

With the debt hitting $16 trillion, will you donate $16 to help defeat President Obama and Washington liberals so we can begin putting an end to the debt that is bankrupting the future for our children and grandchildren?

Steadfast and Loyal,


Allen West

P.S. With only 62 days to go, a contribution will help us continue to maintain the resources to counter the Democrat’s desperate disinformation campaign.

Rep Allen West: Commentary Exclusive to the Palm Beach Post “Debating uninformed opponent would waste voters’ time”

Special to The Palm Beach Post

By Allen West

Given that the Palm Beach Post has refused to publish several of my recent opeds, I was somewhat surprised to be offered a chance to respond to their recent editorial echoing my primary opponent’s calls for a debate.

Instead of demanding a debate, my primary opponent would be better served by studying up on the issues and getting in touch with people he wants to represent.

For example, when asked about his position on the president’s healthcare law, my opponent, Robert Crowder, acknowledged in an interview with the Palm Beach Post that, “I’m not as conversant on that issue at this time as I probably should be.” Really, Mr. Crowder? This law fundamentally transforms our nation by exerting oppressive control over individuals and private enterprises, brings about a reduction in the quality and quantity of Medicare treatment and saddles Americans with 18-20 new taxes. It’s the most talked about public policy debacle in a generation! My opponent’s inability to articulate an opinion on this issue disqualifies him as a serious choice for voters in the August 14 primary.

My opponent also recently encouraged a largely Democrat audience to change party registration to vote in the Republican primary, only later to tell a Republican audience that those were not his words. We already have enough people in Washington, D.C. who can’t tell the truth. We don’t need more.

If voters are to gain anything from debates, both candidates must be willing and most importantly, capable of putting forth substantive proposals and honestly and truthfully answering questions. Unfortunately for voters, Bob Crowder has shown no ability to do either.


Exclusive Interview with Rep Allen West by Myra Adams

by MYRA ADAMS for PJ Media

Q. Congressman West, you have decided to run for reelection in newly drawn Florida District 18, where there are more Republican registered voters, instead of your current Florida District 22 that will also be redrawn to include more registered Democrat voters. This decision points to a realization that your conservative message only plays well in Republican-leaning districts, and that if you stayed in your current District 22 your chances of reelection would have been substantially reduced. Why do your strongly held conservative principles seem to be so polarizing among the general voting population?

A. Conservative principles are not new — after all, our nation was founded on conservative principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and a strong defense. The problem is these principles have been ignored by the liberal progressive politicians and certain media which have convinced much of the voting population that government can solve all their problems, will take care of them from cradle-to-grave, and it is our nation’s fault that our enemies wish to do us harm.

Traditional conservative principles are threatening to a populace spoon-fed liberal progressive lies and misrepresentation.

Q. Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder will be challenging youin a GOP primary in FL-18. Crowder has said that “outsiders shouldn’t be able to move in and get a free ride.” Are you concerned about Crowder’s primary challenge? Will Crowder’s entry into the race force you to make any changes to your campaign strategy or message?

A. Every member of the House of Representatives must stand for reelection every two years. There is no such thing as a “free ride.” It is up to the voters to decide who will best represent them on Capitol Hill. My conservative message is not a campaign strategy, it is my fundamental belief. I always have and will continue to stand for the strong conservative principles on which this nation was founded.

Q. The conventional wisdom among Democrats is that you are “too radical.” Do you resent that label? Do you believe there is any truth to that moniker?

A. What concerns me deeply is that today, the traditional principles upon which this great nation was founded are somehow considered “radical.” Some argue 236 years ago, the idea of forming a nation where power derives from the individual and not from a monarch was “radical.” The fact that patriotism, belief in God and a willingness to fight for our constitutional freedom and liberties is labeled by some as “radical” simply demonstrates to me how misguided liberal Democrats have become.


Congressman Allen West “The President Never Learns from the Past”

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today on President Obama’s FY 2013 budget:

“President Barack Obama’s budget is an unserious approach to a very serious situation. Filled with exaggerations, gimmicks, and historic tax increases, the budget released today is bad for jobs, bad for seniors and bad for the economy. For seniors, the budget does nothing to address Medicare, a program sinking and heading towards bankruptcy, and instead increases the power of the Independent Advisory Board, a panel of unaccounted for bureaucrats making decisions for our nation’s elderly. For hard working Americans, the budget increases taxes by an astounding 1.9 trillion dollars, taking money out of people’s pockets during an already turbulent economic period. For small business owners, this budget leaves them with even more uncertainty, as the United States debt increases and regulations remain. With $3.8 trillion projected spending in 2013, increasing every year for the next decade, this President still believes he can spend his way out of this economic crisis. It seems he will never learn the lessons of the past.

The President will have accumulated $6.4 trillion in new debt in just one, four-year term. According to his own evaluative criteria, doing so is unpatriotic. In ten years, America will have a gross debt of $25.9 trillion dollars.  This is unsustainable and immoral to our children and grandchildren.

House Republicans have a Plan for America’s Job Creators and it is time for the President and Democrats in the Senate to stop blocking our jobs bills. We’ve passed a jobs budget with fundamental pro-growth tax reform, the elimination of corporate loopholes and subsidies to help create more jobs. The President is wrong again and completely out of touch and inexperienced with how to create jobs and turn this economy around.”

Obama Reelection is American’s “Most Feared Event” in 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

by Jeffrey Klein for the Examiner 

In an amazing act of political and editorial courage, U.S. News and World Report published the results of its new “Washington Whispers” poll that surveyed “1,000 [American] Households,” asking them “what potential news event do you fear most in 2012?”

At 33 percent–the winner was: “President Obama Wins Reelection.”

According to Paul Bedard’s USNWR article from yesterday, titled “Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama’s Reelection,” Bedard wrote that … ‘many voters aren’t forgetting what they dislike about Obama and want him out of office.’

The magazine, which converted to a “digital” [online] format beginning with the January 2011 issue, is best know for its’ two annual print editions, “Best Colleges” and “Best Hospitals,” but, it is also been long known for being a liberal-leaning [mainstream media] publication.

So, how did this article and its poll results get published in President Obama’s ‘do-or-die’ reelection year?

It appears that Mr. Bedard may have wanted to single-handedly attempt to ‘dull’ the affects of these [devastating] poll results for ‘the [Democrat] team’, by using tactical fact placement and his own commentary, as an example, he wrote … ‘Next to Obama’s reelection, 31 percent of Americans said they feared higher taxes, which may be proof that the president’s focus on the payroll tax cut has hit pay dirt.’


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Congressman Allen West – “24 Hours”

I hope you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday with family.

I want to take just a moment during this very busy time of the year to remind you about our year-end deadline and also ask for your immediate help.

I am hoping that you can donate $25 or more at our website right now. I need to hear from you in the next four days. Here’s why:

As you may recall, every three months the Federal Election Commission requires federal political campaigns to report how much they have raised and spent. And our next deadline is this coming Saturday — just 100 hours away.

It’s important for every campaign to post a strong report end of the year report. But it’s absolutely critical for us.

By now, you know the story. Our conservative army has been very critical of the Obama Administration and both parties in United States Congress. As a result, some of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C. want to see us gone.

They’re pulling out all the stops to defeat me as a rebuke to our conservative army.

I’ll tell you something — they don’t scare me. I’ve fought on the battlefield in the U.S. Army. I have defended our nation on foreign soil. I’ve fought my entire life for what I believe in – what we believe in. And today, after a year on Capitol Hill, I pledge again in 2012 to continue to fight on your behalf.

But this fight will not be easy and we need to fund this effort fully — and that’s where you come in.

Your financial support of our conservative army will be the difference between us winning and losing next November. It’s that simple!

National Democrats are raising millions of dollars to try and defeat us in the next election.

This report — the last one of the year — is “make or break” for our campaign.

We need to not only match what they have raised, but exceed it.

Only 24 hours remain in this fundraising period. If you have not yet done so, please support our conservative army by making a special year-end contribution of $25 or more to my re-election campaign.

I will continue to fight for our values but our success or failure will depend on your continued commitment to our cause.

Thank you so much for your support.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Congressman Allen B. West (R-FL)
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

P.S. Your donation of $25 or more will help us match and exceed the fundraising the Democrat Machine is doing right now. Please make your contribution within the next 100 hours at my website right now. Thanks and I will update you on our progress in 48 hours.