@AllenWest “How deplorable. Now, if it were House Speaker Allen West, this is how I would”


by Allen West via Facebook

President Obama quite obviously fails to understand the difference between politics and policy, and instead misinterprets legislative procedure as “messin’ wit me.” How deplorable. Now, if it were House Speaker Allen West, (who did get two votes by the way), this is how I would be ready to respond to Harry Reid’s foolishness: I would have a bill ready to fund the government with a 6-Continuing Resolution (CR), at current spending levels, that includes a delay in implementation of the individual mandate aligned with delay of the employer mandate to Jan 2015. The six-month CR would also have attached a provision to rescind all 2000 previously granted waivers and exemptions to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and no subsidies or exemptions for Members of and staff of US Congress. Also, the CR would require subsidy verification for individuals entering into government exchanges. Lastly, the CR would have attached a provision to stop the mandatory PPACA cuts to MEDICARE, estimated to be around $270B and no funding for additional 16k IRS agents called for by PPACA. And Speaker Boehner, feel free to adopt this legislative proposal, there is no idea patent law here. President Obama, this is not a case of “messin’ wit ya” – this is how I learned about statesmanship from former Rep. E Clay Shaw Jr.


Get the Legislative “low down” and “DC Highlights”

Legislative Lowdown

Continuing Resolution — On Thursday, the House approved H.R. 2608, a Continuing Resolution (CR) to provide short-term appropriated funding for discretionary government operations through November 18, 2011, by a vote of 219-203. Under the current CR (H.R. 1473), appropriations are set to expire after September 30, 2011, the end of the fiscal year. H.R. 2608 continues government operations and services and allows time for Congress to complete the Fiscal Year 2012 Appropriations bills. H.R. 2608 would provide $1.043 trillion in appropriated funding for government operations. This is the same funding level required under budget caps contained in the Budget Control Act and represents a 1.5 percent cut from Fiscal Year 2011. Compared to Fiscal Year 2010 spending levels ($1.089 trillion), this CR represents a cut of $46 billion. The bill also includes a total of $3.65 billion in disaster relief funding, offset by reductions to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program. H.R. 2608 will be considered subject to an amendment that would rescind $100 million from the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee program that provide $535 million in loan guarantees to the now-bankrupt solar energy company, Solyndra.

TRAIN Act — On Friday, the House approved H.R. 2401, the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act, by a vote of 249-169. The bill would establish a committee to evaluate the economic impacts of EPA regulations and delays the final date for both the Utility MACT and CSAPR rules until the full impact has been studied. The Utility MACT final rule is expected on November 16, 2011 and will establish “maximum achievable control technology” standards for emissions of mercury, acid gases and non-mercury metals from power plants. The CSAPR (Cross-State Air Pollution Rule) was announced in July 2011 and will establish statewide caps for sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency rules will affect electricity prices for nearly all American consumers. National Economic Research Associates (NERA) estimates preliminary costs for the two rules to be $17.8 billion annually with 1.44 million jobs lost by 2020.

DC Highlights

– Monday, 19 September; Addressed the Fifth Annual Republicans for Black Empowerment reception event in Washington DC.

– Tuesday, 20 September; Met with AIPAC leaders regarding the Palestinian statehood initiative, addressed the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, participated in first House Armed Services Committee panel on Contracting and the Department of Defense, addressed the American Conservative Union Legacy Council Legislative Conference dinner.

– Wednesday, 21 September; Spoke at the “United Through Reading” reception promoting reading programs for deployed servicemen and women with their children, participated in a Small Business Committee hearing on regulation review, addressed the Florida and California Bankers Associations.

– Thursday, 22 September; Participated in the opening of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Annual Legislative Council, panel member for “African-Americans in the Military: Past, Present, and Future” as part of the CBC event- See photos here, participated in a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan National Security Forces, met with Army Captain Ben Scott Jr, son of a fellow University of Tennessee alum and ROTC graduate, Ben Scott Sr. with whom I served.

– Friday, 23 September; recorded a five-minute video for the Florida Christian Schools Association, participated in a House Armed Services Committee subcommittee hearing on Arlington National Cemetery improvements.

Captain Julian Kilcullen – Service and Sacrifice

Age: 25
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale
MOS: Former Infantry, currently working as a recruitment officer
Unit/Stationed: Currently recruiting in Frederick, Maryland
Deployed: Iraq and Afghanistan, once in each theater
Parents: Brian and Danita Kilcullen, Fort Lauderdale
Fun facts/Hobbies: Jujitsu, grappling, visiting historic battle sites with girlfriend, Sylvia








Small Business Spotlight
Steve Coldren, BIS Digital, Inc
Name of Company: BIS Digital, Inc.
Owners: Steve and Jaye Coldren
Services offered:  BIS Digital, Inc.  provides digital recording technology to more than 4,000 customers including over 2,500 courtroom systems, major hospitals, government agencies, law firms and medical offices. The ability to integrate computers, networks, microphones, mixers, public address systems, hearing impaired devices, case management, video arraignment and evidence presentation with digital recording software and operating systems makes BIS unique.
How long in business: 29 years
# of employees: 27
Advertising techniques: Exhibit  products at 45 Professional Groups (Judges, Court Administrators, City Clerks, Public Safety Organizations, Legal) annual conferences along with direct mail campaigns to the memberships of those organizations.
Tips for surviving the recession: “We have built our business by acquiring similar businesses in our marketplace. Acquisition of an existing customer base at the right price is less risky than trying to develop new territory solely through marketing.”
Info:  BIS Digital, Inc.
1350 N.E. 56th Street
Suite 300
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334